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Important Links
Just posting the links to the AWW app and the DOW rule book so they're a little easier to access.


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Important Links
War is initiated with a Command Race Action. When declared, the attacking civilization should pick a city that they are focusing their attack on. From this point, there is one full turn for all players to manipulate the sides however they want. This may be plagues through either army, new troops being trained, or new technology researched to help in the war to name a few.

Before the player who declared war's next turn, The Narrator will make a battle post, where they will list each side's advantages and disadvantages and show the die for each side. Once both the player who initiated war and the player that feels mostly responsible for the city agrees that all advantages have been recognized, they will roll the die as the Narrator described. If they don't agree with the die, they have 24 hours to argue a point in the OOC chat before the Narrator will roll for them.

Permanent Bonuses come from Advance City/Civilization, or related Events and Catastrophes.
Temporary Bonuses come from Orders aiding a side

Here's a mock battle using these numbers:
Round 1: Alyx and Cordin will both roll 2d6. Alyx will add +2, and then another +2 for the temporary aid. Cordin will add +1. Whoever has the highest score will win that battle, for the case of example, lets say Ereja wins.
Round 2: Now, Alyx brings his second army up, and rolls 2d6+2. Cordin would roll 2d6+1(-1), as this is the second battle that army is fighting. Lets say Alyx wins this round, and they roll again.
Round 3: With a fresh army Cordin rolls 2d6+1, and with a fatigued army, Alyx rolls 2d6+2(-1). Lets say Alyx wins, and now Fungholm is safe.
Outcome: Ereja's 2 armies are destroyed, and 1 of Alyxs is as well, But Fungholm is protected and at the advantage to retaliate.

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Important Links
Age 3 Initiative:
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I will update this post as we go forward with DW, but this is what each of my prompts will mean.

  1. I will always place every question asked below an hr. I may ask the question above the hr, but I will always include below as well so nothing is missed. The question will always be in red text as well.
  2. Who should answer a question?
    I will try to always put a (x) after each question I ask. X can be:
    • (Character name) - I want this specific character to answer this question.
    • (All) - I want a response from everyone. Everyone should make a post answering that question. I will give everyone 24 hours to answer, and then I'll move on unless it's absolutely vital you answer.
    • (Open) - I want one response, but not from someone in particular, so anyone can answer. If there's a tie, ie someone posts as you're typing out your post, I will pick which is the most interesting and we'll advance with that answer. Note: If you start a post and draft it for 2 hours, or leave it blank to update it later, this doesn't count as a tie.

  3. I will clearly mark when there is an opportunity for Bonus XP. You will have 24 hours from the original Bonus question post to answer, after that the opportunity will be missed.

Note: When I say 24 hours, that doesn't include weekends. As far as I am concerned, the clock stops at midnight Friday and starts at 12:01 am Monday morning. A question asked Friday at 4pm is expected to be answered by Monday at 4pm.