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Location Notes
after the pc discovered that mages and priests get kidnapped on a larger scale, they started to search for rumors of dissapearances in other reagions of faerun. slowly, i let such rumors trickle down to them, hinting that these kidnappings seem to happen on the whole northern coast of the sea of fallen stars and seemingly even in thay. ...and seeing my players faces slacken when they discovered that some magic users also dissapeared in the general vicinity of waterdeep was a great feeling!

however, itīs entirely up to the dm to decide how large the scale of the "magic user- kidnapping" is. considering that a whole city of aboleth (read their description in die mc (both 3e and 2e) carefully to understand the full potential fo these creatures!) itīs entirely possible that once they started to get their tentacles on mages, priests and so on, they decide to operate on a "global scale", for getting a considerable number of victims while avoiding to "overfish" individual regions (and risk to get discovered), as well as diversifying their "fishing grounds".

i placed the haranshire in the beastlands, the eastern part of mistledale. it is one of the few "unused" (i.e. not covered with realmslore) spots in the dales and ideal for NBīs purposes. i donīt have a working scanner here, else i could upload the A3-map i have drawn. anyway, some geographical details:

- the city of the svirfneblin is located closely to glen, a dwarven settlement in eastern mistledale (see edīs comment on glen last year: http://www.candlekeep.com/foru...901&whichpage=30)

- fandruzschīs cave (the shadowdragon) lies directly east of the "walls of night", the eastern cliff of arkhendale. i could not resist and added an large illusion-cloaked opening to the cave, implying that the shadowdragon could come and go whenever he wanted- flying right above arkhendale.  my players have yet to come up with a use of that route, which leads from mistledale (their now-beloved "homedale") to arkhendale (which they have not visited so far but didnīt like itīs agressive charakter).

- the slime-temple was converted into a temple of gaunadaur (sp?) and lies deep (and without apparent route) under ordulin. adding a hidden door with route leading up into the city is easy, linking the campaign further with the realms. just have a small cult of your favourite slime-god set up shop (or shrine) somewhere in the city --> instant happy cultist-hunting - game session!

- the sunless see lies under the see of fallen stars, so it has to be the glimmersea (see "underdark").

- itīs also possible to add routes to maerimydra in the north (which i havenīt done so far), or the abandoned dwarven city of thunderholme where aurgloroasa resides, an undead shadowdragon of truly epic power - which happens to be the mother of fandruzsch, now plotting to get revenge against the party for destroying her son...

there are lotīs of allies the players can make:

- tilverton is the nearest city worth mentioning, about 4 days from milborne*. the players befriended Filani of Tantras, (a mage and scholar), galaerd mossmere (sp?), the temple of gond, the thieves guild (our two thieves are guildmembers), several shop owners and so on. they have avoided the "officials" (cormyrean guards, war wizards etc.) from the beginning, which might have something to do with the two our guild thiefs...

* milborne is a NB hamlet of some 400 folk which lies just south of the moonsea ride, only a few miles east of the thunder peaks. itīs the first settlement one comes by after leaving tilvers gap.

- i added a minor dwarven settlement called "morimest" in the northern thunder gap mountains, a small colony from thunderholme that survived the fall of itīs mother-city, deciding to stay hidden from the world. one pc hailes from morimest (which was originally created as background for him and added later to the campaign through several sidetracks).

- there are two major temples in mistledale: the abbey of the golden sheaf (chauntea) and a temple of silvanus.

- another major player, and a plot twist i added: inzeldrin, the green dragon in the thornwood (cormanthor south of mistledale) is
a) of good alignment (at least iīve tried hard to convince the players of that),
b) the self-proclaimed behind-the-scenes- ruler of the dale (a bit similar to elminsters role in shadowdale) and
c) the father of one pc (which was revealed in one of our most atmospheric game sessions ever).

he was one of the few chromatic dragons allowed to live in myth drannor and decided to defend mistledale after the fall of the elven city. he is a mage of power (...of course! ) and seems to have itīs claws in more plots than he has scales.

having such a powerful ally can easily ruin game balance, so i added another plot: dretchroyaster (see the 2e cult of the dragon) is inzeldrinīs brother and has recently (game year = 1370/1371) found a spelljamming helm, so that inzeldrin has all claws full with not only countering his brothers plans on the ground but also trying to bar him from transforming into an spelljamming dracolich - effectively occupying inzeldrinīs time and leaving him only few ressources to help the party...

and than there is... hmmm... it just happened again: averytime someone mentiones NB i start rambling on and on.

[edit]: some NB campaign websites:

http://pages.sbcglobal.net/zimriel/NightBelow/ (great site!)
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Location Notes
High Resolution map of Faerun

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Location Notes
Nice map of the Dales


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Location Notes
Dalelands campaign link:

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Location Notes
Nice map of Cormyr:

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Location Notes
Map used for the Ruins of Sessrenglade


(Perhaps) a Map for Sessrenglade once restored


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