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Storyboard: Chapter 1 Our Unlikely Heroes Meet
The storyboard is for everyone to read and have fun within the adventures of "Lord Caladin's Court." You will find this thread to be dedicated for online gamers interested in playing or lurking in the court with Lord Caladin as DM.

Below is the current adventure " XXX ", and the introduction of the third online play group. The adventure will be posted in story format for reading pleasure.

This thread of the this site its adventures and the stories of player characters’ as they happened during game play. The words and text of the players were only changed from the original text to make it easy and enjoyable to read.

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Storyboard: Chapter 1 (Introductions)
The introductions of Tarrano Grazlak, Esparam and Thelonius Xander.

Our story begin in the Kingdom of Kalamar, along the coast. Bet Urala once a city state and province of the emperor, now The Kingdom of Basir. Basir and its noble families are loyal to the empire and its emperor - in service to the bitter end.

Overnight, .... & it's already early Spring in Basir.  Esparam (& Tarrano Grazlak) are in the capital city of Basir and the docks have morphed into action in a day. No need to cover with cloaks and one can do away with the heavy clothing that is normally needed to protect from the coastal winds. Brothers it's time to discard the bread, suit the leather armor and tossed off metal bronze breastplates, supplant your boots with sandals. Shed your gloves from hands, - so rough like sand to the skin, .... it's better for holding the lady as you come in to face and adorn them with your "Summer" smiles, .... and with freshly minted coin .... and too think this is just morning good Lords and Ladies.


A young bard, a player of song, his voice spurs out the words above as Tarrano Grazlak pass him by.

Bet Urala

The captial city of Basir is the main trading hub of all the riches mined or grown in the interior. It also houses a large contingent of the Kalamar navy, and a large merchant fleet as well. The active docks bring in wonderful imports, while exporting beutiful pearls and large quantities of rice. Brisk trades, matched with just rulers, make Bet Urala a prosperous city indeed.

Population: 53,300
Monetary System: Kalamar (minted coin)
Prominent Languages: Kalamaran, Merchant's Tongue

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Storyboard: Chapter 1

Tarrano enter the capital by the way of the southern gates. The paved road of the Empire shows a clear path through the city. But everyone knows the best places are off the beaten path especially the cobble stone Imperial road.

It's early in the day and the cocks are still are work. The roosters are Cocking, ..........

Tarrano is dressed in his forests greens, dark worn studded leather, with his sword resting at his side and hand on the pommel. He walk with his cloak pulled up over his head even in this warm spring day to protect him from the eyes of many. It was hard to mistake him though as people got close and noticed his features and veered out his way.

He made his way past the guards cautiously as he made his way through the city, he <small>(finds himself)</small> stopped outside a tavern with a name he kinda likes, One Eyed Ogre. He figures he might do well try to find work in here or at least find lodgings until work was found <small>(or finds him)</small>.

He made his way inside to seek out a room, a cold drink and a shadow to sit in to relax.

One Eyed Ogre, ....

It's a simple one level tavern in a decent part of the city. No riff raff along the way, ... nice.

The tavern has a light morning crowd, two dwarves at the bar sitting eye level on the stools speaking with the bar keeper. Serving maid cleaning the empty tables and the small cauldron of stew heating up by the main fireplace. sitting on the metal are some clay bowls and a copper ladle hangs off to the side.

The smell from the kitchen is pretty intense, as the aroma of pork links permeate the room.

The Maid - "Sit where you like and keep your feet of the table"
"O..oooo and don't feed the dame dogs if they come in"

Tarrano nods his head slightly at the maid as he pulls back his hood and makes his way to the corner table to the right of the hearth. He sets his bow down on the table and his pack over the back of the chair, un-slinging his sword & Sheath he sits it down on the table as well. Finally comfortable he sits down in the corner so that he can face the bar and glance out the window towards the entrance and the window down a side street.

"Food & drink." he calls out in a gruff voice as he sets a couple coins on the table

As he takes a the table in the corner spot.

The serving maid, walks over to the cauldron and takes the copper ladle, ... she digs deep down and comes up with two heaping scoops of hot porridge. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a wooden spoon. She bumps both the spoon and hot porridge into one of the bowls sitting on the fireplace edge and sets it down on the table in front of Tarrano.

"The porridge is a copper and the honey mead is a silver, a glass. Break the class and it's an extra silver."

