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Soraya Tavalokian (Wizard)
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Sat 29 Dec 2018
at 20:08
Soraya on the stairs
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 51):

Okay, so given the amended sequencing, that puts me on the stairs in front of Tainted, knocking him back with my magical ring to the tune of  1 harm.

The demon-man steps back to the bottom of the stairs, clutching his mouth where I struck him with my ring. He doesn’t appear to be reacting to the Pentacle. Which means an invocation is required. Shit - I really should have done a better job memorizing the demonology texts. I do recall one banishment passage, and since I momentarily have the upper hand...
“Exorcizamus you omnis immundus spiritus
Omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio...”
The pentacle hums in my hand. The demon-man starts to shudder. He clenches his jaw and drops his arms to his side. He sees where this is going but damned if he’s going to give me the satisfaction of a scream while I send him back to Hell.  His bloody lip drips onto my carpet and he grins defiantly.
“Infernalis adversarii, omnis legio,
Omnis and congregatio secta diabolica....”
Aaaand fuck. That’s all I remember. There’s a whole second part that completes the banishment. Something something rogamus, audi nos but I can’t recall. I should have brought the book from my Sanctum when I had the chance. At least the demon isn’t advancing. Maybe I completed the part that binds him...?
Crash! A hanging shard of glass from what is left of the front window shatters on the floor. It’s going to cost us a week’s worth of fortune-telling sessions to fix the damage. Behind me, I hear my sisters running up the hall to the top of the stairs.
“Soraya, chi shodeh?” Mercedes’ accusing tone implying that I’m solely responsible for this mess. My blood boils. Now I’m really pissed.

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The Master of Ceremonies
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Sun 30 Dec 2018
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Hassan, reluctantly performing what is not quite that dance
In reply to Hasan Shirazi (The Fae) (msg # 49):

Chamrosh blinks, quizzical and a little piqued. She snuggles in the blanket and regards you across the couch.

"You have indeed lost yourself in the mortal world, Hasan, for you have become quite opaque and mysterious. I do not understand what you are referring to. Your grief did not forbid us tasting the scotch, or listening to the rain, or noticing the fascinating way these bodies shake of their own volition when they are covered in wet cloth. Yet now your grief forbids this mysterious 'more'." She frowns. "I admit, however, that this grief itself, with its mysterious directives, is somewhat fascinating." She ponders, and then says "if I am to stay with you, 'until I understand' -- what if I never understand? This is a mighty geas you are asking of me, my brother. It would be a clever way to lure a partisan of the Winter Queen into permanent exile from the Bright Lands, if you were so inclined. But I do not think you are so inclined. I think you are something of an innocent." She throws off the blanket and runs her hands through her hair. "Let no one say that Chamrosh is a coward. Very well, Hasan, I will stay, 'until I understand', on three conditions: first, you must prove that your request is innocent and apolitical and here is how: you must vow that if a conflict arises between the interests of the Winter Queen and the King of Storms during this 'staying', you will stand aside and yield to me. Second, I must justify my presence here to my liege, and so you must aid me in finding bits of political news and salacious gossip that will intrigue her -- particularly involving the intrusion of the powers and principalities on mortal lands. Anything to do with demons, really, or mortal wizards -- I've never met a mortal wizard, that would be very intriguing. I'm told they are delicious. Also, what are those queer no-longer-mortals called that drink the blood of their kin? Vimps? I would also like to meet a vimp. Or vimpar? In any event. You take my meaning. You must help me teach my Lady the secrets of this city."

She stands. "And my third condition, dear Hasan -- I have heard it told that mortals here have captured the rain in a chamber, which they call a 'shower', where they hold it bound to their command, and that they have captured the desert winds in a box, called a 'dryer', which can banish the water from clothes quicker than the sun. You must undertake a quest to procure me these powerful items, for I begin to tire of this shivering."

What do you do?

(Your apartment, by the way, is this one:
and it's at 13 Berenstraat, possibly the penthouse.)

