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Mama Asia Amafo (Oracle)
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Sat 15 Sep 2018
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Don't You Forget About Me: character creation thread (OOC)
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 22):

Looks good to me!  Things are shaping up.  Still working up my answers, will try to upload tomorrow

Housekeeping note - I'm going into a tight patch for the next couple of weekends, moving to our new house in Haarlem... which incidentally has an interesting vampire-relatable urban legend that might find its way into the story somewhere, stay tuned :D
Soraya Tavalokian (Wizard)
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Mon 17 Sep 2018
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Don't You Forget About Me: character creation thread (OOC)
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 19):

Soraya, what are your sisters Mercedes and Mandana like?
Baba wanted boys. He never made a secret of it, nor was he cruel about it, but his disappointment always lingered in the air between us. Ima would scold Baba - “she’s your daughter, you should be more loving” but Persian men have an inherent skill for ignoring the cluckings of their mothers-in-law. The twins came next, and Mercedes stole Baba’s heart. She was not a boy, but so pretty and flirtatious. His nickname for her was Azizjan (“the cherished one”) and the two of them doted on each other until the day he died. In fact, Mercedes received special treatment from many in the family. After all, among the three of us she was most likely to marry into money and lift the family up from its scrappy position. But when Baba died, Mercedes’ heart turned bitter and unloveable. No man would ever measure up to Baba in her eyes, and so she became hyper-critical and condescending toward any man who dared to woo her.
As a child, Mandana idolized her her beautiful twin sister, scurrying after her, pining for whatever scraps of attention Mercedes tossed her way. She rarely noticed the many kindnesses I extended to her over the years. It was always been Mercedes’ attention that interested her most.

What happened to your mother and father, and how did things change after they were gone?
Baba died in his late fifties of lung cancer. The doctor says cigarettes were his undoing.My sisters and I were in our late twenties by then so Mama had given up hope that we would marry. We helped her care for the store and for Ima until last year when Mama passed. In the past few months, Mercedes (and therefore Mandana) has become more selfish, as though a part of her has been waiting for the older generations to die so she can claim her independence. She forgets that Ima is still with us, and needs us now more than ever.

What was Ima like when you were little?
Just as Mercedes was Baba’s favorite, I was Ima’s. I was the only one she would allow in her sanctum when she was working. I had no idea what she was doing down there but I loved the smell of the old books and artifacts. I loved how untraditional she was, preferring her basement to the kitchen. I loved the fantastical stories she would tell me about magical spells and mystical creatures. Only now I am beginning to understand that they were not so fantastical.

Who do you trust, beyond your family and Oggie (if you trust Oggie)?
Oggie is deceitful toward his employers at the pharmacy. He uses his job for side profits. What does that say about his character? And sometimes he comes to work unshaven and unkept. I often wonder if he is taking some of the drugs he sells to his customers. Of course, I am grateful to him for his help, but I do not trust him. I do trust Mama Asia. She has been kind to us, which is unusual since we are technically competitors. She referred Oggie when I needed an opium supplier and sent us customers after we got bad Yelp reviews. That’s why I owe her two debts.
The Master of Ceremonies
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Mon 17 Sep 2018
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Don't You Forget About Me: character creation thread (OOC)
Okay, I did Soraya's character sheet:

I need Terry's and Mama Aisa's answers, and then we can finish Debts.

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Jamie's Character
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Thu 15 Nov 2018
at 17:46
Don't You Forget About Me: character creation thread (OOC)
NAME: Hasan Shirazi
LOOK: Hasan is a handsome professional middle eastern man who wears expensive suits and nice shoes
DEMEANOR: Affable but Alien
WHO ARE YOU?: Hasan is a Djinn from ancient Persia, hundreds of years old. These days he works as a partner in an international law firm called Marberg, Bradshaw and Associates (Hereafter abbreviated MBA). Hasan is an excellent lawyer in the mortal world and is advancing quickly at his firm. After all, what is a contract but a series of debts and promises? Lately his firm's most interesting client is BZBB Development inc. They are making what Hasan considers unwise real estate investments and pressuring owners to sell worthless properties. It's clear that there is more going on than meets the eye. Hasan is also a recent widower, in Djinn terms of the word recent anyway. Ten years ago his wife Fatima, also fae and a doctor with Doctors Without Borders, fell victim to a bombing in Yemen. A Doctor and a lawyer, they had been quite the power couple in the courts of the fae, and deeply in love, though they argued constantly as well. Fatima was of the fire court and Hasan of the storm court so it was inevitable really. Imagine a marriage beteween two passionate beings who do not lie!

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE CITY?:  Hasan was sent to Amsterdamn by his monarch two years ago to monitor what his monarch only called "the emerging situation." Hasan suspects he was sent away for a change of scenery because his grief was bringing down the entire court.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT HUMANITY?: Hasan loves the complex stories that humans make of their lives with their ability to lie, mostly to themselves. Over his hundreds of years of life he has learned that they do not want him to sort it out with the truth that is plainly apparent to him, so he watches the dance of their drama with amusement. The humans around him are his own personal reality show.

WHO IS YOUR CLOSEST CONFIDANT IN THE CITY?: [Marshall's Vamp character, we're still working it out. I'm thinking maybe he is old enough to have known my wife and I and is the only one in the city I feel like I can talk to about her]

WHAT DO YOU DESPERATELY NEED: To make sense of the grief from the loss of his wife and learn again how to walk through life alone. Currently, every star in his sky has fallen and his nights are only darkness and despair.

