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When Last We Left Our Heroes
1347 DR: Year of the Bright Blade
Lathander 13th-17th

The group takes on a job from the mage Geldorn to accompany him as he delivers a package to a friend in Thurmaster.  While enroute, the group is accosted by bandits.  They are dealt with, but Geldorn, being an older gentleman, decides to return home while his agents dispatch the package.

Upon arriving in the small town of Milbourne, they learn of a mysterious kidnapping.  It seems a young mage named Jelenneth has gone missing with no clue as to her whereabouts or who may have taken her.  Finding their investigation to be fruitless, the group decides to deliver their cargo and, perhaps, get some answers for her mentor was Tauster, the mage they are bringing the package to.

Arriving in Thurmaster, the group makes contact with a very paranoid Tauster who speaks to them of the talented Jelenneth.  He seems genuinely disturbed by her absence and assists them as best he can.  Giving them a letter of introduction, he sends the group to Kuiper, a local woodsman who may be of assistance.

Kuiper is a helpful sort who sets out immediately with the group to search for her in the woods where she often gathered herbs.  There is no sign of her but a local druid, Oleanne by name, approaches them seeking aid in helping a young man she saw turn into a bear who doesn't appear to be able to control the transformation.

They are able to locate the spot he was last seen in but it is late and the weary group must rest.  That night, their camp is attacked by orcs of the Bloody Skull tribe.  After defeating them, an exquisite brooch is found on one of them.  Kuiper is surprised by this but dismisses it.  Perhaps the orc simply got lucky in a raid.

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