With a little snap in the voice, ...
"Let me know if you want a wooden mug."

Tarrano nods at the serving maid as the items are set before him, he slides the silver coin over and reaches to his pouch, pouring a couple coins onto his hand as he hands her the remaining copper and an extra copper for being quick about it.

"Wooden mug if you could. Thanks"

The serving maid walks behind the bar, garbs a mug from under the counter, and from one of the kegs - a stream of sweet honey mead pours into the mug. She places it in front of Tarrano and slides the coin off the table into her hand. She smiles "Thank you for the coin".

She returns to cleaning the table

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Storyboard: Chapter 1

The Imperial Barracks are located within the castle ground on the south most area along the interior walls. The barracks are small but well suited for the task.

It is early morning. Thelonius steps out of his barracks at his garrison and takes a look around. Its a beautiful day.

Thelonius is strong and athletic looking. He's wearing his aspis, bronze armor, kopis and dagger and has his helm held in his right hand. He has short, well groomed curly brownish red hair and a slightly hawkish nose. His skin is a tanned olive and he’s got piercing steel gray eyes.

Standing at 6' 3" and 220 lbs, Thelonius looks every bit the Imperial Hoplite. He wears the black and purple uniform of the Imperial Guard.

He was told earlier to check in with his commanding officer at his building in the garrison and begins walking there.

Thelonius arrives at his commanding officer office ((The War Room).
He enters and sees the Captain of the Guard Lord Katonis sitting in his large ornate wooden chair. Scrolls and parchments neatly organized on his white marble desk.

Thelonius crisply salutes... "My lord. Thelonius Xander reporting as ordered", Thelonius states while at attention.

Lord Katonis looks up from a table filled with maps, "No need for the formality citizen, you have completed your required time Thelonius, the gods man why are you still in service?" As he looks back down and shuffles through them looking for the right one.

Thelonius at ease... "My Lord. I am proud to finally be a citizen. I have looked forward to this day.", he says with pride.

Lord Katonis, .... "Yes, Thelonius, ... congratulation its been a long 3 years for you here in the city. You have seem much and you will have some fine stories to tell you grandchildren."

"But I do have some pressing matters and I have been asked to handle an odd request."

From the stack of maps Lord Katonis slides over to share the view of Sobeteta - the next largest city between here and the Bet Kalamar the imperial homeland and home of the emperor.

Tapping the map with his figures "This place has always been such a shit hole. The endless gaping swamp of shit" ... "But a source of wealth for the empire beyond anyone's realization." "I personally have seem men come back as wealthy as one can be, ... and others finding eternal peace in the depths of their murky waters."

"Regardless we have a serious problem there. One of the Emperor’s infantrymen staggered into Sobeteta, more dead than alive. This is a dangerous post so not so uncommon, .... but this trooper was a Centenarian who wore the insignia of the First Legion, out of Bet Kalamar. I am unclear of the full story on what happened to him. The real issue here, .... is it's well know that the empire has been sending military units out to explore and recover artifacts for the upcoming war. Now rumor has it that in the northwest the relic know as the Coin of Power has been found, ... and is under the thumb of the nobility of Pekal"

Lord Katonis rolls his eyes, "Theloniue I don't have to tell you that item has made peasants into kings and armies into crying women"

He takes a deep breath and settles down, ......
"I want you, ... No we need you, .... to go to Sobeteta for our King and for Basir to find out what happened to these soldiers. Find whatever killed them. And bring back to Basir this unknown item. The King needs to be the one that presents the item to the emperor"

He takes a deep breath and finishes "You need to do this a a Citizen not as an Imperial Warrior. You will need to find a few good men to follow you down, some adventures or treasure hunters." "Use your position only when absolutely necessary" as he places the kings amulet (imperial seal) on the tale.

Thelonius replies, .... "Thank you my lord. It is an honor to receive this mission. I will need armor and aspis without standards or other Imperial markings. Weapons too if you think it necessary. I can take care of the rest."

Lord Katonis: "You will be outfitted with what you need and you can request supplies before you venture out.
We have set aside some gold to pay for the help you will need. An amount of 150 gps per man as a sign up bonus and 60% of all treasure found - that be divided among the living and all magic items will be dispersed with the kings approval."

"We have drawn up by the scribes papers for no more then 6 men. So that breaks down to 10% per man and relics are the kings property. We will cover all expenses for the expedition."

