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Western Continent

Qu'len- The southernmost tip of the Western Continent. It is a thick redwood forest inhabited primarily by elves. As the furthest place on the continent, it is mostly untouched by the ravages of the Chaos Wind. The elves have kept out refugees, chaos beasts, and orcs all, maintaining their redwood homes in mostly pristine condition.
Qu'len supports primarily Monks, Rangers, and Wizards (Qu'len being one of the last remaining places on earth not ravaged by Chaos Wind, spellcasting is not hampered by the Chaos Wind here)

World's Spine- A massive mountain range that begins at the bottom tip of the Western Continent and splits the lower portion in half as it travels diagonally toward the eastern coast before continuing North and eventually terminating into "The Wall" that separates the Frozen Wastes from the rest of the continent. It is inhabited by dwarves, dark elves, orcs, goblins, and beast-folk... though only the dwarves are friendly.

The Mire- North of Qu'len and over the southernmost peaks of the World's Spine is The Mire. It is a vast swamp/jungle where most of the rivers of the Western Continent fees out into the Bay of Blood (where the Sahuagin dwell). It is inhabited mostly by Halflings and Lizardfolk.

Western Empire- Most of the Western Continent is dominated by the Empire, beginning its border at the end of the Mire and claiming all the land South of "The Wall" and west of the World's Spine. Of all the places, it is the most heavily affected by the Chaos Wind.

The Northern Wastes- All land north of "The Wall" is considered to be the Northern Wastes. This frigid land boasts no remaining life that is not a twisted mockery of life. The sky is filled with large crimson clouds filled with black lightning from which the Chaos Wind originates.

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