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Gordrenn (LN hm Wiz12)
Middle aged man in his 50s. Distinguished appearance, refined speech.
Hired the PCs for a delivery from Highmoon to Thurmaster

Oleanne (N hf Drd5)
Feral druid, dirty and unkempt, speaks in broken common
Accompanied group to rescue Maxim the werebear

Haldelar the Miller (LN hm Ftr0)
Ruddy cheeked, barrel chested man with grey whiskers. Baritone voice
Jelenneth's father

Parella Miller (CG hf Com0)
Attractive, dark-haired milf.
Jelenneth's mother

Jelenneth Miller (???)
Young, 18-year old kidnap victim
Group has not met her

Renden (N hm F1)
Middle-aged man, brown hair/eyes
Guards warehouses with his son Darys and mastiff (Fangs)

Darys (N hm Ftr1, Str 18, Dex 7)
Large (6'6") but clumsy man, brown hair/eyes
Guards warehouses with father and mastiff (Bunny)

Capella (N hf Ftr 2, Str 17, Con 17)
Sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, leather jerkin
Owns boathouse, local executioner, Garyld's lover

Dirkaster (LN hm Com)
90 years old but large of frame, cranky
Owns the Baron of Mutton

Andren & Barthelew (N hm Com)
Twins, sandy blond hair, brown eyes
Help run Baron of Mutton, Andren is courting Jelenneth

Walright (CN hm Ftr1, Str 17)
Black hair/brown eyes, large weapon/armor smith
Works at the Carmen Smithy

Semeren (LN hm Ftr1, Str 20)
Black hair/green eyes, armor/weapon/blacksmith, gentle unless provoked
Works at Carmen Smithy

Garyld (LG hm Rgr4, see p14)
Black hair, brown eyes, tall with a lean build but lame leg (Move 15)
Local constable and woodworker

Semheis (LG hm Clr1 of Torm)
Brown hair/eyes
Pushy zealot

Rastifer (CG hm Com)
Bushy brown hair, RANCID breath, stick-thin build in his 50s
Owns Rastifer's Goods filled with curious objects
Has two mastiffs, Biter and Cutter

Nafton (LN hm Ftr2)
Black hair, brown eyes
Dog trainer, aloof but well-regarded man who prefers his dogs to people

Thimpson (N [E] hm Ftr1)
Black hair and eyes
Owns the Silver Crown, expatriate from Cormy (he's a Crownsilver!)

Gergel(N hm Ftr1)
Black hair/eyes, Thimpson's son
Has no idea about his father

Darius Carmen (LN hm Ari4)
Black hair, blue eyes, stubborn and aloof, neglects his family
Owns many properties in the area, quite rich

Delilah Carmen (N hf Ari3)
Black hair, blue eyes, unhappy mother
Better at business than her husband

Darwin & Delia Carmen (Greater Dopplegangers)
Both appear as black haired children with blue eyes
Responsible for much of the goings on in the region with ties to the Cult of the Dragon and
the orcs

Old Grizzler (LN dm Ftr3)
Old (350+) white-haired dwarf with salty attitude
Drinks at the Silver Crown, nephew goes missing, knows the Garlstone Mines

Little Eric Ordyn (N kid)
7 year old, tells outlandish stories
Saw blue-skinned goblins to the north west

Teris & Mina Ordyn (NG commoners)
Brown hair/eyes each, big guy average woman
Driven from their farm by the New Mire

Hicken (LG hm Com)
Black hair, brown eyes, 19 years old
"Guards" the gate in Milbourne

Bethany Ingle (NG hf Com)
Portly, kindly woman
Soft spoken but hard working

Oren & Lizbeth Ingle (children Albon, Karys)
Farmers that Ari stays with
Oren talks in his sleep

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Old Hathark
Fat, ruddy cheeked gateguard
Sleeps on duty

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Loreena (LG hf Com)
Stout but atttractive, alto voice
Owns the local inn (no name)
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Hullack Forest

Saethylyl, Zella's ancestor and guardian of the Moonglamaer Crypt