"Try to stay away from the cutthroats. I recommend finding some saps that severed in the legion at some point who are looking for something to do"
as he smiles and speaks in a sarcastic tone.

Thelonius: "My lord. I will begin with the preparations immediately.", he responds stoically, and salutes Lord Katonis,
"Hail the Emperor"

After being dismissed, Thelonius goes to get changed out of his armor and uniform and into civilian clothing. He grabs a non-imperial kopis and dagger.

"I'll start at the One Eyed Ogre first, at least they have good wine", Thelonius thinks to himself. He walks to the tavern and enters. A young nobleman with a strong athletic build, 6' 3", steel gray eyes, a tanned olive complexion, a chiseled face with a slightly hawkish nose and short, well groomed brownish red hair. He is wearing a white tunic with a silver trim of Greco design. A blue cloak adorns his shoulders and back. On an ornate leather belt hangs a kopis, a dagger, and a money purse. Open toe sandals on his feet. He looks around for a table...

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Storyboard: Chapter 1
It's a typical Fall day in Basir. The capital is known for it's trading and merchant vessel. Many can see first hand what others seems to have been talking about. It's actually an understatement when it's spoken, words fall short. This is a sight that most need to see to really understand. Most of the merchant vessel lands in the common dock area. Many of the none guild merchants pay a heavy tax and trade with the locals right off the ship.

The merchant ship from Pekal finally reached dry land after a couple of weeks of navigation. Esparam set a content foot on solid ground.

After departing Bet Rogala on his grandfather's quest and a couple of adventures including repelling a few goblins from farming villages, he had reached his home country's main port-city, Baneta, in order to travel south. The first ship to allow him to board was bound for Bet Urala, and that was fine for him.

The trip was uneventful, save for a couple of bad weather days. No pirate was seen, to the relief of the crew. While most of the cargo was not worth much, a couple of barrels contained spices that could get you a good fortune on the black market.

Standing at 5'11" and with a notably good posture compared to the rounded backs of some of the sailors, Esparam clearly looked like he had been at sea. His white robe with grey trim looked in need of a good wash in clear water to get rid of all the salt, and so did his chestnut hair, all over the place from the combination of water, salt and wind. The beard, that used to be neatly groomed, was in clear need of attention as well.

Backpack and crossbow strapped to his back, he knocks his wooden staff against the ground a couple of times, as if making sure he was arrived.

Satisfied, he turned to the ship's captain overseeing the crew already unloading cargo, and waved a salute with a smile, in thanks.

Now, where could I get a good, well-deserved bath in this city, he thought to himself.

As soon as Esparam clears the docks dozens of warehouses line the area before even entering the city walls. The walls are only 8 ft may 9 at best. A few guard towers line the area by the docks and a gatehouse with a cobbles stone road cut through the middle to the city center.

It seems the heavy traffic and largest shops lines the main roadway.

Esparam takes in the sight for a minute, and eventually decide he'll have all the time he needs to explore the city tomorrow. What's pressing right now is getting a hot bath, a hot meal, and a warm bed for tonight.

Still, on his way towards the city center, he looks around, making mental notes of places he should check out the next day. Some scribe's workshop. An herbalist's shop. What appeared to be a stall selling typical Pekalese products - just in case Esparam gets homesick and could use some of good wine from the hillsides of lake Eb'Sobet.

Eventually, he meets a couple of guards patrolling the roadway and asks for directions to a decent tavern.

The guards suggest a couple of taverns nearby. "Then again, if you're looking for a real decent wine, you should go to the One Eyed Ogre, you should," one of them says. "Price's a bit steep, but if you can afford it, that's where you'll get the best drinks here."

Esparam thanks them and doesn't hesitate much. Fine wine, even expensive, also sounds exactly like what he needs right now. And so he follows the directions he's been given to the tavern.

Esparam arrives, at the One Eyed Ogre, ....
It's a simple one level tavern in a decent part of the city. No riff raff along the way, ... nice.

The tavern has a light morning crowd, two dwarves at the bar sitting eye level on the stools speaking with the bar keeper, and one short hobgoblin sitting in the corner alone. a serving maid is cleaning the empty tables and the small cauldron is heating up by the main fireplace. Sitting on the metal are some clay bowls and a copper ladle hangs off to the side.

The smell from the kitchen is pretty intense, as the aroma of pork links permeate the room.