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The Master of Ceremonies
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Sun 30 Dec 2018
at 11:11
Soraya on the stairs
In reply to Soraya Tavalokian (Wizard) (msg # 52):

The demon guy staggered back after you ring-punched him, and as you started your incantation his eyes widened with real fear. He's been in the life so long, the demonic essence has its hooks so deep into him, he honestly doesn't know what would happen if you succeeded in banishing it. Would he be physically ripped apart? His mind shattered? Or maybe even... clean? With his Dark Patron seriously pissed at him? That might be worst of all.

As you stumble and halt in the middle of the incantation, though, he relaxes, and as the bonds weaken and he can move again, he starts laughing. He shifts out of his demonic form, and he's back to blond dreads, leather jacket, and hipster pants -- you're not sure if the fabric is enchanted, or just forgiving.

"Oh, shit," he says, "you had me going there for a minute. All right, all right, I'm promoting you from flunky to junior partner. I don't know why you won't let me talk to the boss, but let's put that aside for a minute and you and I talk, huh? And, hey, okay, sorry about the mess, all right?" He squints past you up the stairs. "You'd better calm down those, uh... other ladies first, though."

"Who is that?" Mercedes snaps. "Who are you talking to? Soraya, what kind of nonsense are you doing in the middle of the night? Who are you arguing with? Who is breaking things?"

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The Master of Ceremonies
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Sun 30 Dec 2018
at 11:26
Claudia in the air?
In reply to Claudia Horst (Aware) (msg # 48):

You smear foam into the luchadore's eyes, but you go out the window anyway. You flail, trying to get upright, but you know you're going to land badly, and you brace yourself for a sickening crunch.

Instead, you bounce. Twice. And don't feel anything. You're not sure why. Maybe all that yoga you tried out, that Ayesha used to make fun of you for -- maybe it paid off and you're like super limber and can take a fall? Anyway, you find yourself lying on the asphalt at Elsje's feet.

She bends down to you. "Claudia! Oh my god, are you all right?"

I suppose at this point you could interrupt, distract, or persuade her to do something other than immediately calling it in -- but it would definitely take some persuading. Otherwise, she's going to grab the radio on her vest and summon immediate backup for the burglary/arson/assault in progress. Then she's going to ask you what's in there, and if anyone's in immediate danger, and if the suspect is armed, as she unsnaps the holster of her Walther P99Q.
Soraya Tavalokian (Wizard)
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Sun 30 Dec 2018
at 16:07
Soraya on the stairs
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 54):

Defending my grandmother against a demon, the rush of spellcasting in combat, trashing our shop... tonight has pushed me to the edge, but up until this moment, I’ve mostly held it together. Now, when Mercedes goes on the offensive, I feel my blood start to boil. And here comes Mandana, clomping up behind her, looking out from behind her shoulder with the same accusatory expression on her face, trying to emulate her big sister. Mercedes clucks her tongue and takes a step forward, like now she’s going to have to make things right...
Keep My Cool: 4.
Rage bursts out and before I know it, I’m bellowing. “Why the fuck are you shouting at me, Mercedes? Clearly there has been an intruder and I am protecting you. So what if some glass has broken in the process. You should be thanking me. You should be asking me if I am okay, but no, you immediately snap at me like I’ve done something wrong! And you, Mercedes, trying to look like a big girl while you cower behind your bitch of a sister. Why don’t you go back to your rooms, the two of you, and let me handle this, like I have to handle everything else! Poor Ima is lost in her coma and all the two of you can do is scheme like selfish children! All you care about is money, and you sell your family out to get it!!”
I take a breath and realize the explosion is over as quickly as it started. My face is wet with tears. I have been pounding the banister. I think my little finger is broken. Mercedes and Mandana look down at me from the top of the stairwell, their faces hold equal measures of indignation and horror. We have bickered before, but I have never spoken this plainly to them. There will be consequences. And the demon! I whirl and see him at the bottom of the staircase. He heard every word, of course. Now he knows of Ima’s condition, and of the brittle relationship with my sisters. God knows how he will try to use that against me.

