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Book I- The Eye of Acheron
Chapter I- Seven in the Cesspit

I came upon a city, fair
My heart aglut with zeal
But Fate it was that put me there
In a crucible of steel

Even there, they were dogged by the last pesky souvenirs of the Desert. It had seemed very boundless when they had traversed it, and it was only now, as those of them who brought up the rear, threw a stray glance or two back at the diminishing contours of the dunes that pitted their forbidding shoulders against each other in the gathering gloom of the dusk. Now and then the strange procession came to halt, feeling the hard-wrought, gnawing aches of the numberless miles of sand and sorrow flicker within their breasts and shins, and yet, they knew they had to press on, stopping only to pour out whole streams of sand that sighed out of their boots and sleeves as they tended to their garbs. Their camels, more suited to the arid expanses that yet stretched on westwards to Shem, had thus been taken away at a feeble amble by part of the caravan that they were travelling with. Their mules they had ridden down and utterly spent, and the dour Radhurn Khass, who had journeyed most circuitously up from far Zamboula, making a stop along the way at the city-state of Shushan, which, according to his ramblings, did live up to its fanciful moniker of'imperial'.

"They prophesy that that city will come burning down someday. Thats what the oracles bleat about, anyhow. I tell ye that they're mighty right about that town! The way the women there dazzle, that and the sun are quite enough to send things into a flaming tizzy!"

That was the unchanging burden of his complaint and raillery, and he had one or two for every place he stopped at. But for all that, Khass paid decently, and had good reason to do so. The seven wanderers he had picked up along the way were of the sort that he could really use. He had his principles. He never pried too much, or asked any more than that was needed from these sharp hands. There was added advantage, in his view, that none, or maybe at most one or two, were from those parts, most claiming to hail from lands he had never been to. His route was from Zamboula to Khoraja, and this road had so far made him his little fortune. He kept a wayfarer's house there, his tributes found their way to the temple of Hanuman and to the governor, and his spices, which were his specialty, to any household of consequence in Zamboula. These recipes were secrets that his boastful nature hardly managed to guard, much to the anxiety and annoyance of his three young varlets. But with these journeymen and the lady, he felt at ease. He knew that they had travelled so far and wide, and their lives were such as would scarcely be compassed within the limited orbit of commerce and its oligopolistic secrets.

Always exact about money matters, he skittered up to the company as the stakes were being planted in for the tentcloth to be unfurled.

"Say, you folks were, err, a bit too free with your coin back in Shushan. I know its been a hard way and all, and now that Shamla's just a small walk from here, I thought it best to wrap up my end of the deal for this last leg. I'm still unsure of just what I'd make this trip in Khoraja, but I'm doing what I can. I'm sure you will see it this way, and keep these 5 gold coins each, to add to whatever you've held on to from mid-journey."

Whether there would have been any grumbling or gnashing of teeth at the pay remained to be seen, for true enough, they noticed only now how close they were to the famed doorway to Khorajan lands ahead of them. The threshold of Shamla Pass, a cleft arteryway of rock towards which something of a scant concourse heaved and lumbered even now in the dim distance, lifting up faint hoof-clouds, shimmered bluely in the moonshine. It lifted their spirits to see before them the end of their marrow-parching plod, and instead of complaining against Khass' catlike whining, they proceeded to ponder the question that the thin, middle-aged man stroked his beard over. Should they go on, or should they stop for now?

OOC: Everyone gets 5+1d6 Gold. Everyone makes two Resistance tests of D1 difficulty, failures add 1 point of Fatigue.

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Book I- The Eye of Acheron
Looking at those he traveled with; he some seemed that they were exerted from the travel, but Harek knew that he was gifted with strength and stamina that few had allowing to travel in with heaviest of armor and weapons.

The Stormbreaker smiled as the gold touched his palms. Few could tell he was smiling for his face seemed to hold a scowl even in the happiest of times. Soon he would be back to the city, and enjoying the silky soft skin of exotic women, and honey mead so sweet to his mouth that for moment after the first taste he understood what being a god was. He put the gold away than touch the rune stone hanging from his neck to thank the Norns for not bringing ill fates upon this journey.

OOC: 08:12, Today: Harek Hafgrimsson rolled 16 using 2d20 with rolls of 9,7.  Resist Fatigue TN 15 Focus 3 Talent Hardy. Two Successes 1 Momentum Generated.

12:08, Today: Harek Hafgrimsson rolled 2 using 1d20.  resist reroll from Hardy.
12:08, Today: Harek Hafgrimsson rolled 35 using 2d20.  Resist Fatique TN 15 Focus 3 Talent 3 successes 2 momentum

Hardy.08:14, Today: Harek Hafgrimsson rolled 9 using 1d6+5 with rolls of 4.  gold paid. 9 gold

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Book I- The Eye of Acheron
Desert, sands and unending thirst with dry throat and scorched skins. This is what Norvoro feels when he came down South this much. He didn't liked the sand at all, he always favored snow. But he came down to work and work was scarce up there in the North. So, he didn't complained and continued on with hopes of reaching a proper settlement soon where he could drown himself in wine and forget about all this blasted memories.

He was always a wanderer, so this long roads were never a bad sight for him. He enjoyed the well bitten roadways and although tiring it was to haul all this way, he was not weary from the journey. His breath was dry but he held on with it wrapping his face with his tattered cloak to stop all the sand blowing in his mouth and nostrils. He stood in front of the company and observed the Shamla pass before them while shading his eyes with his hand from the burning sun. When the gold was offered he silently took the coins and added it into the purse.