The Maid - "Sit where you like and keep your feet of the table"
"Serve yourself, there is hot porridge by the fire."
"The porridge is a copper and the honey mead is a silver."

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Storyboard: Chapter 1
Esparam nods as he looks around. This is a tavern like any other, and yet, he is in a new country. Better to observe and try to understand the locals' customs.

He picks up a wooden bowl and spoon from the stack near the fireplace, pours himself a hearty portion of porridge, and walks towards the counter to leave a single copper coin. He then goes to sit in a corner where he can easily study the room.

For a moment, the fresh porridge distracts him from his surroundings, his senses of smell and taste deliciously captivated after weeks eating mostly dried fish and biscuits. After a few satisfying mouthfuls, however, his mind returns to looking around the place while eating, looking for anything out of the ordinary from his Pekalese perspective.

Tarrano looks up from his bowl of porridge mid scoop to see the human who carries himself as one of those type they call a noble. He kinda chuckles at the thought on how humans just seem to think they get to title themselves as such and do nothing to keep it. He finishes the spoonful washes it down with a swig of the honey mead as his attention shifts about the room.

Esparam continues eating his porridge while analysing the situation.
He notes the racial diversity inside the tavern. As a Pekalese citizen, he is well used to this kind of multicultural environment, but he did not expect that outside of the Principality. He notices the hobgoblin as well, and wonders if they are treated as bad outside of Pekal as he has been told, when the doors to the tavern open once more for a tall and athletic-looking human.

An adventurer, or some soldier on leave, Esparam assumes.

Having emptied his bowl, Esparam stands up to go leave two more coins on the counter: one for another bowl of porridge (he was that hungry), and another one to have his water canteen filled with fresh water. "How much for a glass of your wine?", he asks the maid.

Tarrano's bowl of porridge now empty before him relaxed back in his seat as he picked up the cool cider and finished it before he looked over to the maid as he fumbled with his coin pouch calling out loudly for all to hear just as Thelonius walked into the tavern

"I would like another. And is there a particular place to look for mercenary work within this city?"

Tarrano attention shifted from the maid to the young man entering the tavern, obviously military and well disciplined (Thelonius Xander). He watched with intent as the man examined the rooming, his hand moving to his sword on the table. Tarrano liked those sorts, he could understand them, human military's were similar to structure as his kinds, but they also tended to dislike hobgoblins.

Lilly the tavern maid replies to Esparam's question, ... "We have Fire Wine from the fields of the Old Republic, 2 gp a glass." She cleans her hands with the same rag she used to clean the tables and walks to Esparam's tables. "Your accent where are you from stranger?"

She looks over at Tarrano holds up her hand, she replies to his request "Hold on there can't you see he asked first, ...."

At that moment she realizes that Thelonius has walked in as she continues to talk, and making eye contact to Esparam & Tarrano "Well now you both wait for the for Noble Citizen Thelonius, ...." She walks over to Thelonius "Please come sit" Lilly knows Thelonius pretty well and Thelonius's credit is very good at the tavern if ever short on coin.

Thelonius gives Lilly a big hug and kisses her on the forehead.

"Lilly its so good to see you. Always so beautiful", he says with some affection.

Lilly smiles, "You should stop by more often then", she says playfully with a wink.

She leads Thelonius to a table and he sits down. Thelonius takes a look around. He's surprised to see a hobgoblin but doesn't show it.

"I'll take a pitcher of house wine and if you have those famously delicious sausages ready I'll have that too along with porridge" Before she leaves to get his porridge and loud enough to be overheard, he asks Lilly, "Have you been getting adventurers here looking for work? I am hiring", he says.

"That hobgoblin in the corner was just asking before you came in", Lilly says as she points over to the hobgoblin. Thelonius gets comfortable in his chair. Lilly brings the pitcher of house wine and porridge to his table, pours his glass,and then attends to her other customers while the sausage links finish cooking.

Thelonius looks directly at the hobgoblin, "So I hear you're looking for work. Come to my table and we'll talk. Bring your cup."
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Storyboard: Chapter 1
Esparam opened his eyes wide in bewilderment at the steep price of the wine (2 gold pieces would be for at least a whole barrel back home!), but is saved from embarrassment when the maid switches her focus to Thelonius.