GEAR: Hasan has a penthouse near his office, a smartphone, and an Audi A8. He likes the finer things in life but is generous with his friends and not pretentious about it. He wears a pendant from his court with an ancient Persian inscription that translates to "This Storm shall Pass." [I'm not sure about his relic. Is this supposed to have power or just be a thing? I am open to ideas]
Jamie's Character
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Thu 15 Nov 2018
at 18:03
Don't You Forget About Me: character creation thread (OOC)
sorry, forgot about moves etc


Faerie Magic
- Wild Fury
- Shape Change
- Bedlam

In Our Blood
Scales of Justice

Blood: -1
Heart: 2
Mind: 0
Spirit: 1

Mortality: 0
Night: 0
Power: 1
Wild: 1
The Master of Ceremonies
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Sat 17 Nov 2018
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Don't You Forget About Me: character creation thread (OOC)
In reply to Jamie's Character (msg # 28):

Okay, Hasan has been added (and Fatima to the NPC list).

Some questions:

  1. Tell me more about this not lying thing. How is it that you have a mortal law license? Didn't you have to show some kind of identification? Doesn't it have a date of birth? Did you pass the bar? Don't they inquire where you went to law school? (Did you go to law school? How long have you been a lawyer?) Do you form new human-passing identities every generation or two? I mean how, in general, do you pass for human without lying? Is it a matter of saying things that are technically true but misleading? What is your general attitude to truth, as regards mortals? Or are there Fae or Fae-associated mortals in high places in Dutch jurisprudence, who cover for you?
  2. Is there any reason to believe there was anything supernatural about Fatima's death? (We've established that a Djinn is a kind of fae, but Fatima was of the fire court -- was she a Djinn too, or was she an Ifrit?) How long were you married?
  3. How did you know Soraya's grandmother Ima in her prime? What were you to each other?
  4. To what unhealthy extremes or troubling practices has your despair over losing Fatima driven you so far?
  5. Who is notable at your law practice, and how do you feel about them?

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Hasan Shirazi (The Fae)
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Mon 19 Nov 2018
at 01:19
Don't You Forget About Me: character creation thread (OOC)
Okay, this is just in paragraph form and not numbered but I think it answers all the questions and opens some interesting doorways. David may want to take a look at the bit about Ima and tell me if it's alright or not.

My thought is that the fae exist outside of the mortal realm, sort of an adjacent dimension that runs on alien fae laws and the forces of nature. Fae can step into the mortal realm by borrowing a human life. The human sleeps in stasis in the fae realms rip van winkle style until the fae are done with their life. Fae don't body snatch, they simply use special glamour magic to step into the human world in human form while the real human slumbers. I think this has a heavy cost and isn't a thing done lightly, so once a fae takes a human form and infiltrates a human life they tend to keep it until their purpose in the mortal world is fulfilled. No body jumping here. And when the fae is done with a life the mortal gets it back. Savvy mortals might be able to make a deal with a fae that needs to step into the mortal realms, if they're fast enough and smart enough.

The easiest way to enter mortal life is when mortals are in transition. Hasan Shirazi, for instance, was an attorney transferring to Amsterdam from Kuwait. Nobody in Amsterdam knew him before he arrived, so stepping into his shoes at that time was ideal.

Hasan has always been interested in both human and fae jurisprudence, not for any ephemeral concept of justice, but beceause of the complex series of deals and contracts that create a social contract. He finds these machinations fascinating and likes to study them. As a Djinn he has a natural aptitude for contracts so he fits well into legal environments. I think he has gone to law school, probably several times over the centuries in several different countries, just to learn how different societies do the law and create society. Think of it like an ethnographic study of humanity through the lens of law.

As for not lying, that's simply part of fae nature. Fae can lie but only at great personal cost, so they become pros at lying with the truth and misleading people to their own aims. Of course sometimes they do just tell the truth. It won't surprise you to know that humans are all too ready to disregard the truth when the lie suits their experience better.

"Hasan, is that you?"
"Not at all, I've simply borrowed Hasan's life for a while. Who wouldn't want to be this handsome fellow?"
*colleague laughs*

Now Fatima, Fatima was interested in something different about humanity: their fragility and resilience despite being nothing but bags of meat and fluid. Somehow the bags of meat and fluid had a driving need to LIVE and she spent her lifetime trying to figure it out. This led her to every conflict zone on earth where the struggle to live was extreme and difficult. Fae desire to live the way a tree desires to live, constantly and without question of it's place in the larger ecosystem. Humans strive alone for seemingly no reason, completely unaware of their place in the larger picture or their ecological connections to each other.

I like the idea of Fatima being an Ifrit. It fits. For the purpose of the fiction an ifrit is still fae. Since we've established that Fatima's infatuation with the humans drew her to every major conflict zone I think she and Hasan met during the American Revolution. He was there to watch the formation of a new type of government and she was working in one of Washington's field hospitals. They bonded over their shared fascination of different aspects of humanity and eventually, when that manifestation was over, returned to the courts of the fae to be wed. So that would be about 235 years they were married.

I think for the sake of the story there was nothing supernatural about her death. Even a fae cannot survive a human bombing while in mortal form and it takes time to shed a mortal form. I choose this because of what I've decided about Ima. I want the cost of human conflict to be a *thing* in Hasan's story. He may be fascinated by how society is built, but he is disgusted and appalled by how it crumbles. The fact that a human conflict killed his wife is a thing I'd like to play out in the game.

