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About TOW/rtj
So, up front,  this will be my first time GM'ing a Dungeon World game, as well as a RPol game. I have some deep history with DnD 5e, but Dungeon World seems to have the potential to be a much better story-telling tool that I want to try out. I'm looking for around 3-4 players that want to tell good stories together.

The Ordered World is an idea for a game that I've been working on for a while. Inspired by the podcast "Friends at the Table," I want to try and explore the post-post-apocalyptic world that we will build together. We will start out making a world together using the Dawn of Worlds system (http://www.clanwebsite.org/gam...ds_game_1_0Final.pdf), and the shift to me leading the story in the world we built. Dawn of Worlds has 3 eras to it, after we build that history, the game will start in the 5th era, on the ruins of whatever the 4th era brought.

I am labeling the game mature as I want to be able to explore some moodier themes, it being the apocalypse and all, but I have a few rules for every table I GM or DM. I will not allow sexual violence or graphic torture of any sort, and scenes of any sexual nature are expected to fade to black early on. I want us to be able to rp our characters fully, but Players at the table must respect each others areas of comfort in order to build the level of trust needed to rp with each other.

Also I would prefer to stick to the base book as that is all I am familiar with, but if you have something homebrew that you'd like to implement that can be approved on a case by case basis

To request to join, send:
1. Character Name(subject to change, I just need something to call you)
2. Planned Class(again subject to change, just so I have an idea):
3. Any topics you do not want touched on at the table:
4. History with DW or TTRPG's in general:

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