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Claudia Horst (Aware)
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Sun 30 Dec 2018
at 19:13
Claudia in the air?
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 55):

It’s really just too much.  The plots.  The crazy cosplayer.  Being flung through windows.  Strange glowing glyphs.  And just being so freaking incompetent tonight.  My worries about Estie.  Being stood up by Terry.  That insane book.  And now here’s Elsje.  Fresh faced.  Beautiful.  Sweet.  Strong.  Commanding.  Concerned about me.  She is here, and Aeysha is gone and that strange man knew who I was.

No, everything is not all right.

I burst into tears and fling myself into her arms.  “NOTHING IS ALRIGHT ELSJE!  That man in there attacked me!  He tried to kill me!

I am letting it all out, sobbing helplessly in Elsie’s arms.  I expect this also triggers my intimacy move. Assuming she’s reallly mortal however that is no problem..

I cling her her and let it all out.

Too bad I rolled a six!  Your move MC!

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The Master of Ceremonies
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Sun 30 Dec 2018
at 20:48
Claudia in the air?
In reply to Claudia Horst (Aware) (msg # 57):

You try to cling to Elsje, but there seems to be something between you -- a certain stiffness of the air, like a resilient cushion that keeps you from truly reaching her. Is it just shock? Is it a metaphor for your life? How you can't fully connect to people?

"Okay, sweetheart," Elsje says, patting you, "listen, it's going to be fine, okay? But you need to stay here while I make sure everyone is safe. Is he armed? Is anyone else in there?" She eases out of your grasp and steps towards the door, unholstering her pistol.

You're still sobbing, and as you try to pull yourself together enough to answer coherently -- which you really ought to do, you owe her at least a coherent explanation before she goes into a life-threatening situation -- you realize that a small crowd is gathering, people coming out of the coffee shop, people coming from down the street. People from the neighborhood.

One of them is Estie. She looks quite anxious.

What do you do?
Hasan Shirazi (The Fae)
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Sun 30 Dec 2018
at 20:57
Hassan, reluctantly performing what is not quite that dance
Chamrosh's demands lighten Hasan's mood and he realizes that she really is ignorant of the mortal world to know what dance they were almost dancing. He manages a smile.

"Let's take these things backward Chamrosh. The utilities you seek are called a dryer and a shower and I will gladly provide these things. I can introduce you to wizards and vampires and share news of the happenings in this city. But I cannot betray my monarch any more than you can, so instead let us say that should our monarchs' interests come into conflict you will be free to part if you so desire. In fact, it is not my intention to keep you in exile or force you to stay at my side at all times. I simply want your company for a time because I have been so alone here. Let us just say one human week? After that you are free to stay only if you desire."

Hasan retrieves a pair of clean pajamas and shows Chamrosh how to use the shower, which she does with complete lack of human modesty. Hasan has to leave the room to avoid the inconvenient reactions of his mortal form, which he is hardly in the mood for. She has not yet indicated whether the amended terms are satisfactory but Hasan never meant to force her to bargain away her freedom anyway. What he asked of her was selfish and he is glad she doesn't seem to mind.

The rain has stopped by the time they are sitting on the sofa with new glasses of scotch. Chamrosh's colorful garments are in the dryer and they are both wearing his pajamas, though they do not fit the curves of Chamrosh's mortal form very well.

Hasan attempts an apology. "I cannot explain grief to you unless you have experienced it, but perhaps it is one thing you will come to understand a little if you stay. Sometimes it comes over me like a possession for no reason at all and I am no fun and have no adventures. But tomorrow, if you stay, we will visit a human wizard and that will surely be an adventure.  What do you say?"
The Master of Ceremonies
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Sun 30 Dec 2018
at 21:36
Soraya on the stairs
In reply to Soraya Tavalokian (Wizard) (msg # 56):

The demonically possessed mortal at the foot of your staircase looks rather embarrassed on your behalf. He wipes foam from his hair and is about to flick it onto your carpet, then decides to rub it on his slacks instead. "Okay, so, uh... whenever you've got a minute..."

