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General Guidelines - Read Before You Play
1- You may retire your character at any time, and they will become an npc within the town. I will take suggestions/requests for what their actual role is in the town (local blacksmith, merchant, etc.) otherwise I'll just make the decision based on their skills, alignment, and identity. You are then free to reroll a new character.

2- If your character dies, you will have one chance to resurrect them if the body is returned with your party. If your party return the body, but do not have enough gold, or don't want to spend it, the church will revive you for free as an npc. This is to make sure the population of the city continues to expand. You may then roll a new character. If necessary, someone may "find" your body, and return it so that I can add them as an NPC. (I will mostly do this if the city needs a useful crafting skill they have.)

3- There will be a 10% adventuring tax. I will use this money to stock the official royal store with useful goods and services behind the scenes, plus buildings, and public works. Once there are enough NPC's to get the economy rolling I will acquire more exotic/lavish goods/services, and even skill trainers. You are of course welcome to dodge the tax, but if I notice, I may send the designated tax collector to rough you up/extract what you owe. (If he kills you you will be revived, and keep your PC status) You can also try to rob the treasury, but as it gets fuller, I will add more and more defenses. If you succeed, I won't punish you unless you somehow get revealed as the culprit in-game. (if you just brag about it out of character, I won't do anything)

4A- At first, the city will be ruled by a provisional ruler. He will hand out quests meant to improve the city, or stop a threat in some way. These are about as close as I'm going to get to main questlines. Other NPC's will hand out sidequests. Eventually, I will hold an election. Anyone who wants to join in may do so, but the winner will become an NPC. I will do my best to have the ruler follow the character's personality no matter what it is. If they're an insane pervert, then there's about to be a lot of craziness in town. Mayor is a lifetime appointment, so if you want your character to become mayor, or you disagree with the way the government is being run, there is only one option. Dead mayors will not be revived by default, and if you revive them, I will find a new spot for them in town as an NPC. They don't get to be mayor again.

4B- There are a number of other important positions to be filled, but they are not open to assassination. You must be demonstrably better at them than the current occupant in order to get promoted. Also your character will not become NPC. There are generally no duties attached to any of the roles aside from tax collector, and general.

5- No one can leave the general area I define barring special circumstances. (this area will magically expand if I need more space) This game is about the slow evolution of this one city being built from the ground up by players. Having players wandering all over the game world spending gold, and living somewhere else kind've defeats the purpose.

6- There will occasionally be special events (the Lich king has returned, maybe a crime syndicate has moved into town, whatever I come up with. I'll try to be fair based on people's general levels around town.) that anyone can participate in. Whoever does it first gets the reward. PVP is temporarily unconditionally allowed between people who are doing the event.

7- New characters may be any race/class in the vanilla rulebook. They start at level 1 with 0 XP, and you may begin multi-classing anytime. For stat rolls, roll 4d6 7 times and throw away the lowest die on each roll. Then the lowest roll. Please make sure you calculate your starting stats before you begin to avoid confusion.

8- If multiple characters decide to group, let me know. I will give you your own thread, and your own OOC thread.

9- Make sure you read the first post in the new characters thread. It's getting lost in the shuffle for newer players, but it's there to give you some initial direction.

10- Forgotten realms deities are the only official ones. Your character may worship whatever they wish, but these are the only ones that really exist in the world. You may still receive religious powers from a fictional deity, (based on the idea that your faith is a power source) but they will not generally manifest. That said, if you manage to convert a significant number of followers, I'll allow that god to manifest, and become a true god. Essentially, it would be created by the power of your faith. (the person in charge of the religion decides on the domain/symbols of said god if there is any disagreement.)

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General Guidelines - Read Before You Play
11- Even though your character gets revived by an NPC, there is a graveyard to honor those who die in combat. Feel free to post an epitaph in the graveyard thread should the worst happen.
12- Exceptions to PHB
    -UA ranger is allowed after a successful argument by a player.
    -UA Gourmand is allowed because I'm amused by the idea of enchanted food

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