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Tue 28 Aug 2018
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building your character
starting level
there are many groups and each is starting at different levels unless specifically invited by a post on your thread.
most will be starting at level 6 because it is at this point that prestige classes begin to define the specialty of a character.

chose your classes carefully because you can only ever have a number of classes equal to your wis modifier.

ability scores:
Step one) Array (6,8,8,10,12,12)
Step two) apply racial modifiers
Step three) distribute 20 point spread to any ability you wish (-5 from the spread for  every non ability score)

hit points
See notes on this in the thread where I lay out how some of my home brew rules are different then core rules.

all skills require one point to get one rank.
this for class skills as well as cross-class skills.
I will not be using the Iaijutsu skill in my game seperate from the iaijutsu master class, limiting this to dedicated practitioners of the art.

max ranks per skill are not limited.

you may choose one skill that will receive 2x the ability modifier.

skill synergy still exists but I am adding skill dependence for some skills.

example of skill dependancy are things like having enough ranks in craft wood working before you use craft arms and armor to craft a quarter staff...and enough ranks in craft arms and armor before using craft magic arms and armor...

skill dependant adds prerequisites to some skills.

there is an endless list of skills with an equal number of circumstantial skill interactions. so if you can think it there is a skill for it, there likely is

classes and multi classes
no character may have more classes then he or she has points of wisdom modifier. this includes prestige classes.

race and templates
no character may have more racial modifications (templates) then it has points in con modifier (exception undead use their cha mod)

In the beginning
all starting characters must be able to exist and live in a principled society and be able to coexist peacefuly with humans; in a human settlement that may contain narrow minded perspectives of race and gended roles.

they must also be able to so without relying on reputation (because you don't have one yet)

players who build characters that would not normally function will find themselves in positions where ignorant towns persons will kill fist and ask questions never. those that wish to try...will find that a really good disguise, diplomacy, and or bluff skill will save their life until they can build a reputation that cuts through ignorance.

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Sun 12 May 2019
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building your character
Starting equipment is limited to what can be scrounged and collected from what is left of the town. Eventually more will be found or made.
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Sat 18 May 2019
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building your character
Clarification moving forward

At level 5 when spending skill points there is a cap in max ranks

 5(level) +3 for class skills
2(half  leve rounded downl) +3 for cross class


Upon level 6 are now "considered" epic in name only

NOW from this point forward the cap on max skill is gone.