"Protecting us?" yells Mercedes. "What do you protect us from exactly? From ever escaping this moldy pit of a bookstore filled with illiterate foolishness? From actually having lives, out from the shadow of that ancient, senile, drug-addicted hag of a grandmother? All we care about is money? How dare you! It's you who is greedy, but not for money -- if you had any clue about money you'd let us sell this fucking fleatrap -- no, you're greedy for self-pity! You live in a fantasy world where you save everyone from your own paranoia, like some kind of saint! And you're dragging not just us, but poor Ima as well, into your sick delusion! Khodaya! Ima belongs in a hospice, where she can die in peace, and you -- well I don't care what you do, but I've had enough of it!" She takes a step forward and leans down to inspect the demon guy, who waves awkwardly. She sniffs disapprovingly. "Take your male prostitute somewhere else, and let us sleep. I am seeing a lawyer tomorrow. I don't want money for the sake of money, Soraya -- I want my share of this godforsaken tourist trap so I can be free of you!"

What do you do?

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The Master of Ceremonies
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Sun 30 Dec 2018
at 21:39
Hassan, reluctantly performing what is not quite that dance
In reply to Hasan Shirazi (The Fae) (msg # 59):

Chamrosh is delighted by the thought of a human wizard, but a little puzzled about what she is expected to do for the entire rest of the time that the mortal sky is dark (and somewhat skeptical that you actually know how long it will remain dark -- is that really so predictable?). It takes a while to explain the mortal version of sleep to her, and even longer to get her to try it, but eventually she agrees to try it out.

Are you turning in as well?
Claudia Horst (Aware)
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Sun 30 Dec 2018
at 21:43
Claudia in the air?
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 58):

I try to pull imyself together.  I feel ridiculous.  I can’t let Estie see me like this.

I whip out my sunglasses turn away from Estie and walk behind Elsje with my collar turned up sonas not to attract Estie’s notice.

That’s a misdirect, trick or distract to avoid Estie.  That’s a ten.  Estie doesn’t notice me.

I walk towards the entrance with Elsje, and I mutter under my breath “ I don’t know if he was armed  but he seemed to have some kind of fireproof costume or something and he is very strong.  The bookstore owner is a friend of mine and Terry’s... you know Aeysha’s dad?  They go way back.  Maybe we could keep this on the down low?  Like I don’t know.  Maybe I could back you up?

I’m dropping the name of someone who owes me a debt in the hopes that Elsje will take it easy on Soraya because she feels sorry for Aeysha’s dad.  Another 10!  I create an opportunity, Mark the faction and keep the debt.

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Hasan Shirazi (The Fae)
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Sun 30 Dec 2018
at 22:59
Hassan, reluctantly performing what is not quite that dance
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 61):

Hasan will also turn in for the night. He is definitely tired now and the scotch helps. So does the distraction.

Tomorrow morning we will go visit Soraya.

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Soraya Tavalokian (Wizard)
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Mon 31 Dec 2018
at 03:22
Soraya on the stairs
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 60):

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Hey, Ben, go back to posts 54 and 60 and switch sisters. You got Mandana confused with Mercedes and i followed suit. I’ve corrected my posts..

Perhaps it is the exhaustion from tonight’s events but I’ve had enough of this nonsense and I can’t bring myself to fight with Mercedes any more right now. I leave her and Mandana at the top fo the stairs and march down to the demon. He glances tentatively at my sisters, afraid our family spat might not have run its course. I take him by the hand (which thankfully does not feel like a claw any more) and pull him behind me to the front of the shop. I grab my coat from the rack, throw it over my robe, and leave the Psychic Eye with the lesser of the monsters I’ve encountered tonight.
My slippers crunch on glass as we step onto the sidewalk. Officer Elsje is there of course, policing her beat. Behind her, a crowd of gawkers strain to get a good look at us. “Domestic quarrel” I say with a shrug. I’m not sure what the big deal is. It’s just another night in Amsterdam.
I see the blue chalk on the door and glance at the blond man. I assume he does something so that we can leave the shop of our own accord but my attention is already on the cafe down the street. I sure hope they have Turkish coffee ready.

