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Thu 6 Sep 2018
at 22:19
let me just say that I hate the standard alignment system.

in my games, I use a very different system.

law vs chaos
this has been replaced by a measure of the strength of your personal code of conduct.

How accurately could someone predict what you might or might not do?

good vs evil
this has been replaced by a measure of how selfish or selfless you are.

how likely are you to make a specific action for others or for your self?

there are no absolutes;

even the most pious cleric or paladin must make the selfish decision to eat or sleep. this small amount of selfishness is done for the end goal of being refreshed so that they can continue more selfless endeavors.

even the evilest individual must moderate his self-interest with a measured amount of selflessness to give his minions "some" benefits from following him. or to "protect" those around him to divert suspicion or blame away from him to ensure he is never more trouble then he is worth.

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 this is a paradox
 I always lie
Thu 13 Sep 2018
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magic circle against ...
i am sure you are wondering how this new alignment works when casting protection from or magic circle against, or any other spells with similer effects.

on one hand you are more limited in what you can block out or protect against. but on the other hand you have more options.

these spells and similar work against any of the folowing (specified with each casting)

  • humanoid
  • dragon
  • giant
  • abberition
  • outsider
  • subtype type
    • air
    • fire
    • cold
    • earth
    • acid
    • sound
    • water
    • aquatic
    • reptilian
    • insectile
    • pseudo natural
  • animal
  • construct
  • elemental
  • fey
  • magical beast
  • monstrous humanoid
  • ooze
  • plant
  • undead
  • vermin
  • {truenamed creature}

more exist and will be added as they become relevant.

for every 5 caster levels you can chose to effect another type or subtype.

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