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Ahren Grale
Mon 24 Sep 2018
at 01:30
Head of State's Bulletin Board
A large board hangs on the wall outside the Head of State's office. Several notices are posted in a flowing, golden script. Looking it over, you get the feeling that this is not the place for jobs to be posted, like in town square, but rather official announcements and updates from the Count and his staff about the town.

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Ahren Grale
Mon 24 Sep 2018
at 01:37
Current Positions and Titles
Ruler: Count Brandeis the 3rd, (temporary administrator)
Head of State: Ahren Grale
Head Smith: Gormar Stoneriver (Seeking Retirement)
Administrator: Westen (Wishing for Retirement) (DM)

Open Positions
Head Enchanter
Head Bowyer
Head Weaponsmith
Head Armorsmith
Head Tailor
Head Carpenter
Head Inventor
Tax Collector

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Ahren Grale
Mon 24 Sep 2018
at 01:48
Non-quest income
If anyone wants to earn gold by harvesting resources such as hunting animals, and bringing back the meat, setting up some kind of logging enterprise, etc. the town is more than happy to support it (spiritually, not financially). The Merchant says to just bring what you want to sell to the merchant, and he'll give you an appropriate price (he wants me to remind you there is a fee if you don't have a way to transport the goods there yourself).

The same applies to crafted goods.
Ahren Grale
Mon 24 Sep 2018
at 01:56
For the sake of transparency, the count, against my better judgement, has decided to share the total contents of the vault with everyone. That total currently stands at:

112.5 G

-A friendly reminder that there is a 10% adventuring tax in place. Taxes are how we afford more buildings, bring in experts to train you all in skills, and offer bounties on those THAT AREN'T PAYING THEM. Payments may be dropped off to the Head of States office at any time.

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Ahren Grale
Mon 24 Sep 2018
at 02:09
Library Catalogue
As we have no current librarian, I have uptaken the pleasurable task of catalouging the books our library currently holds. The practical books can help those that are familiar with an area of study improving their skills in that category.

10 unnamed books which hold details of the Lich Kings personal maps, and notes. Not any of the good stuff, mind you, just miscellaneous data the empire has already discarded.
-doesn't mean you wont occasionally find the unexplored treasure chamber described in there, just might be more difficult to find an unopened one.


3 treatises on the history of the Lich King's royal forebears, which survived his reign (the treatises survived, not the forebears sadly)
"The rise and fall of the eastern duchies"
"The reign of king Resteros."

A book on smithing.
A book on carpentry.
A book on tailoring.
A book on enchanting.
recently added:
"Hammer, and tongs, the basics of smithing"
"From Iron to Gold: the Secrets of Metallurgy"

Ahren Grale
Mon 24 Sep 2018
at 02:20
Current Services Offered
Quests: Count Brandeis is the primary quest-giver. Most quests are routed through his head
of state (me).
Shopping: There is a merchant who sells very basic, unenchanted gear/supplies. He's a stand-in until other merchants move into town. Stand-in, because hes in a stand currently.
Learning: A small library of books and scrolls looted from a Lich King treasure storage. This will expand as the area becomes more prosperous, and if you lovely adventures bring us back any you find.
There is also a mages tower that has relocated near the town 4 days south for you more arcane-y types
Dining: A kitchen with attached rooms. Basically a defacto inn/tavern until something more official is built.
Religion: There is a small non-denominational chapel in the building attended by a handful of priests of differing faiths Represented are:
     -Gond, god of crafts
     -Chauntea, goddess of agriculture
     -Deneir, god of writing
     -Eldath, god of peace
     -Helm, god of protection (Priests name is Tyrian Lodran)
     -Kelemvor, god of the dead (Priests name is Dakren)
     -Lliira, goddess of joy (Priests name is Dayton Bryce)
     -Oghma, god of knowledge
     -A tapestry to Perun. (a deep red background, with Golden Antlers set behind a
      sideways axe)
Smithing: We have a smith, however he's lacking any tools so good luck asking for anything. Someone is searching for them, so hopefully he'll be up and running soon.
Mercenary Work: bounties are currently suspended as we lack a treasury.

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