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Claudia Horst (Aware)
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Mon 31 Dec 2018
at 05:39
Soraya on the stairs
In reply to Soraya Tavalokian (Wizard) (msg # 64):

I look at Soraya coming out of the eye in her coat and bathrobe and slippers, leading a man that looks familiar and has foam dripping down down his ear.

He smiles at me malevolently.  And I start as I realize it’s the guy in the flaming hellboy costume.  He’s a friend of Soraya’s?  But wasnt she grabbing his balls and calling him an asshole.?

Oh shit, Soraya has a boyfriend and they like to dress up, play with fire and abuse each other.  Soraya is kinky.  Oh my god.  How did I not get that before.   I am so stupid.  I’ve read about this kind of thing.  But why did he throw me through a window?  Why did he act like he knew me?  Did he think I was part of the scene?  Did Soraya have her window replaced with stunt glass so that he could throw somebody through it?  Does he have a throwing people through glass kink?  Does Soraya fulfill crazy fantasies at the eye late at night?  Rough trade?  Is that even a thing?

I don’t want to make this worse than I have already.  I try  to distract or deceive Elsje.   I roll an 11 plus my mind of two is 13.

I say “ the intruder must have gone out the back.  This way!  ” and I lead Elsje into the alley I checked out earlier.  She follows me.

I get four deception effects and one Doubled:

» You create an opportunity x2 (maybe Elsje knows something about something)
» You expose a weakness or flaw in Elsje?
» You confuse them for some time (she doesn’t suspect Soraya’s boyfriemd or John or whatever)
» You avoid further entanglement between Elsje and the Psychic Eye

Man, Soraya OWES ME.  I wonder if she’s mad.

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The Master of Ceremonies
 GM, 53 posts
Mon 31 Dec 2018
at 20:02
Claudia in hot pursuit of nothing
In reply to Claudia Horst (Aware) (msg # 65):

I think the weakness or flaw in Elsje is that she's excitable and impressionable. She shouldn't actually abandon her post before backup arrives, she should interview Soraya and her boyfriend (Soraya literally just said they had a domestic dispute), and she certainly shouldn't allow you, a civilian, to join a foot pursuit of a dangerous suspect. But something about how you said it captured some childlike excitement of playing cops & robbers, and she feels irresistibly pulled to follow you. Also, you seem to be taking off without her regardless.

Instead of telling you to stop, she calls to Soraya, "Ma'am, please stay here and talk to the officers when they arrive, ok?" and then she darts after you.

Where do you take her?
Claudia Horst (Aware)
 player, 26 posts
Mon 31 Dec 2018
at 21:52
Claudia in hot pursuit of nothing
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 66):

This is all narrative explaining how I got all the results from my amazing roll 13 last turn.

Well, I snooped around earlier, so I take her back around to the back of the shop and show her the drainpipe that he could have used to climb down from the open window on the first floor (the alley is basement level) And I point out the dents that look like they were made climbing in and out (What's Mercedes up to I wonder?)

The best fictions usually have some truth, so I mix in the truth.   I borrowed a book and went to go pay for it when I got concerned about the store being open and the chalk marks, and that I had just gone back to the cafe when I saw the fire and went over to try and put it out.

I interrupted the arsonist and he seemed to recognize me and the next thing I knew I came to in the street with her.  When I looked back through the window I saw him and he saw I was with a policewoman, so he bolted towards the back window.

I show her the char marks on the bannister and the foam from the extinguisher

I snap pictures of the drainpipes and the bannister, and I pointed out that trashcans and dumpsters nearby that would have made it easy for the perp to climb in and out over the fence.