22:43, Today: Norvoro rolled 14 using 2d20 with rolls of 1,13.  Resistance roll [TN 10]. Momentum 1
22:44, Today: Norvoro rolled 26 using 2d20 with rolls of 8,18.  Resistance roll [TN 10, Focus 1].
22:45, Today: Norvoro rolled 8 using 1d6+5 with rolls of 3.  Gold earned.

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Book I- The Eye of Acheron
Cassilda received her share of coin with an acknowledging nod and a merchant's blessing in the Kothic tongue. Shading her eyes with one hand, she gazed up at the formidable shadow of the Kothian Escarpment through which the Shamla Pass led. I shall be glad for a long bath, a proper bed, and passable roads, she thought with no small amusement. Uncle Vanek will be insufferably pleased with himself. Cassilda took advantage of the caravan's brief halt to prod her camel until it knelt. Sliding from its back, she paused beside it to stretch.

13:03, Today: Cassilda of Numalia rolled 8 using 1d6+5 with rolls of 3.  Gold from Khass. Does this add to our starting Gold, or replace it?
12:56, Today: Cassilda of Numalia rolled 28 using 2d20 with rolls of 8,20.  Resist Fatigue [TN 08, Focus 1]. 1 Success + 1 Complication.
12:53, Today: Cassilda of Numalia rolled 11 using 2d20 with rolls of 10,1.  Resist Fatigue [TN 08, Focus 1]. 2 Successes + 1 Momentum.

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Book I- The Eye of Acheron
The person bringing up the rear was an unusual sight. This young man was devastatingly attractive, with a winning smile ringed by a well-maintained beard around a flawless face with only a slight scar in one eyebrow. His hazel eyes are penetrating and unforgettable. Were it not for the readily apparent fatigue on his face, he would have seemed cheerful. He did smile winningly when the coins were proffered him, and then he nodded. "I request, with the utmost urgency, that we stop to rest. This journey has taken its toll on me, and I would do with a night or two of rest."

The dicebot are out to get me to start. TN 7, Focus 1, using 1 point of Momentum from the pool for each roll--and both fail abjectly. I've got 2 levels of Fatigue, max Vigor is a measly 5 right now.

15:40, Today: Omilitis rolled 11 using 1d6+5.  Gold.
15:40, Today: Omilitis rolled 19,14,15 using 1d20,1d20,1d20.  Resistance with 1 Momentum.
15:40, Today: Omilitis rolled 11,15,14 using 1d20,1d20,1d20.  Resistance with 1 Momentum.

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Book I- The Eye of Acheron
Seated astride his drab horse close to the rear yet off the side of the main caravan so as not to eat anyone's dirt, Vardis pulled the reins gently to bring the horse to a halt. It whinnied in protest nonetheless and Vardis did not blame it. It looked nearly as old as the man riding it, and a trip over hot sands was not something a horse was really built for.

Ignoring it for now Vardis glanced askance at his employer from under the hood of his faded cloak, staring with a steely gaze as the merchant moved from person to person, handing out coin. To the aged veteran he was but another temporary employer among scores that had preceded him, but thus far he had seemed fair enough, and not too demanding.

Not too rewarding either, Vardis thought wryly as Khass approached him and handed him his pay. He counted the offered coin carefully, before pocketing them in his belt pouch. "There better be another handful coming up once we reach the city, lest you want us to abandon you right here," Vardis said in his rasping tone.

Gesturing at the foreboding pass facing them with a gauntleted hand he added, "That looks to me like the perfect place for an ambush. Wait for a fat caravan to crawl through there after days in the desert, thirsty, hungry, eager to reach the gates and with their guard down...easy pickings."

Jumping down from his horse he grasped the reins and stared the merchant in the eye. "Lest you got some ready swords of your own with you, ready to spill some blood and guts to help keep whats yours, but that doesn't come free."
Resistance I: 2 successes + 1 momentum; Resistance II: 2 successes + 1 momentum, +Gold: 09, Persuade: 1 success

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Book I- The Eye of Acheron
Nemat pulled up next to Cassilda, and slid from the saddle like one who was used to long rides and the urge to get his feet on the ground as soon as he could. As he took the gold from the merchant, hie quickly and quietly tucked it into the pouch at his belt with the other that he had earned.

He let his gaze take in all the surroundings, looking for anything out of the ordinary. His eyes followed Vardis' gesture toward the pass and nodded in agreement with the other man's assessment of the potential ambush site. As he took a moment to take a drink from his waterskin, he spoke softly in the Nemedian tongue, more for Cassilda than anyone else. "The pass isn't the most dangerous ambush. Were it I, I would wait in ambush just on the other side where the caravan guards have relaxed a bit and breathing in relief from making it though the pass itself."

21:21, Today: Nemat Rasheed rolled 9 using 1d6+5. Gold.
21:25, Today: Nemat Rasheed rolled 36 using 3d20 with rolls of 20,10,6. Resistance (TN 8) - 1 Momentum. = 1 success
21:26, Today: Nemat Rasheed rolled 23 using 3d20 with rolls of 13,6,4. Resistance (TN 8) - 1 Momentum. = 1 success, 1 momentum

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Book I- The Eye of Acheron
Cassilda's eyes remained on the distant height of stone towering above the forest canopy at its base. "I should think the Zaheemi, the clan ancestrally charged with guarding the caravan route to Khoraja through the Pass, might take umbrage at your lack of faith in their abilities." She favors the Zamorian warrior with a knowing smile. "Not to say they shan't extort their share of coin for our safe passage, of course, but business is business after all."