Martial Arts: Lane (Kyokushin Karate) vs Demchug (Smasha)   Posted by Derrick.Group: 0
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Mon 24 Sep 2018
at 18:17
Martial Arts Style Competition
It is an ancient thing: the rivalry between various styles of unarmed combat. They are both bound together and fiercely jealous of their status. In a remote but ancient village that was once a great city, representatives of various arts meet to display their skill.

The fight will take place on an ancient stone platform 10 yards across and 1 yard high. Each player will build a 200 point contender using the character templates from martial arts with a cinematic lens added. The Contender template is highly recommended, but Monk is a strong option for those who want better chi abilities, And Duelist has high DX. Some others may also be appropriate. Student and Instructor are not options, as they are not the proper point range.

You must of course, pick a style, and it will be an unarmed one.

the battle will begin on opposite sides of the platform, to sound of a gong. Contenders may be eliminated via unconsciousness, tapping out, or leaving the platform.

Most cinematic options are available, though innate attacks are not. Spending FP for extra effort is most certainly in. Technical Grappling is not in play.

Everyone is considered to have Hard to kill +3 for free.

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