We check out the various points of ingress and egress and I point out and look for more fluorescent chalk or weird runes, and I use this as an opportunity to feel around for whether I experience that strange reluctance to come or go or whether I can feel that ominous presence again and how close to I have to be to feel it and is there anyplace it comes from stronger than others.

I am investigating a place of power.

I roll a ten.  I see below the surface to the reality underneath,and I get to ask you a question about that.

Then I say "Maybe it's not a coincidence I ran into this guy tonight.  He seemed to know who I was, and was already furious at me.  Maybe he's tied up in some way with the development companies I'm investigating....  Maybe he was trying to burn down the Eye, to force them to sell.  WAIT, .... I know!"

The opportunity Claudia is seizing with her x2 opportunity is the opportunity to have Elsje help her as a policewoman with her investigation into BZB

"He touched the fire extinguisher.  Maybe he left fingerprints!"

We go out in the street to find that most useful extinguisher.  I assume Soraya and her boyfriend are gone.

I put Elsje at ease about it.  "She's scared of me.  She promised me she'd bring the place up to code and I'm really bending the rules not turning her in.  And I think her boyfriend is an illegal immigrant.  They're probably terrified to talk to you."

Okay, so that's how 1) discovered that Elsje has a weakness the thrill of a night mystery; 2.) confused her for a good long while about who attacked me; 3.) Got her to leave Soraya and the Psychic Eye alone (I'd already dropped a name to that effect earlier); and 4.) created an opportunity to have an insider at the police helping me investigate BZB.

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The Master of Ceremonies
 GM, 54 posts
Mon 31 Dec 2018
at 22:06
Claudia in hot pursuit of... something after all
The blue chalk is smeared and scattered; there's no more of that strange hindrance to leaving. Perhaps you imagined it?

But no. That's what you'd usually tell yourself; but tonight, after going through the window and bouncing three times; tonight, after everything you know about this place you've spent so much guilty time in, the Psychic Eye, is turned upside down; tonight, after seeing Elsje has brought back memories of Ayesha, painful and troubling ones; tonight, with Elsje herself by your side, radiating eagerness... tonight you feel something shift. Maybe it's time to stop excusing and justifying and explaining away your intuition that something is wrong here.

You remember the feeling, earlier this evening, that something dark and old and dangerous was hiding beneath the Psychic Eye. You remember the feeling when you first saw this place, and met Soraya, that there was power here, and that it was Soraya's. You've been brushing those thoughts away, scoffing at them, while you circled around it, like a moth buzzing and bumping against a compact fluorescent bulb. This half-heartedness, being drawn to the place but refusing to admit to yourself what it is ... whatever it is... got you tossed through a window tonight. You went in unprepared, refusing to listen to your intuition. Maybe it's time to start trusting yourself.

Like Ayesha always told you to.

So what's your question?

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Yes, you get to mark the Power faction. If you haven't already. (It's Soraya's place of power, not demon boy's)

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The Master of Ceremonies
 GM, 55 posts
Mon 31 Dec 2018
at 22:16
The first hints of dawn in the Amsterdam sky
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 68):

Chamrosh and Hasan are sleeping, dreaming unmortal dreams in mortal bodies.

Elsje's colleagues have arrived. Two of them are upstairs, trying to calm down Mercedes, who is raging and screaming about the chicaneries of her selfish older sister, while Mandana looks on miserably. One of them is stretching red-and-white "POLITIE - NIET BETREDEN" crime scene tape across the door. One is taking reports from the crowd gathered outside, and doing crowd control. Elsje and Claudia circle back to make sure the fire extinguisher gets taken in as evidence and fingerprinted.

Claudia will have to give her statement at the police station -- the same one, incidentally, Oggie is being held at -- which will probably take until dawn, though at least she'll have hot coffee and a stroopwaffel and Elsje's admiration to keep her spirits up.

