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Tue 21 Aug 2018
at 14:14
Expectations / Game Details
The general premise is that the PC's would be people from our Earth who find themselves in a DnD-esque world. The reason they're there would eventually be revealed to them as the story progresses. In the meantime, my hope is that the PC's develop a connection with one another. For this reason, I have a special  criteria for players. I want players to know each other. PC's can be strangers, but I want you to be with at least one person with whom you have played in the past.

I would be aiming for a group of 3-4, so it would be 3 players who know each other, 4 players who know each other, or 2 pairs of 2. You would have to mention the other player(s) in your RTJ and they would have to mention you in theirs. No volunteering people without them knowing.

Preference will be given to those RTJ'ing together but that doesn't mean I will ignore a good solo RTJ.

PC's would start as lvl 0 variant Humans. You would have your base stats and 4+CON hp at start. Once the story progresses and, after a time jump of training montage, would gain your proficiency bonus, skills, feat, ability score adjustments, and whatever else your class would grant you.

Setting would be Forgotten Realms mainly for geography and general tone. No dual-scimitar wielding Drow around every corner.

My expectation would be that while your character might have a cursory knowledge of Lord of the Rings or similar settings, they wouldn't be DnD encyclopedias who know exactly how many hp an orc is supposed to have.
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Tue 21 Aug 2018
at 15:22
For your RTJ, I would like the following:

Your Age: This is not a requirement, but it is a preference. I like to know the general age of my players as I would run a game differently for teenagers than I would players in their 40's. If you do not feel comfortable giving exact information, a generalized range will be sufficient.

Character Name:

Character Age:

Basic Physical Description

Character Occupation:

Reason for travel: The game begins on a flight between Washington DC and London. Why are you on this flight? Is it a business trip? Did you win a vacation? Going to visit family?

Basic Character Background/Personality:

Average Posting Rate: I can generally post daily during the week, though I may miss a day now and then depending on how tired I am once I settle in after work and spending time with family. If you're going to miss 2 or more days in a row due to real life, I understand. I just ask that you log in long enough to let us know so we're not all waiting for one person to the detriment of the game.

Will other players be RTJ'ing with you? If so, please include their username. Remember that you must include each other to be considered together.

It's worth noting that, if you are RTJ'ing with another player, it does not mean your characters have to be connected.

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Tue 21 Aug 2018
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Character Creation / Leveling:
Characters will start at lvl 0. You have your base stats and 4+CON hp. Proficiency bonus, stat adjustments, skills, feat, and anything else your class provides will be earned later as the story progresses.

If you know what class you will be leaning towards, let me know. If you would rather wait and see how the story unfolds before settling on a class, that's fine too. You must meet the minimum ability score requirement (after applying ability bonuses from race/feat) as listed in the multiclass section of the PHB.

Starting ability scores will be determined by point-buy as outlined in the PHB.

Background traits, ideals, and flaws will be decided at character creation. Background skill, tool, and language proficiencies as well as background feature will be gained once you get your first class level.

As for materials allowed, I don't want to get too crazy, so I think I'll go with the PHB+1 ruling. You can use the PHB and one additional book that is WotC published. No Unearthed Arcana.

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Fri 7 Sep 2018
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Combat Rules:
Initiative is flexible in that I'll post the initiative to beat. If you do, you go first followed by the enemies. If you don't beat the initiative, you post after them. Aside from that, I'm not concerned with who posts before each other. Play-by-post gaming can get bogged down enough as it is.

Attack rolls and damage rolls should be part of the same post. Don't wait to see if you hit to roll damage. If you have abilities that depend on whether you hit to use them, go ahead and include that as well.

Please include a brief description of the attack and intended target in the dice roller as part of your roll.

Critical hits will be max base damage plus extra dice rolls. Extra damage added as part of the attack (a Rogue's Sneak Attack, for example) will be maximized. Damage from extra abilities which can be activated after determining if the attack hits (a Fighter using maneuvers that he can decide to use on successful attacks, for example) will be rolled.