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Wed 5 Sep 2018
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Posting Guidelines
This is the boring post where I drone on about posting etiquette like a school teacher. Unfortunately it's also a necessity and you should all read it as it may differ from other games you've played in. Inspired by and liberally plagiarising other GM's here are my guidelines:

Post and Post Regularly

This one feels like it should go without saying really. What's the point in playing a PbP game if you aren't going to actually post!

Post every 48 Hours

The bare minimum I expect is for to post once every two days. If you can post more regularly that's great and I encourage it but due to real life and time-zones it may simply be unrealistic to expect more.

Of course sometimes you can't past every 48 hours and that's alright, sometimes I might not be able to either, as long as you let the me know you are going to be absent or why you've been absent.

When you've gone a couple of days without posting I'll simply fade your character into the background and have them become a passive NPC until you return so as to ensure the game keeps moving and doesn't become bogged down, this isn't a hard rule and if you are integral to a scene I may well wait longer than a couple of days. I'll never kill your character off unless you want me to, even if you are gone for a long time due to some unforeseen circumstances and I will keep them ready and waiting for your return (though you may have to resume in a different location to the main party).

Drive the Scene

Other than players not posting the quickest way for a PbP game to slow down is with passive posting. This isn't a live game, if all of you start waiting for things to react to then the game stops. Simply reacting to events also gives me the GM and other players a lot less to work with then if you are proactive and interact with your environment. It also probably wont be that enjoyable a game for you.

So what should I post?

For a start let's try to avoid one liners. It shows a lack of effort and interest in the game on your behalf and gives everyone else in the game little to work with. Of course sometimes it'll all you can offer, time constraints, posting with your phone etc and that's fine so long as you don't make a habit of it.

Let's also try and display decent grammar and spelling. It doesn't need to be perfect, especially if you are posting from you phone, but at least use the spellchecker most modern browsers come equipped with.

Colours: Decide on a colour for your characters dialogue and stick to it. Try and avoid clashing with any of the other Players or the GM and remember orange is always reserved for OOC chat.

But I'm waiting on another player. If it's been more than two days then feel free to move on without them as best you can. Don't put any words in their mouth but you can act as if your character interpreted their body language to mean agreement/refusal, that way if you get it wrong then simply your character misread the situation.

I'm waiting on YOU. It's been a couple of days without me posting to move the scene along. If it's a simple enough scene then you may be able to continue on without me as above but bare in mind I might have other plans for how things are supposed to unfold. If you are unable to continue the scene try PM'ing me and hopefully I've just forgot. Otherwise something has probably gone wrong in real life for me and you'll simply have to wait.

You may feel like your player simply doesn't have anything to do in a scene heavily featuring another character but that's no reason not to post. If you can't think of anything

Try one of these:

Your inner monologue. What's your character thinking? You could talk about his thoughts on the scene, other characters or some topic that came up in conversation.

Ask the GM. It can never hurt to have some more detailed explanation on the scene or NPC's etc.

Look around. What can your character see? How is the Martian weather affecting him.

What your doing. Maybe you are reloading your gun or checking your gear or lighting up a pipe. Anything that could be passing the time whilst you character waits on the other player(s).

Flashbacks. Maybe something you saw triggered a memory that would help flesh out your character.


These aren't hard and fast rules but more a set of guidelines. If you break one or two of the rules every now and then it's really not a big deal. It's only if you continually ignore them that I'll have to have a word with you, quite frankly something I'd prefer not to.

If you aren't enjoying the game or it's direction then feel free to let me cordially know via a PM or in the OOC thread. Maybe other people are feeling the same and we can shift the focus of the game more to your liking. I may be the GM but this is collaborative effort and I'm open to all suggestions, but if I don't know what you want I can't do anything about it. If that doesn't work out we can find a replacement for you rather than having you troop on in a game you aren't enjoying or suddenly vanish on us.