Esparam returns to his table with his second bowl of porridge, and observes the seemingly important citizen to glean more information. He focuses on the conversation he has with the hobgoblin, trying to make out what they are saying. This does not prove too hard considering the light morning clientele, except for when the pair of dwarves at the counter guffaw at each other's lewd jokes.

Tarrano looks at the maid with a bit of scorn when she chides him and then flat out states he will have to wait until after this new person get's served first, human's and their titles he thinks to himself. He stands and begins to gather his things, Thelonius calls out to him, Tarrano looks up as he is restrapping his scabbard to his belt and donning his cloak "I was just looking to leave and find a better establishment" he remarks with a gaze towards the maid "Apparently my coin is not good enough here. But you have my attentions so speak human." as he grabs his pack and approaches Thelonius leaving his mug and bowl on the table behind him

"Don't be silly, there's no better place for what we service." As Lilly cleans the table so Tarrano can sit with Thelonius. "Come now I will refill your drinks, bring your food including the sausages" as she smiles.

Looking at the hobgoblin "Sit right here" as she snaps the towel that cleans the bench "Next round of mead is on me, ... ok now sit down," she speaks softly as humans do when they flirt and try to be nice about things.

Some Hobgoblins might even find that more uncomfortable and may even prefer her rudeness over the insincere kindness, ... most likely looking for the extra coin for a tip.

Lilly looks over at Esparam, "I have not forgotten you" walking quickly to the back towards the kitchen area. "Give me just one minute and I will be with you"

Tarrano huffs looking at the maid as he walks over and puts his well worn leather boot up on the bench and rests his elbow on his knee as he examines Thelonius awaiting a response. Debating if it would be worth his time or not.

"You are a stranger in a strange land. Don't be upset with Lilly. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Thelonius Xander and I am looking for a few good adventurers worth their mettle for a dangerous mission which can potentially bring honor and glory to their names.", Thelonius states very business like. "Bring your cup and share in my wine. It seems you have free honeymead on its way too"

An adventurer, as expected, Esparam thinks to himself. Esparam was not a stranger to taverns and adventurers back home, and he knows how much they like to boast and exaggerate their stories to reap that extra glory or recruit this other naive and new adventurer-wannabe to use as meat-shield or carrier. So far, he hears nothing that really catches his attention.

Yet, the way Esparam was greeted by the maid, and how he had priority over Esparam (and the hobgoblin, although that was somewhat to be expected in human lands) spikes his curiosity. Perhaps there is some truth in what the warrior is saying. And maybe this would be a good opportunity for Esparam to travel more safely, and discover new knowledge along the way. He decides to continue to listen inconspicuously while eating his porridge, more slowly.

Tarrano regards Thelonius words as he considers his options, honor and glory is good to have but what worth is it? If it honor glory to the humans and not his kind. But there could be other things gained it was worth listening to the offer. He unslung his pack setting it upon the ground next to the bench he was going to sit at and took his seat.

"You have my attention Thelonius Xander. I am Tarrano Grazlak."

"Well then Tarrano, we will be journeying to Sobeteta. Our empire has sent soldiers there and they have not returned. Rumor has it they have all perished. There is also rumor of a relic. We bring that back with us. This is an Imperial mission and not to be taken lightly.", Thelonius says in a serious tone. "We each keep 10% of the treasure and any enchanted items will be divided evenly amongst us. A bonus as well for good work at the end. Interested?"

Although Tarrano lowers his voice, thankfully the dwarves quiet down at the same time, allowing Esparam to listen in. Good questions. Now what is the human going to reply?

Thelonius answers,"If you join, you will be the first person hired." "I hear Sobeteta is a dangerous shithole. Many who have gone there never come back. There have also been accounts of people that not only came back but they came back very wealthy."

"To answer you're last two questions, yes of course we will be supplied and have gold for boarding and travel. It will not come out of our 10% cuts. I do not foresee us needing laborers though, horses maybe."
Thelonius stands up and extends his hand out, "Tarrano Grazlak. Be the first to join me, you will not regret it."

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Storyboard: Chapter 1
Tarrano looked at the Thelonius, they must want to keep this a secret or they would send actual troops after this instead of hiring a bunch of mercenary's but he needed the funds "The supplies I requested and required to complete this task. I will expect that as additional compensation above and beyond the 10% of the wealth found and my fair split of any enchanted items found. If that is agreeable then I agree to aid you in this."

