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Tue 28 Aug 2018
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The Magic of Chaos

 Chaos Wind blows from the North, bringing with it corruption of the flesh and raw, unfocused magic that settles in areas like falling sand after a dust storm.

 This raw magic "pools" in certain (ie. most) places and can create unpredictable and sometimes dangerous effects.

 In addition, this raw magic is poisonous, even to undead casters, and can afflict spellcasters with spellblights or insanity if the target fails a concentration check.

 Note: spellcasters have an innate awareness of the magical taint in an area and are aware of the times and places when spellcasting is risky. Particularly bold (or crazy) spellcasters may wish to make use of the primal magic in an area and weave it into their spells (gaining a random metamagic feat for free). However, this always carries a risk... either of spellblight (particularly Nameless Dread), taint, or insanity.