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Wed 5 Sep 2018
at 17:12
Thanks for taking an interest in Canals of the Red Planet before requesting to join please read below.

Canals of the Red Planet is a campaign set in the world of Space 1889 and using the original GDW rules for the most part.
No knowledge of the setting or the rules is required and I'm happy to help along anyone new to the game. If you wish to know more about the general setting or how it relates to this specific campaign please read the setting thread.

If you wish to play I simply require good English skills, the ability to post regularly and for you to be amicable in all out of character chat.
In terms of posting regularly I'd expect at least once every 48 hours for the majority of the time, more than that is great but I understand that sometimes it's simply not possible. More details can be found in the posting guidelines thread, which you should read before requesting to join.

If after looking at the setting and posting threads you still wish to join then in your RTJ send me a character concept and let me know if you have any experience with the setting and rules.
Your character concept should be at least a couple of paragraphs so as to display the ability to write competently in English and able fit in with the campaign and group* as detailed in the setting thread. If you are accepted I'll then help you fill out your character sheet via PM and sort out any kinks in your concept.

If you are new to the setting and not sure about what sort of character you could play simply send me a RTJ saying so and I will give you some suggestions.

*I am open to any idea's if you can justify why they'd fit in.

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