Which brings us to how Hasan knows Ima. Ima was part of the Amsterdam resistance during WWII. Her shop was used to hide and transport Jews out of the city and away from the Nazis. (In fact, if Sorya looks carefully she'll find some old tunnels in her sanctum.)  Fatima, naturally, was right in the thick of it as always and Hasan had come with her to the mortal world, this time not as an attorney but simply her husband. One day a woman asked him for help and he extracted a debt for his help. After that Ima dragged him into her network of spies and smugglers and Hasan found himself admiring this determined and courageous mortal. Eventually he revealed himself to her by using  fae glamour to distract some soldiers searching her home, but she kept his secret and he kept hers. After that they were fast friends, the mortal and the Djinn, and he still hasn't called in his marker. (I also think it would be cool if Hasan officiated the blood pact with Ima's daughters so it is imbued with not only human magic, but also Djinn magic.) He knows Ima slumbers, and keeps tabs on her family from a distance.

I chose my fae magic moves partially to answer the question about how Hasan has been dealing with Fatima's death. It has been storming and raining in Amsterdam a lot lately, and several people have committed suicide though it is not yet an epidemic. You see, sometimes the grief builds up so strongly in Hasan he tries to push it into another person (Bedlam) like it will rid him of it. And it almost does, for a few moments, but never for long. Sometimes when he weeps, it rains. He longs to shed his mortal body and lose himself to the storm, but he is under orders from his Monarch to watch this place and this time. He is crumbling and his powers are not entirely under his control. He acts with his storm nature, not the caution normally called for when in mortal form. He is vulnerable this way, and completely un-selfaware.

The named partners at Hasan's law firm are notable. Nicolaj Marberg is a huge beast of a man who seems to have uncanny good luck. Hasan isn't certain but he suspects something supernatural. Greta Bradshaw is handling the BZBB development account and lately she has seemed tired and pale. Something about that account is draining her and it may be more than just a few late nights.
Terry Lodewijk (The Veteran)
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Mon 19 Nov 2018
at 06:16
Don't You Forget About Me: character creation thread (OOC)
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 17):

Nadja died near the Vondelbunker. If I go anywhere near the park at night, vamp-y people come up to me and insinuate that my daughter is inside.
Claudia Horst (Aware)
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Mon 19 Nov 2018
at 21:22
Don't You Forget About Me: character creation thread (OOC)
In reply to Terry Lodewijk (The Veteran) (msg # 31):

Also, Janet and I were talking, and I pointed out to her that I made Aeysha (Terry's daughter) an ex-girlfriend of Claudia's.  We decided that it would be most interesting if Terry didn't know that Aeysha was queer, but thought that Claudia was just her roommate.  Being the last person that saw Ayesha though, would make Claudia a person of interest to Terry.
Marshall's Character
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Tue 20 Nov 2018
at 06:18
Marshall’s Character:  Jan Groenhout, the Vamp
Name: John "Jan Groenhout" LeFlore

Look: He is a Choctaw man, looking about 26-year-old, but with an older man's demeanor. He dresses much like Andy Warhol, as that was the last time a concerned lover updated his wardrobe for him.

Demeanor: Volatile

Starting Stats: Blood 2, Heart 1, Mind 0, Spirit -1

Starting Factions: Mortality 1, Night 1, Power 0, Wild 0


Who are you? Jan is a 126-year-old vampire, living in Amsterdam and coming to terms with one century as a vampire. He was born as "John LeFlore" in 1892 in the Choctaw Nation, soon to become part of Oklahoma. He served as a infantryman and codetalker in WWI, hoping to earn American citizenship. While fighting, he was mortally wounded. But a fae nurse named Fatima offered to save him the only way possible: Turning him into a vampire. If Jan ever returned to North America, he doesn't speak of it.

How long have you been in the city? Jan has lived in Amsterdam since 1937 (under several aliases, of which Jan Groenhout is the most recent and most suggestive of his true past). He had been living in Paris, but saw a great war coming again. He tried to sleep through WWII in relatively peaceful Amsterdam, hoping Britain's aegis would keep the Netherlands safe, but war woke him. Ever since, he has been irrationally attached to Amsterdam and his introverted, sheltered life in it.

How do you keep your cravings in check? Jan regularly feeds on tourists, who he despises for inexorably destroying his city. Fortunately, he knows just which clubs and holes-in-the-wall and sex dungeons are best to find a sloppy tourist to (only partially) devour. In many cases, he funds them! This conflict of interest (doing business in the tourism industry he despises) aggravates Jan, but it's just too easy to find blood & money this way.

Who turned you? Fatima, a fae of the Fire Court, saved Jan's life, in a way, by feeding him to a Prussian vampire from the other side of the war, named Konrad Abeizer.

What scheme are you invested in now? Recently, Jan has tried to reclaim his hip Parisian past. He has been pushing his way into ownership of a number of quirky museums and art galleries across Amsterdam, using a variety of fake names, business partners, and underhanded tactics. Turns out, having the last mortal who knows your real name on Death's doorstep causes something of a post-life crisis in vampires. Jan is desperate to relive sweet memories of Ima, while conveniently ignoring the decades of tumultuous memories.

Gear: A secluded apartment, a comfortable car, a smart phone, a Walther PPK

» Soraya makes sure I get fed regularly. I owe her 2 Debts.
» Terry relies on me for his fix (I have been stringing him along with information about his daughter for awhile now). He owes me a Debt.
» With Fatima gone, Hasan bears responsibility for me becoming a vampire and the years I spent serving Fatima in trade. He owes me a Debt.


Eternal Hunger: You hunger for human blood. When you feed, roll with Blood. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2:
» You heal 1-harm
» You learn a secret about them
» You take +1 forward
» They don’t die
On a miss, something goes terribly wrong.

Keep Your Friends Close: When you Figure Someone Out by indulging their vices, roll with Blood instead of Mind.

