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Master Kobolum
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Fri 7 Sep 2018
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Character backgrounds and relationships.
This is where character information that anybody could figure out with a bit of digging is placed. Parents, siblings, spouse, close friends, hated enemies, anything that is public knowledge.

This is also where we will workout character relationships if they come from the same clan. It isn't unreasonable for people from the same family to know each other after all.

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Yogo Itori
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Thu 27 Sep 2018
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Character backgrounds and relationships.
Known things about Itori:
Father - Yogo Kiru
Mother - Yogo Maemi [Deceased]
Close friend - Bayushi Ikoji, courtier
Betrothed - Iuchi Yumino

He also has a reputation for being honest, which is unusual for a Scorpion.
Tsuruchi Hitomi
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Mon 1 Oct 2018
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Character backgrounds and relationships.
Mother - Tsuruchi (Once Yoritomo) Hye-jin, a courtier and an indomitable woman in her own right. She rules the household with something like an iron fist clad in a thin layer of silk.

Father - Tsuruchi Ji-hu, A magistrate in the tradition of the family, he remains a hunter of men. A proud man and proud of his children though the loss of his eldest son has robbed him of his past vigor.

Brother - Tsuruchi Akira, A bushi in the vein of many of the family; he's taken more to sword than bow and, as a result, strays from the code of Tsuruchi.

Brother - Tsuruchi Daiki, cast in the true mold of a courtier of the Mantis; he bullies, charms, and negotiates. Also somewhat infamous for his handling of kemari.

Sister  - Tsuruchi Izumi, a shugenja and perhaps more inclined as a result to study and careful consideration compared to her more excitable kin. Still, she takes after her mother in the way of the Yoritomo despite the grace and tranquility expected of one attuned with the kami of Air and Water.

Brother - Tsuruchi Hayato, the oldest of the brothers; he perished like many bushi in the course of the Destroyer War. Made worse for the fact that it was the consequence of plague that claimed him.

Grand Father - Tsuruchi Kuro, retired now to a Monastery in the hearts of the Mantis' island realm. His health has waned harshly in his twilight and famous humour has taken a wry turn.

Grand Mother - Tsuruchi Jae, retired in kind to the same Monastery. She has left behind much of the trappings of the Samurai and seems content with a simpler existence among gardens and ponds.

Aunt - Tsuruchi Jae, a sensei of the Tsuruchi Dojos and doted, in a fashion, upon her young niece. A strict mistress of the bow; it's not uncommon for students of hers to come away with strained backs, arms, and scoured finger tips.

Great Uncle - Tsuruchi Dae-jung, an esteemed and honourable magistrate as far as such things go among the Mantis. He has overseen several generations and as his job has become more about paper work; he continues to push off retirement.
Shosuro Arashi
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Tue 2 Oct 2018
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Character backgrounds and relationships.
There's little of public knowledge for Shosuro Arashi... it's not that his family was so good at hiding that there are no records, it's that his family (his direct family) was so bland and inconsequential that they might as well have been heimin.  When Arashi's propensity towards the spirits was discovered, he was taken away from his family, and hasn't seen them since.

He has some 'friends', from his temple.

Soshi Li - 'The' girl.  She has no interest in Arashi of course, he's so low blooded that he's not worth looking at, when there are real nobles and important people around.  Still, she was always friendly to Arashi, and even though he knows they can never be anything other than classmates, he wants to repay her kindness in the future.

Soshi Taeshik - Best friend.  Also from a 'low' part of the family, the two bonded over the fact that they both understood better than others, the 'common man'.
Ichiro Kano
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Wed 3 Oct 2018
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Character backgrounds and relationships.
Badger's Home Dojo (Enzan Province, Tsuruchi lands)
Though the sensei stationed here are either Tsuruchi or Yoritomo, as are many students, its existence ensured the Badger bloodline remains in some form after the horror of Hideo no Oni. Twenty four years ago, this was seen as protecting the Badger from their own stubbornness, waiting for a new generation to realise the truth of their dire situation.

