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Game Rules and Requesting Access
This is an “Old School” D&D dungeon crawl game roughly in the “West Marches” or “sandbox” style of play.

We’ll be using the White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game rules - which are kind of a v2 of Sword & Wizardry White Box. We’ll also use rules from the awesome White Box Omnibus and White Box Compendium suplements. And naturally, I’ve got a few house rules.

No prior knowledge of D&D is required to join the game - it’ll be newbie friendly. There’s no requirement to own the specific rules we’re using either. Any B/X clone will suffice, and the rules are easy enough to explain as you’re creating your characters.

Post Frequency
I’m expecting that everyone playing the game can post on average 5 or more times a week. I’ll also promise to notify the board when I’ve got vacation or work commitments that will keep me from the game for more than 24 hours.

If you need a break from the game for any reason - work, vacation, etc - please let us know.

If you discover the game isn’t for you, or you decide to leave for whatever reason, it’s a courtesy to let us know that too.

If we’re in a combat or dramatic scene that’s in “rounds”, and you take more than 2 days to post, I will likely make a “move” for your character - doing my best to keep it defensive in nature and not too far outside my observation of how you’ve played them thus far.

I don’t have a hard and fast rule, but if you go a week or so without posting anything, and without letting at least me know you’ll be absent, I’m likely to remove you from the game.

Post Content
I expect each player to engage with the material at hand, and provide as descriptive a post as possible. I’m not expecting literary genius - just typically more than one sentence in each post would be nice. Please keep all out of character chatter, except for game mechanics, out of in-character game posts. There’s an out of character lounge for such OOC chatter.

Pick a single color for dialogue. Any color except ORANGE, which is reserved for OOC game mechanics. For any dialogue your character actually speaks aloud, put it between quotes (“<insert dialogue here>”). For any internal thoughts / monologues use italics in the same color you reserve for dialogue.

On Rulings, Not Rules
I’ll do my level best to judge the game fairly. All dice rolls will be made in the open, no hidden rolls. If you think I’ve bungled a ruling, or you have questions, I’d ask that you let me know, so we can have an out of character discussion.

Mature Content
This game is marked as containing mature content. By mature, I mean that some of the themes and the violence isn’t appropriate for some folks. when you request access, please explicitly acknowledge that you understand this site’s Mature Games policy.

Character Creation
All character generation is going to be done in the classic “roll 3D6 in order” method, on this game board. If the total of all stats is below 54, you’ll be able to roll again.

All characters will start out at 1st level. In true old school style, there’s some expectation of hirelings joining each delving expedition - and those hirelings make good potential “next characters” should your original character die.

If you make 50 in character posts, you’ll be given the opportunity to run more than one character.

Party Creation & Cohesion
I’m initially seeking up to twelve players, which will be split into two groups of no more than six players each. In the “West Marches” style, there’ll be an in-character location (the Red Horse Inn) where adventurers gather to form expedition parties for specific delves / dungeon crawls.

For your very first character and delve, you’ll be assigned to a party.

All of us will need to work together to create characters that are at least reasonably cooperative. It’s up to us, as players, to ensure the characters have a reason to stay together as a party when on a delve. This isn’t a game that’s forgiving to lone wolf types.

Requesting Access
To request access, please let me know how much experience you’ve had with D&D, with B/X and it’s clones specifically, and with sandbox style play. Let me know what your favorite edition of the game is to play. And please explicitly acknowledge that you’ve read, understand, and will abide by this site’s Mature Content policy.

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