Haven: You have a safe place, secure from outside dangers. It has emergency rations, a few ghouls, and an escape vector. When someone willingly comes to your Haven, they enter your Web. My Haven is the basement of Tot Zover, a museum dedicated to the ways Dutch people approach death. As befitting a funeral museum, it’s located in a cemetery, in the former director's residence.
Claudia Horst (Aware)
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Tue 20 Nov 2018
at 21:13
Claudia Debt Draft
In reply to Claudia Horst (Aware) (msg # 32):

» Someone told you their secrets and you haven’t told anyone about them
yet. They owe you 2 Debts.

Whoever does Jan's permitting at city hall (who is that Jan?) brought in some paperwork  proving the validity of his title for the Tot Zover.  This was to support his application  for historical preservation protection in a bid to ward off the eminent domain grab by BBZB development.  While it was a highly skilled forgery, Claudia didn't think it smelled right and snooped out that Jan had transferred the property from one of his old personas to his latest pseudonym.  She thinks the old persona was Jan's father, since he's too young for it to be him.  She held up the application, and when Jan finally called to find out what was happening, she confronted him about the forgery and he admitted that the document was a fake, but that his ownership of the property was real because he was the only heir of the persona.  Claudia was damned if she was going to make it easier for BZBB to buy up the whole block and she decided to ignore the forgery and approve the application.  Jan totally owes her.

» Someone thinks they’re protecting you, but it’s really more like you’re
protecting them. You owe each other a Debt

Before Claudia moved in with Ayesha (and before she disappeared), Terry came by their apartment and installed all the traditional anti-vampiric apartment appliances.  Garlic growing in the window planters.  Doors and window frames made of hawthorne.  A humidifier stocked with holy water.  Handcrafted silver mirrors which are supposed to crack if vampires see their reflections in them.  None of these housewarming gifts  appear to have made any difference at all in protecting Ayesha, but Terry still lets himself into the apartment when Claudia isn't around to refill the holy water and check the mirrors... just in case the vamps target Ayesha's roommate for some reason.

Claudia is protecting Terry from the knowledge that his daughter was gay.  She knows Ayesha was wanting to tell him and is hopeful that one day she'll get a chance.  She also shared, very transparently everything she knew about Ayesha's disappearance.

They're fond of each other, and they owe each other a debt.

» You’re leveraging dirt you have on someone to get their help with something.
You owe them a Debt.

The psychic eye is not built to code, at all.  It's a fire trap; and the spiral staircases that connect the levels are too steep and have no railings;  Its infested with vermin... rats and bats and snakes which evade even the toughest extermination attempts.  Somebody (Soraya's sisters?) reported them to the city and Claudia was preparing to shut them down when she learned the Estie was a regular customer there.  Instead of shutting them down she visited the store, spoke to Soraya who, feeling threatened with the shutdown or exposure of her sanctum, (and of having to move Ima!) agreed to show Claudia the books and texts and artifacts that Estie had bought and sold there.  Claudia fell down the rabbit hole of supernatural research, feeding her paranoid feelings and demanding more and more research from Soraya to support her fears.  Soraya resents the intrusion, but can't afford to address the code violations.  Claudia lives in fear that Soraya will reveal to Estie her unhealthy fascination and borderline stalking behavior and owes her a debt for not telling.

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The Master of Ceremonies
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Sun 25 Nov 2018
at 01:33
Debts review
OK, so here's what I have:


  • Ima is helping me keep my demons at bay. I owe her a debt.
  • We have had a slew of bad yelp reviews thanks to my sisters. Mama Aisa has vouched for our shop in the community and sent many referrals over the past few months to keep business steady. I owe her 2 debts.
  • I am helping ___ keep a dangerous secret. They owe me a debt.

Is this still the list? Is the last person Claudia and her snooping on Estie and supernatural stuff? Even if so, with Mama Aisa currently being an NPC, this is still 2 out of 3 debts with NPCs. Maybe switch one of them to a PC?


Debts » Someone relies on you for training or knowledge. They owe you 2 Debts.
» You’re working on something big for someone, and it’s nearly ready. They owe you a Debt.
» Someone keeps pulling your ass out of the fire. You owe them 2 Debts.

So who are these? It may have been in chat, but I can't find it. Can you write them up here, Janet?


>> Soraya makes sure I get fed regularly. I owe her 2 Debts.

Hmm. Soraya seems very ethically punctilious so far; she disapproves of Oggie lying to his employers. So it's a bit of a stretch if she's luring in victims for a vampire. Plus, her original intro is written as if her only contact with the supernatural so far is the Dream Eater and the magic she's learned from it... so that also makes it sort of surprising that she's a supplier to vampires. Can you guys reconcile this?

» Terry relies on me for his fix (I have been stringing him along with information about his daughter for awhile now). He owes me a Debt.

Terry seemed dead set on hunting and slaying any vampire he could find, and to treat the "informaiton" (like vampy types who keep approaching him in the park to tell him his daughter is inside the monument) as pure torment. So it's a bit surprising that he'd owe you a debt for this -- unless it's really actionable information for real, like it's a rival clan who's got Ayesha and you're actually setting them up for a hit against them by Terry, or something? What are we concretely talking about here -- why does Terry trust you? And can you deliver? Does this fit in with Terry's "locked and loaded for war against the Vamps" vibe?

» With Fatima gone, Hasan bears responsibility for me becoming a vampire and the years I spent serving Fatima in trade. He owes me a Debt.