Yoritomo Saburo: Saburo truly believes in the goal of his dojo. A patient man, slow and deliberate in his words, he carries on the welcoming legacy Yoritomo Maki began with a ragtag group of Ichiro children of the previous generation.

Osaki: A strong-tempered braggart of a ronin, worthy of most pejorative uses of the term 'wolf'. Osaki is mostly trustworthy after coin has crossed his palm. Unwilling to give fealty to any master, lest he stop being underestimated by judgemental samurai.

Fallen Mountain Dojo (City of the Rich Frog)
A proper dojo for Ichiro bushi and embassy for the Badger. Other clans use it as a meeting point with the minor clan, and a way to relay messages through Badger samurai to their daimyo in the north.

Ichiro Jinro: A harsh disciplinarian of the Fureheshu vassal family, who rewards those who succeed under his tutelage. Many regard him as the spiritual successor to the legendary Ichiro Chuemon.

Ichiro Aki: Kano's superior. A reserved bushi with a distinct distaste for city life. Though the mountains call to her, she performs her duties impeccably, knowing that after the death of her husband it may improve her ability to find a suitable replacement.

Tso: Merely a simple peasant boy. Mute, but not deaf or dumb. Few in the city take notice of peasants cursed by the fortunes, so while not well off, he is able to survive through careful manners, humility, and fervent enthusiasm in completing menial tasks - but most of all recognising samurai who may throw a coin or two his way for a job well done.

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Hiruma Riku
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Thu 4 Oct 2018
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Character backgrounds and relationships.
Hiruma Aoshima {Father}:  He was at his time a strong and proud figure.  Often considered an exemplary member of the Hiruma family and a masterful scout, he faltered after providing poor intelligence.  While many absolved him of responsibility for what happened the man who was Aoshima died the day he lead allowed hundreds of Crab samurai to their death and worse.  Descending into cups his poor behavior soon became too much for his family to excuse and he took his long walk for his last mission.

Hiruma Sachie {Mother}: Currently residing with Riku and his family.  Often she can be found tendering to her ever growing garden.

Hiruma Hinnata {Wife}: A bride from the Shosuro family, Hinnata has been married to Riku for several years and given him two children.  Possessing a quiet beauty she has been the source of much gossip in their village.  She has made no secret that she seeks to advance the path of her children and husband as much as possible, hoping to elevate their station.

Hida Shingen {Commanding Officer}: A powerful figure and fierce combatant, he leads the force that employs Riku as a scout and courier.  Lately he has been sending Riku on more missions inside the borders of Rokugan than beyond The Wall.
Asako Saori
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Fri 5 Oct 2018
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Character backgrounds and relationships.
Asako Yumi (Grandmother): Respected mediator and former courtier of the Phoenix.

Asako Genzo and Asako Eriko (nee Isawa) (Parents): Low-level regional bureaucrats in the Phoenix lands. Considered to be "settling" for their current position and thought to lack ambition.

Agasha Kaneko (Sensei) : Author of a respected historical text on the gardens of major castles.
Akodo Kazuya
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Tue 9 Oct 2018
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Character backgrounds and relationships.
Akodo Kazuya himself: When he was much younger he was talked about in glowing terms, a child with immense potential and natural aptitude, there where even whispers that one day he might have a chance of even attending the Topaz Championship. As he grew older and eventually passed his gempukku unremarkably such talk faded and died and his name is know more commonly met with exasperated sighs at his wasted talent.

His father - Akodo Kazuma: A respectable bushi of the Lion, known for his stoic and reliable nature. He holds the rank of Gunso but has limited opportunities for glory as his reputation causes him to more commonly be assigned duties vital but mundane such as guarded supply depots.

His mother - Akodo Sako: A warrior much like her husband, Sako is a fiery woman, though she sometimes walks the boundary of what is considered appropriate behaviour her passion is yet considered more admirable than embarrassing.

His sister - Akodo Sakura: A few years younger and yet to pass her gempukku and choose a name for herself. She is not very close to her sibling, some suspect she may even be deliberately distancing herself to avoid being too closely associated.

His closest friend - Ikoma Noboru: Almost the polar opposite of Kazuya, he is a driven and ambitious man tormented by the demands of honour.