The Hell Out of Dodge.   Posted by Enigma.Group: 0
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Fri 28 Sep 2018
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The Hell Out of Dodge
You all receive a recorded message from Enigma on your various comm devices.

"By now you've all seen the news, no doubt.  Our dear friend George has created quite a stir and as a result is in no small amount of danger."

"Fortunately, I've been working with him since the beginning to plan this carefully.  He may have spent all his cred hiring you, and his life's savings making the stunning recording that is now making the rounds on every major news network around the world.  But the rights to air those and to the various interviews we had the foresight to pre-record with every news franchise likely to air it have paid considerable dividends."

"For obvious reasons, George is now seeking an exit from Seattle.  Preferably to one of the many nations on our continent where the Big A are not welcome.  Since before his first groundbreaking interview aired, he has been holed up in a safehouse I maintain in the lakefront side Redmond Barrens.  You can meet with him there to discuss the details."

"Due to the success of our little news-blitz, George is able to offer significantly better pay for this mission.   I'm so glad to see that with my guidance, his idealism has become a most profitable... investment."

"You will each receive 4,000 to help George disappear.  Fake his death and extract him somewhere safe from the wrath of the Azzies.  The Pueblo Corporate Council, the Salish, even Tir Tairngire... or maybe the CAS.  Outside North America is also an option, though unlikely to be easier.  You also have a modest budget for expenses, contact me for what you need."

Attached to Enigma's message is an address.
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Mon 8 Oct 2018
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The Hell Out of Dodge
Sonnet shoots a quick acknowledgement to Enigma before sending a message to the rest of the team.

"Sounds like fun. I'll hop on checking out our options for getting the paperwork in order. Think I'll swing by and have a chat with George later today about destination options. I'm happy to take point on the immigration end of things unless one of you happens to have an extra handy string to pull. Planning meeting tomorrow, chummers?"
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Mon 8 Oct 2018
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The Hell Out of Dodge
(With all due professional caution, Sonnet makes his way to the safehouse and raps on the door.)
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Wed 10 Oct 2018
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The Hell Out of Dodge
Down a winding alley and into the fully-intact basement level of what otherwise appeared to be a ruin, Sonnet makes his way through the devastation of Redmond Barrens.  The lakefront is actually kind of pretty, in a way.  You can almost pretend it was natural erosion instead of poverty and Mt. Ranier that did in all these old brick buildings.

The keycode for the main basement door was provided by Enigma, but after navigating your way through somewhat labyrinthine hallways bathed in sickly yellow light from too-few bulbs, you come to the "apartment" number you were given.  The camera is subtle, but you were looking for it already, so you know where to look and smile.

You don't hear any movement inside in response to your knock, but the inhabitant was clearly either waiting by the door or jumped to their feet quite quickly, because a moment later you hear a voice distorted by cheap speakers.
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Wed 10 Oct 2018
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The Hell Out of Dodge
"Touch the biometric scanner."

You see the small pad on the right side of the doorframe.  Just a faint oval depression in the metal frame - you had taken it for a dent.