Which begs the question: did you want to become a vampire? And why did Fatima specifically "save" you in this way -- when presumably there were hospitals full of war casualties she didn't invite vampires to turn. Why you, and why then? Did you want it? Did you see it as a blessing or a curse? If you embraced your new life, why is it that Hasan owes you instead of the other way around? Did Fatima go too far in demanding you compensate her gift? How, and why?


>> Someone told you their secrets and you haven’t told anyone about them yet. They owe you 2 Debts.
[She covered for Jan's shoddy paperwork, so as not to help BZBB]

» Someone thinks they’re protecting you, but it’s really more like you’re protecting them. You owe each other a Debt.
[Terry tries to vampire-proof Claudia's place, though it didn't seem to help Ayesha. Claudia is protecting him from the knowledge that she was romantically involved with Ayesha.]

» You’re leveraging dirt you have on someone to get their help with something. You owe them a Debt.
[Covering up the Psychic Eye's code violations and pressuring Soraya to let her do supernatural research and stalking Estie]


There was some discussion in chat, but can you lay them out in here?

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The Master of Ceremonies
 GM, 19 posts
Sun 25 Nov 2018
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Marshall’s Character:  Jan Groenhout, the Vamp
In reply to Marshall's Character (msg # 33):

Questions about Jan:

  • What happened to Konrad Abeizer?
  • Are vampires social? From Terry's description it seems like there is a pack or gang of them, which Ayesha may be mixed up with. Are you connected to that group? What is your relationship with them? Is there a complex hierarchy among Amsterdam's Vamps, or is it anarchic chaos? Where do you fit into it? Are you an outcast, a loner? (You say that he's introverted and sheltered. What does that look like for a vampire?)
  • What was your relationship with Ima? We know that Fatima was instrumental in turning Jan, that Ima recruited Hasan into the resistance during WWII. and that Jan was awakened by WWII and came to Amsterdam then (perhaps in part because Fatima and Hasan were there? Or was that coincidence?) So we know Ima and Jan were there at the same time, in the same circles. And apparently Jan has both sweet and tumultuous memories of Ima. Were they lovers? Later rivals somehow? Was Jan aware of the Dream Eater? How exactly is buying quirky art museums connected to being desperate to relive his memories of Ima?
  • Does Jan have associates? Mortal friends or allies or lackeys? Anyone he cares about or clashes with?

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Hasan Shirazi (The Fae)
 player, 4 posts
Sun 25 Nov 2018
at 23:40
Hasan's Debts
I want to point out that currently, Jan is the only one I owe anything to and other people should probably chat me up to get me to owe you debts. As for Jan's debt, if he was involved with Ima and the resistance it makes way more sense that he saved my life (or Fatima's) at some point and I owe him for that. Marshall, thoughts?

Anyway, here are Hasan's debts:

Someone broke an important promise to you ans swore they would make it up to you, they owe you two debts.

Terry promised to pimp my ride to proof it against supernatural forces and interference. I paid him and everything. But he got distracted looking for Aleisha and spent the money without doing any actual work. Hasan isn't really mad about it, and is happy to have Terry owe him big time instead.

You are keeping something hidden for someone. They owe you a debt.
I am keeping Claudia's involvement in the case hidden from both my law firm and BZBB development. Hasan thinks having a mortal involved will complicate things and doesn't want to tip his hand that he knows more than he's saying about BZBB.

You entrusted someone with a dangerous task...If they succeeded you owe them a debt. If they failed they owe you two debts.
I asked Sorya to find out what the dream eater wanted from Ima and where it came from and she said she would. Unless David gets back to me I'm going to assume she failed and owes me two debts. I am equally happy if she succeeded but would like some narrative about it from David :)
Jan Groenhout, the Vamp
 player, 2 posts
Wed 28 Nov 2018
at 22:25
Jan's Debts
» Soraya makes sure I get fed regularly. I owe her 2 Debts.

Let's cut this. Soraya wouldn't have exposure to this. But Hasan would!

I think Hasan occasionally uses Jan as a way to sneak around particularly bothersome contracts. Hasan is strictly legal and constrained by his contracts, but a little "Who will rid me of this troublesome mortal?" makes the problem go away. A few times, Jan has leaned on Hasan for victims, almost giving him a quota of people to turn over. This has pushed the fae legality of Hasan's dealings to their limit, but also gave Hasan leverage to put Jan doubly into debt.

» Terry relies on me for his fix (I have been stringing him along with information about his daughter for awhile now). He owes me a Debt.

God, with three mortals either hardly exposed to the supernatural or violently opposed to them, it's tricky to have debts traded... Yes, let's say that Jan has been specifically giving Terry information on another clan of vampires. Terry actually had Jan cornered at one point, but Jan offered information instead. He told Terry just enough to get him started, fortified himself against future attacks by Terry, and is now selling him further information. Jan is part of a network of Dutch vampires (de Nederjagersgilde) and has many one-off connections with Native American vampires. He has been feeding Terry information about a pan-European clan, the Order of the First Rite, that is making inroads into Amsterdam. Since no one from his clan is responsible for the kidnapping, it was probably one of them. Might as well assume that it was and get a few of them killed without any effort! Any member of his clan who finds out he has been working with a hunter will see him as reckless and ruthless. If the OFR finds out, there will be vengeance.

» With Fatima gone, Hasan bears responsibility for me becoming a vampire and the years I spent serving Fatima in trade. He owes me a Debt.

Jamie and I both dislike this. It's cut. And I'd like a new debt with Soraya somehow... Something having to do with Ima.

Does Ima get out at all? It's a little silly, but maybe after a long while shut-in Ima attended a community swing dancing night (mostly old folks sitting and watching hipsters dance to their old favorite music). That gave Jan a way back into her life. Ima knows damn well it's that rascal John LeFlore back again, but Soraya just sees him as the nice young man who keeps volunteering to take Ima to-and-from the swing dancing nights. Ima always seems more with it after spending a night with Jan, and for that she owes a debt.

