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FAQ- please read before you ask
1- Stat Rolls:
when rolling a new character, roll 4d6 7 times, and throw away the lowest die on each roll. Then throw away the lowest roll. Please do this with the in-website dice roller. If you don't know how, don't be afraid to ask, we only bite in-game :)

2- Rulebooks/Races
To avoid confusion with managing a large number of players, I will only be using the vanilla ruleset. I won't be using any homebrew, or [insert name here] extra rulebooks. I may add some custom items, maybe a custom spell or two, but only as extra content for high-level characters. If I do, I will put up a thread announcing it.

3- Character Sheets
Not a question per se, but after having several people not fill out character sheets before jumping in, I'd just like to ask that people please do so when they make a new character. If you need help, just ask in the OOC thread, and any of a number of people (myself included) would be happy to help you.

4- Encumbrance
Carrying capacity is 15X your strength value.

5- Leveling/XP
XP is not split, so everyone in a party gets the full XP value of anything they defeat. When you do level up, it applies immediately, but any memorization of new spells, summoning familiars, etc. still needs to happen separately.

6- Starting Gear

Vata Novce:
Just some more info here.
In 5E your classes all have starting gear including a pack that generally contains rations, and your background has some starting wealth and sometimes tools and usually common clothes, but it can be other types (noble for example). Make sure you have your starting gear, unless you're braving the dice roll for starting wealth instead.

As for coins, they each weigh 0.02lb (50 to a pound). They convert as follows:

CoinValue in CPValue in SPValue in EPValue in GPValue in PP
* the PHB describes both Electrum and Platinum pieces as rare, Electrum being mainly found in ancient areas, and Platinum in cities (not often in towns).

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FAQ- please read before you ask
7- A lot of people have expressed interest in having multiple characters. Totally fine. Just let me know, and send me the name of the character so I can add them. After that follow the usual character creation process.