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The Talesmith
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Sun 26 Aug 2018
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Talents and Gear, etc.
For ease of reference and to save time, I have set up this side thread where each of you can make a single post listing your talents and equipment inventory. Talents should be accompanied by descriptions of what they do. You can also use this thread to keep track of other small details such as Renown and Gold, etc.
Harek Hafgrimsson
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Sun 26 Aug 2018
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Talents and Gear, etc.
GOLD: 8                            FORTUNE POINTS: 2
VIGOR: 16                          RESOLVE: 13
RENOWN: 0                          UPKEEP: 4

Attacks: Damage Includes Bonus from Brawn
Attack: 2h Sword 8CD total, Vicious 1,  Load 2 reach 3
Attack: Short sword 7CD Total, Parry   Load 1  reach 1
Attack: Dagger 6CD total, Hidden, Parry, Thrown, Unforgiving 1 Load 0 Reach 1
Attack: Shield 5CD total, Parry, Shield 2 Load 2

Armour Soak
<tt>Head        3
Right Arm   3
Left Arm    3
Torso       3
Right Leg   0
Left Leg  0

Courage Soak: 3

Mail hauberk with coif (Armor 3: Head/Arms/Torso; Heavy)
Riding horse
Fine clothing
Broad Sword
A family heirloom of little more than sentimental value
A small rune stone on a leather thong
A thick wool cloak, trimmed with white fox-fur
Short sword forged by dwarves, say the legends
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Sun 26 Aug 2018
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Talents and Gear, etc.
Update from me here early tomorrow!

Here's the key for Omilitis

*Animal Handling00014


with Pantheric Twist. In combat, I dodge and get away and cut them down with words.

Gold: 17Fortune Points: 3
Vigor: 5 (normally 7)Resolve: 9
Renown: 0Upkeep: 4
DaggerTN 10Focus 03DD damageHidden 1, Parrying, Thrown, Unforgiving 1
Dagger ThrownTN 7Focus 03DD damageHidden 1, Parrying, Thrown, Unforgiving 1
Threaten/Steely GazeTN 19Focus 57DD damageStun

Right Arm1
Left Arm1
Right Leg1
Left Leg1

Small Chest of Counterfeit Goods-1
A simple Dagger , humble yet servicable-0
another Dagger-0
Heavy Clothing (arms, legs and torso)-2
Small bag of polished pieces of amber-0
A brilliant scarlet cloak, made in the dreaming west-0

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Nemat Rasheed
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Mon 27 Aug 2018
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Talents and Gear, etc.

Talent Summary
Honest Corruption
Living Shadow (II)

GOLD: 7                            FORTUNE POINTS: 3
VIGOR: 12                          RESOLVE: 12
RENOWN: 0                          UPKEEP: 4

Bonus Damage
Ranged:   +2
Melee:    +0
Presence: +0

Attacks: (Damage Includes Bonus)
Attack: Shortsword (single) - 4CD, reach 1, Parry
Attack: Shortsword (paired) -
Attack: Dagger              - 3CD, reach 1, Hidden 1, Parry, Thrown, Unforgiving 1
Attack: Hunting Bow         - 5CD, range C, Volley

Armour Soak
Head        0
Right Arm   1
Left Arm    1
Torso       1
Right Leg   0
Left Leg    0

Courage Soak: 0

Padded Jerkin (Soak: 1, Torso/Arms)
Acheronian Hunting Bow (if only you could read the sigils)
Shortsword (x2)
Fine Traveling clothes
Alchemist's Kit
Traveler's Survival Kit
Riding Horse
Battlefield Honor
A pair of snake-skinned gloves stitched with gold thread
Manacles Worn for a brief time