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Sun 19 Aug 2018
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Merchant Thread
If you talk to the/a merchant come here. It helps reduce clutter.
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Sun 19 Aug 2018
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Merchant Thread
Geijin walks around aimlessly for a little while but after a few awkward incounters with the locals he is able to find the shop. He walks in through the glass door. Seemingly still amazed by this he opens and closes it a couple of times before heading in. He walks up to the counter and places his travellers clothes on it before bowing to the store clerk. He then points to some arrows, caltrops, a net, grappling hook and dagger. Geijin counted the cost on his fingers as he stands and waits for his requested stuff. He takes off his back pack and opens it rummaging around to make space... and find his money.

The items are 20 arrows, bag of 20 caltrops, a grappling hook, dagger and finally a net. Overkill but it gives Geijin more to play with...