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Tue 11 Sep 2018
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Leaving the Game (RTJ)
Character Ownership:

As GM and Owner of this game I acknowledge that each player has given a creative input and has written something that can be credited to them, even a simple character sheet. However, by using it in this game, you are allowing the owner, GM, Co-GMs and future players to continue to use it within and for this game, and its continued use is considered fair use. It's content after the separation will be driven/authored by a new person who is a currently part of the game. In no way will we willfully take new updated description that you may have made in another game for the same character, and we view doing so as wrong if done without your permission.

You can make a request to stop using the character that you have provided or created. I normally NC a character until either the player returns or it's a good time for them to exit the storyline. If they were a large part of the story this may not happen. You should understand, in no way will we be obligated. We do request a reasonable amount of time for the GM to write them out of the story.

As a GM, I will try to honor such requests, as I do believe it is the right, and respectful thing to do. Any significant changes, I would need to run by the other players, as it could affect them.

Lastly and most importantly, we may look for someone to take over the character, if this happens there will be no removal of this PC other then through normal game play.

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