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Jan Groenhout, the Vamp
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Thu 29 Nov 2018
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Re: Marshall’s Character:  Jan Groenhout, the Vamp
The Master of Ceremonies:
In reply to Marshall's Character (msg # 33):

Questions about Jan:

  • What happened to Konrad Abeizer?
  • Are vampires social? From Terry's description it seems like there is a pack or gang of them, which Ayesha may be mixed up with. Are you connected to that group? What is your relationship with them? Is there a complex hierarchy among Amsterdam's Vamps, or is it anarchic chaos? Where do you fit into it? Are you an outcast, a loner? (You say that he's introverted and sheltered. What does that look like for a vampire?)
  • What was your relationship with Ima? We know that Fatima was instrumental in turning Jan, that Ima recruited Hasan into the resistance during WWII. and that Jan was awakened by WWII and came to Amsterdam then (perhaps in part because Fatima and Hasan were there? Or was that coincidence?) So we know Ima and Jan were there at the same time, in the same circles. And apparently Jan has both sweet and tumultuous memories of Ima. Were they lovers? Later rivals somehow? Was Jan aware of the Dream Eater? How exactly is buying quirky art museums connected to being desperate to relive his memories of Ima?
  • Does Jan have associates? Mortal friends or allies or lackeys? Anyone he cares about or clashes with?

Let's keep the the exact events preWWII vague. If they don't come up in play, we'll never know. One can assume there were a tumultuous few decades between Abeizer & LeFlore, but if vampires don't kill each other within the first thirty years of knowing each other (or thirty minutes), they tend to become friends. Who else can they talk to about their peculiar lives? And why cry over dead mortals?

However, Jan hasn't heard from Konrad in a few decades, ever since the Order of the First Rite had a major upheaval. They had been stogy and contained, with Abeizer as member of the Old Guard, but a faction (the Knights of Zollern) took over, cleaned house, and has pushed the OFR to establish a presence in more cities and induct a wider collection of vampires. If Abeizer hasn't been killed, he's either sleeping somewhere safe or perhaps planning his vengeful return.

Jan spent the interwar period in Paris, relishing Hemmingway's movable feast. His current love of quirky museums comes from this artistic period, when Jan still felt his age and still used his true name on occasion. It's something he wants to reclaim now, as he refuses to accept how dead John LeFlore is. (Could Ima be in Paris around this time? I originally planned on Jan & her being the same age when he was still mortal, but WWI threw a wrench into that plan... But isn't she an adult in the 1930s?)

Jan left Paris for Amsterdam shortly before WWII, hoping that the Netherlands would remain neutral. He turned a couple mortals into ghouls and tasked them with watching over his coffin, so he could sleep through the war and not be reminded of the Great War. When the Netherlands were invaded, Jan was livid and fought for the Resistance with extreme prejudice. Ima originally saw Jan then as a hard-to-control demon while Jan saw in her an intimidating witch, launching a rapidly cycling lust/fear relationship that lasted for the duration of the war. When the war ended, Ima was scared of what Jan would do to the innocent public of Amsterdam now that he couldn't just devour invaders. She trapped him, lifeless with a stake in his heart and sealed away with her other most dangerous treasures. Let's say a decade later, she felt she could use the help of a vampire (and longed to see her lover now that she was feeling so removed from those vibrant, thrilling war-years). He escaped and the two feuded until finally reaching a détente: Ima did her best to monitor Jan's hunting and enforce whatever morality she could wring from him. (I need to read up on this Dream Eater and when it came into the picture...)

Jan is a member of the Nederjagersgilde, a loose clan of vampires in the Netherlands and Flanders. It is only barely a formal group, with a few rare rituals and convocations. The best way to avoid one vampire using it to rule over all of the Netherlands is for every vampire to pretend like they are too cool for it. Leadership positions rotate and are often avoided if possible (If anyone were to abuse their power, it would be considered both tacky and embarrassingly presumptuous ("as if the executive council of the Nederjagersgilde had any power to abuse")). But it has been a helpful source of contacts, resources, and dispute resolution. Of the few laws of the Nederjagersgilde, one of the most followed is a ban on feeding on Amsterdam's sex workers (I just don't want sex workers as vampire victims in the game).

Jan certainly knows a vampire or two in Amsterdam, but I'd rather invent them during play so they fit each situation well. He has a couple new ghouls who attend to his haven in the Tot Zover, Josina Martens and Anton Vink. Vink is an artist who curates the Tot Zover. Martens works for municipal sewage. As ghouls, they both seem like typical albeit sickly mortals. However, their minds are slowly burning out, so they aren't good for much. On the upside, they have a touch of vampirism and a strong obedience to Jan. Vink opted into this existence for artistic success. Martens was just a criminal that Jan hunted.
The Master of Ceremonies
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Sat 1 Dec 2018
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Re: Marshall’s Character:  Jan Groenhout, the Vamp
Okay so thoughts on Jan's responses:
  • Ima was born in 1903, so she was 14 at the end of WWI, and 30 in 1933. So perhaps she and Jan were romantically engaged in the 30s in Paris, when he was already a vampire, but still young and perhaps somewhat more connected to human society and emotion, and she had not entirely come into her own powers. Then as you say, they were sometime allies, sometime enemies in the 40s and 50s.

