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Mon 3 Dec 2018
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The Kingdom, Refound
Welcome to Dungeon World. As I take the lead of setting our story, let me remind you of my agenda as a Game Master.
  1. Portray a fantastic world
  2. Fill the charactersí lives with adventure
  3. Play to find out what happens

To meet that agenda, I will work along the following principles:
  • Draw maps, leave blanks
  • Address the characters, not the players
  • Embrace the fantastic
  • Make a move that follows
  • Never speak the name of your move
  • Give every monster life
  • Name every person
  • Ask questions and use the answers
  • Be a fan of the characters
  • Think dangerous
  • Begin and end with the fiction
  • Think offscreen, too

As players, I have a few expectations of you:
  1. Make choices to expand your Characters story, not their score-sheet
  2. Respect Everyone at the table. Serious issues should be brought to me, and I will do my best to resolve them (this includes issues that are with me)
  3. Posts are expected at least every 24 hours. I understand life happens, but the story needs to continue. If we are waiting on a roll, I will roll for your character. If we are waiting on RP, the story will advance with either that opportunity missed or returned to later.

Finally, I asked you to submit any topics to stay away from. I will not cross these lines, and I ask that out of respect for everyone around the table, you do not as well. If something comes up in play that is not on the list and that you are uncomfortable with, let me know, and I will move the story away and make sure not to include anything else like it.

Triggers/Topics to Avoid
  • Cannibalism/horrors-of-war stuff
  • Anything that's covered by the Adult tag on RPoL
  • Rape
  • Aggressive Homophobia/Racism