As for Soraya -- well, there's plenty of time to get away from the scene with demon boy before the reinforcements show, disregarding Elsje's instruction. If you do that, dawn finds you in conversation with him over Turkish coffee.

In any event, this seems like a natural place to close the session and start a new thread?
The Master of Ceremonies
 GM, 56 posts
Mon 31 Dec 2018
at 22:20
The first hints of dawn in the Amsterdam sky
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 69):

(One other note -- Soraya, Claudia just kept Elsje, at least, from coming after you to ask some awkward questions -- though the police are in your house nonetheless. Has she done you a favor? Looks like it to me. If you agree, Claudia should mark that Soraya owes her a debt.)
Claudia Horst (Aware)
 player, 27 posts
Tue 1 Jan 2019
at 02:15
The first hints of dawn in the Amsterdam sky
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 70):

While I’m down at the station and Elsje is encouraging me it seems like a good opportunity to get to know her better.  A few personal questions.  Some provacative assertions.  Some shy glances.   If I’m going to trust her I need to know how she ticks.

 I forget what this move is called.  Oh yeah figure somebody out.  10 +2 mind is 12.   She’s in my faction so I get three questions, and since I maxed out the roll I can even ask a question not on the list.

I’ll hold them for next session if that’s okay.

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Soraya Tavalokian (Wizard)
 player, 19 posts
Tue 1 Jan 2019
at 02:18
The first hints of dawn in the Amsterdam sky
In reply to The Master of Ceremonies (msg # 70):

Well, I’m sure Claudia thinks she’s done Soraya a favor. Certainly, her intentions were noble. But alll she managed to do was piss off the demon with foam and consequently get herself thrown through my window. Soraya protected Claudia from cracking her head on the sidewalk (you’re welcome, by the way), then Claudia brought the cops to the scene (thanks), then she distracted them (thanks again?). So I’d say that as long as she offers to pay for my window, we’re about even. Otherwise, she owes Soraya a Debt. Let me know what you decide, Ben. I’ll be at the cafe.

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Soraya Tavalokian (Wizard)
 player, 20 posts
Wed 2 Jan 2019
at 14:50
The first hints of dawn in the Amsterdam sky
In reply to Claudia Horst (Aware) (msg # 71):

Go ahead and mark a second debt with Soraya. Should be interesting when you try to cash it in. She has no idea you were helpful in distracting the cops and your intervention with the demon was more Inspector Couseau than Magnum PI. But I can appreciate that in Claudia’s mind, she saved the day!

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The Master of Ceremonies
 GM, 57 posts
Sat 5 Jan 2019
at 20:22
The first hints of dawn in the Amsterdam sky
In reply to Claudia Horst (Aware) (msg # 71):

Sure, Claudia can hold 3 questions for next session; but you can't ask one not on the list. That's not any time anyone rolls a 12+; that's if you have the advanced version of the move, which you get as an advancement.
Claudia Horst (Aware)
 player, 28 posts
Sun 6 Jan 2019
at 03:17
The first hints of dawn in the Amsterdam sky
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Beat.  Thanks
Claudia Horst (Aware)
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Thu 14 Mar 2019
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Start of the next session:
Since I can't start the new thread yet, I'm leaving this here to remind me how to start:

At the beginning of every session, announce which character your
character trusts the least; their player will spotlight a Faction for
your character (that isn’t already marked). Mark that Faction. Tell the
MC about a rumor or conflict that you’ve heard about that Faction,
building on previous established information if you’d like, and roll with
the Faction.
On a 10+, you’re prepared for the conflict you laid out: you’ve got a
Debt on someone in that Faction or a useful piece of information or
equipment, your choice. On a 7-9, you’re neck deep in it: you owe
someone in that Faction a Debt, and someone in that Faction owes
a Debt to you. On a miss, you’re caught flat-footed, unprepared, or
unaware: the MC will tell you who is coming at you.
If you start a session in the middle of a chaotic situation or with plenty
going on already, the MC might decide to skip this move