    I don't think Ima going swing dancing (even to watch) quite meshes with the situation David laid out for Soraya. I think Ima's pretty much under all the time at this point; if she becomes completely lucid, bad things happen. Having Ima be awake enough for visitors would decrease the drama of the isolation and pressure and burden on Soraya.

    However, while Soraya doesn't have full insight into the whole supernatural picture, she does know there are unearthly things going on -- she is a Wizard, after all. What if we make Jan and Soraya's connection deeper?

    Soraya is middle-aged, so born perhaps around 1970. If Jan and Ima's relationship had stabilized into a wary truce by the 1980s, she might have met him even in her childhood. She would then have taken him for a young man acquainted somehow with Ima (then in her 80s). It can't be lost on her that he hasn't aged a day in the meantime; but that doesn't mean she knows what he is. He might be a rival wizard or something, after all. We'll have to ask David what Ima said about his visits, which probably weren't frequent.

    But perhaps Jan, after many years of distance, has resurfaced now that Ima is truly sinking, and is coming around just to sit with her -- clearly moved -- it's obvious to Soraya they meant something to each other. And his presence clearly soothes her and eases her suffering, even if she never fully wakes. He amuses Soraya's sisters, who assume he's a twentysomething customer of the occult bookshop who has inexplicably and ridiculously fallen for their sister, which they mock her for when he's not around, but somehow he nonetheless puts them in a good mood, for which Soraya is grateful. So let's have Soraya owe you a debt.

    I don't think Jan knows anything about Dream Eaters. He has no idea what Ima has succumbed to, or really, how her power works or whether this is just her being 115 years old or something more sinister. He probably has a sense, though, at least from Soraya, that something more fundamental is wrong. But I don't think he knows there's a Dream Eater yet.

  • Hasan's attitude toward mortals does not seem to be so cavalier. I don't think he's the "who can relieve me of this troublesome mortal?" type at all (which anyway would put him in your debt, not the other way around). He cherishes mortals and finds them fascinating -- and Fatima's whole thing was saving mortals, after all. I suggest instead that we combine two of your standard debt questions ("keeps me fed" and "bears responsibility") with an idea from chat and say the following:

    You wanted eternal life. Even as a mortal you were charming, manipulative, persistent, and perceptive, and you somehow worked out that the nurse in that hospital in Paris was supernatural, and you insisted and charmed her and tricked her to promising to save your life no matter what --  and this forced her hand, forced her to do something she'd never do for a mortal patient, forced her to make you a vampire. She felt guilty, but for you it was a gift -- you'd never been willing to die. Hasan and Fatima always looked out for you as much as they could, feeling your unlife was their responsibility, and for that you've been grateful. And lately Hasan has had a little problem -- he's been bedlamming mortals into insane fits of grief, without really meaning to, which relieves his ocean of grief briefly but makes him feel worried and guilty. You take them under your wing afterwards -- which Hasan may not even realize. But their grief both makes them particularly delicious, and also erases their memory of your feeding by the time they recover. So Hasan is indeed "keeping you fed".

  • I like that the Nederjagersgilde bans feeding on sex workers, and I'd like to suggest an eminently practical reason why they would do so: because feeding on the sex workers' clients is much more effective and tidy, and so the sex workers themselves are off limits. You don't catch any fish if you eat the worms before they go on the hook.  Sex workers in Amsterdam are organized and perceptive and have a lot of solidarity and spread rumors quickly, while johns are often tourists or from out of town and don't have the same kind of mutual support network (barring some chatrooms).

tl;dr: Jan's debts are:

  • » Hasan (unknowingly) makes I get fed regularly, and Hasan and Fatima always looked out for me. I owe him 2 Debts.
  • » Terry relies on me for his information. He owes me a Debt.
  • » Soraya appreciates me coming around to sit with Ima, and his calming effect on her household. She owes me a debt.

Terry and Soraya are thus in your Web.

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The Master of Ceremonies
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Sat 1 Dec 2018
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Hasan's Debts
In reply to Hasan Shirazi (The Fae) (msg # 37):

  • How did you meet Terry?
  • As noted in chat, Claudia doesn't know you're protecting her.
  • I asked Soraya to find out what the dream eater wanted from Ima.

    This feels backwards to me. The Dream Eater is the central problem of Soraya's life; Ima is her beloved grandmother and teacher, and Jan's lost love and enemy, while to Hasan she is an old colleague. Soraya clearly doesn't need to be asked by Hasan to find out what the Dream Eater wants -- it's her driving motivation.

    I think this would work much better the other way around; that Soraya asks Hasan for help. Or if we want Hasan owing Soraya, let's not make it about the Dream Eater. In fact, I think it dampens the power of the Dream Eater somewhat if it's sort of old news and all the PCs are already chatting about how to fix the problem before the game begins. Let's keep the Dream Eater a dark secret for Soraya to reveal. Hasan only knows that something disturbing has happened to Ima, but not really what.

    Instead, Hasan needs to ask Soraya about something he needs, that's connected to his own struggles. Like a way to stop succumbing to the temptation to bedlam mortals with his grief. Or a way to satisfy (or blackmail) his liege about this "situation" he's supposed to be monitoring, and get the hell out of this city and this realm so he can return to his people. Or a cure for his grief. Or a clue to Fatima's death -- if there's some indication it wasn't as random as it appears. Or a way to bring her back. Something that's a punch in the gut for Hasan.

The Master of Ceremonies
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Sat 1 Dec 2018
at 15:14
Character sheets
Everyone now has character sheets on the wiki:

Go look at the characters (and NPCs). Everything in the wiki will be considered canon -- we can't always scroll up through zillions of posts, so that's the master record. Object now. Soon we will close this thread and open a new one. Going forward, what's in the wiki will always trump older threads.

