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 The Frost Lord
Fri 28 Dec 2018
at 08:45
Goblin Daycare (0.0.2)
 The men left with a small goblin hunting party to take care of the Hag, leaving the Valkyr with the remaining goblins and horde of children. Three of the human children were unharmed, but one of them had an arm missing.

 Most of the goblin children were safe, other than the 4 that died to green slime. Still, the goblins did not seem to begrudge you their loss, though you found it difficult to speak with them.
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Fri 28 Dec 2018
at 10:26
Goblin Daycare (0.0.2)
Tessa calmly walks over to the elder goblins and goes down to one knee. She leans over and draws a crude house with small people inside. She points to the goblins and to the house, then makes a big point to appear to be searching off into the distance by using her hand to shield her eyes from the 'sunlight'. She then shrugs, symbolizing that she doesn't know which way to go to get them home.
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Sun 30 Dec 2018
at 02:37
Goblin Daycare (0.0.2)
 The goblin points off into the distance... though you can't see anything that far out in the dark. He speaks in the language of goblins, and then points off in the direction where the others left.

 With time on your hands, you might be able to see if you could find anything useful in the fort...
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Mon 31 Dec 2018
at 22:05
Goblin Daycare (0.0.2)
Wisla heads to gather her fallen arrows and search for any interesting things that she can find around the fort.
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Thu 3 Jan 2019
at 02:18
Goblin Daycare (0.0.2)
 Wisla searched amongst the bones and piles of gear, locating a nice sum of gold (2874gp) and a few small white gems (5 quartz).

 The goblins, after tending to the children, waved you over to an ordinary looking part of the wall. They searched around and eventually found a stone and pressed it. It opened into a hidden alchemy room. There, you find 9 strange looking coins (they make you feel uneasy when you hold them), and a planter filled with pungent smelling plants.

 Some of them smell like whatever was in that dust the Hag threw.

 Upon further searching, the group found 2 more slime skull bombs and 3 organs corked and filed with powder.