I made some changes. Terry, I took out True Artist and added the mandatory Old Friends per the instructions.

We're still missing a few debts and answers:
Terry: we need all your debts.
Soraya: we need your debts clarified.
Hasan: Can you ask Soraya to do something else, not the Dream Eater. Also, given that you "keep tabs from afar", has she known you since she was little? Or did you just turn up? Does she know you're an old comrade of Ima's? Also... don't you have a new body now? So would she even recognize you? Maybe she met you in an earlier human form when she was younger?

Brief summary of what we know about relationships.

Terry and Soraya are friends; Terry scores opium for Ima and worries about Soraya.
Terry knows that Claudia and Ayesha were friends, but not that they were lovers; he tries to secure Claudia's apartment.
Jan loved Ima and still visits her; Soraya is grateful though she doesn't understand their relationship or his nature.
Jan knows Hasan since WWI when Jan manipulated Hasan's wife Fatima into arranging for him to be turned. Hasan has looked out for Jan, and now Jan is exploiting his grief-bedlam for a supply of juicy victims.
Hasan and Ima were comrades, but it's not clear how well he knows Soraya, though he's given her a task.
Jan has been feeding Terry information about a rival clan of vampires; they don't trust each other.
Terry was supposed to protect Hasan's vehicle magically, but hasn't. (I'm assuming this about the relationship: Terry doesn't really know that much about magic (he failed to effectively protect Claudia's apartment). But he has raw talent (he is after all a Veteran with a workshop) which Hasan can sense. Hasan made the ask as an experiment in part, to tease out Terry's talents. Terry wasn't really able to fulfill the request because he hasn't really had the breakthrough of fully understanding what he can do. Hasan is patient. But essentially Terry is an intriguing mortal with a talent to Hasan, and Hasan a perplexing client with a whiff of the supernatural to Terry.)
Hasan is protecting Claudia from BZBB. He's BZBB's lawyer in order to inflitrate it; he doesn't want a mortal getting hurt.
Claudia covered for Jan. His papers were forged, but she didn't want BZBB getting his land.
Claudia covered for Soraya and is pressuring her for access to occult sources. She's spending time at the Psychic Eye falling down the rabbit hole; Soraya resents the intrusion.

That's the whole web so far, right?

So, you have until Wednesday to get final answers to the questions above into this thread. After that I make shit up, enter the answers into the wiki, close this thread, and we open a new thread for play.
Soraya Tavalokian (Wizard)
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Mon 3 Dec 2018
at 04:21
Character sheets
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 42):

So based on the latest responses, here are my updated debts: (1 to an NPC for color, 3 to PCs)

Even in slumber, Ima is protecting me from the DreamEater. I owe her a debt.
Claudia is refraining from reporting The Psychic Eye to the department of permits and regulations. I owe her a debt.
Jan, an old friend of Ima's, is the only other person who seems to care about her. He visits often, always bearing pastries or flowers, then goes upstairs to sit by Ima's bedside and holds her hand. I owe him a debt.
After Oggie got busted, I turned to Terry to score opium for Ima. I owe him a debt.
The Master of Ceremonies
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Wed 5 Dec 2018
at 08:57
Character sheets
In reply to Soraya Tavalokian (Wizard) (msg # 43):

Sounds good (technically some of that is overlap, but we need to get this show on the road).

Sometime between twelve and twenty-four hours from now, I will make up Hasan's dangerous quest for Soraya and Terry's debts if I don't hear from y'all, and we will start the engines.
Hasan Shirazi (The Fae)
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Wed 5 Dec 2018
at 16:58
Character sheets

We are scratching the debt from Sorya and creating a debt from Estie instead.

Estie tracked down Hasan because he's been bedlamming people and promised to help him with his grief. This is a very dangerous promise because when she fails she gets bedlammed. Estie is in over her head and failing to help Hasan. Hasan is the worst kind of client with no boundaries who literally shows up at random times expecting her to help him. She made a promise and Hasan considers it a debt that she has failed to live up to. Estie owes Hasan two debts.
Claudia Horst (Aware)
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Wed 5 Dec 2018
at 22:28
Character sheets
In reply to Hasan Shirazi (The Fae) (msg # 45):

I added this to the character wiki.
Claudia Horst (Aware)
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Wed 5 Dec 2018
at 23:04
Terry Debts
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 44):

Janet and I decided to collaborate on Terry's debts: Here's what we came up with.  I cross posted these to Terry's character sheet.

» Someone relies on you for training or knowledge. They owe you 2 Debts.

Hassan comes to Terry for local knowledge (when he or his clients need to track somebody down, or find leverage on a small business that won't sell, or find a guy who knows a guy).  Terry, being already wracked with grief, doesn't experience any change when Hassan bedlams him with his grief, so he's the only useful asset Hassan has left for the "word on the street"
Hassan owes Terry two debts

» You’re working on something big for someone, and it’s nearly ready. They owe you a Debt.

Terry has asked his friends to set up a supply of Heroin for Ima.  Dileep says he knows a guy, and Terry made a traded a suitcase of phosphorus grenades as a down payment.
Soraya owes Terry a debt.

» Someone keeps pulling your ass out of the fire. You owe them 2 Debts.

More than once, Jan has saved Terry's ass when he's waging his wars on the rival clan of vampires.  Terry suspect's Jan is using him, but he owes him.

Terry owes Jan 2 debts

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The Master of Ceremonies
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Sun 9 Dec 2018
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Character creation complete
Character creation thread is wrapped up! I will leave it here for reference, without archiving it for now.

Game begins in a new thread: link to a message in this game

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