Tarrano extends his hand out waiting on Thelonius's agreement to his additional terms before he is willing to grasp Thelonius's hand.

Thelonius pauses a moment to consider and then says, "If the supplies are within reason you can keep it forever. Horses and such will be loaned to you. Of course, I have the final say in what you can keep.", he says matter of factly. "This is a very good opportunity and offer.", Thelonius says extending his hand out a little further.

Tarrano pulls his hand back a bit "If they expected this to be a good opportunity they wouldn't look to hire mercenaries to complete the work. It's dangerous and we are expendable. I stand by my original counter offer. Supplies requested need for this will be mine to keep, which includes a horse. A 10% share of the wealth acquired and a equal split of the enchanted items recovered. I could ask for more and it would still be within reason given the dangers of this mission."

"My offer still stands. Take it or leave it, but I doubt you will get a better offer and opportunity here in this city, perhaps in all of Basir, not even close.", Thelonius says with confidence. "The bonus at the end of this mission is 150 GP." "Tell me, how many "job" offers have you gotten so far?"

Tarrano lets loose a low chuckle at Thelonius "Given that I have arrived only this morning and have had enough time finish a bowl of porridge I would say that my odds of job opportunities seem to be pretty good. You ask me to venture where you lost soldiers, likely an entire legion, with the way you want to hire mercenaries to do the work.I offer again my aid for the 10% of the loot, a fair split of the enchanted items, the supplies need to travel to and from and this 150 GP bonus. It is a fair deal for my skills and my life."

"Tarrano, it looks like I have made a mistake. I have always thought of hobgoblins as a tough race. Maybe you are not cut out for this. Maybe I have overestimated you. You are a bit on the short side so I can understand. My apologies for wasting your time." Thelonius sits down in his chair.

Tarrano shrugs as Thelonius retakes his seat "Apparently tougher and wiser than you humans. Good luck getting some saps to go along with you. May the be able to protect your back as well as I could have." Tarrano finishes his drink and turns, moving towards the exit as he considers his options for the day.

"Too bad for you.", Thelonius whispers under his breath. Disappointed.

Esparam walks to the counter to retrieve his filled waterskin from Lilly, and puts it away in his backpack. He walks towards Thelonius and Tarrano on his way to leave and, standing up next to Theloniuis's table, simply says: "I'll come on the same conditions as the hobgoblin."

"The girl did say 'Noble citizen'. And you said 'Imperial mission'", he continues, looking at Thelonius. "Surely Basir can spare some more resources to acquire fine adventurers like the Master Hobgoblin and I? he gestures to Tarrano and himself. Especially considering the risk, danger, and sensitivity of this mission, no?
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Storyboard: Chapter 1
Thelonius was not expecting the studious looking fellow to speak, "I invite you both to look for opportunities elsewhere. Maybe then you will see how generous my offer is.", Thelonius says with resignation. "I will be here again tomorrow in case either of you change your minds. Thank you for your time.", he as says politely.

Esparam smiles, and reply as politely. "And I expect to be in town as well for a few days, should you not find proper individuals to conduct this secretive and strategic mission." He then straps his backpack on his shoulder, gives them both a quick glance and nod as goodbye, and turns to the exit door.

Thelonius nods his farewell back to the studious man and lets both walk out without another word.

Tarrano gets to the door as he is about to head out shaking his head, the offer was good, better than he had in awhile and he suspected no lies from this human noble. Nodding to the other as he walked out the door he turned and looked at Thelonius and slowly made his way back to his table. "I accept your terms." he sounds almost defeated as he extends his hand towards Thelonius

Thelonius stands, inwardly relieved that the haggling is over, he shakes Tarrano's hand "Lilly, bring another glass for my friend Tarrano here.", Thelonius looks over to Tarrano again and asks, "Who was the human that left? Did you know him?"

Esparam watches the hobgoblin change his mind with benevolent curiosity. He smiles to himself, and leaves, saying over his shoulder to Thelonius "I'll be back tomorrow to see what your party looks like!"

Although Esparam's intuition tells him the soldier really can't meet his demands, he was not moved either by his speech. So he will take the day to think about it and do his chores.

Bathing, washing his clothes, and finding a place to sleep that is cheaper than the One Eyed Ogre is first on his to-do list. Esparam would then explore the city, taking notes of interesting places such as merchants, inns where one could hear some rumours, job boards, town criers, stables, and other places that could prove useful to know in the future. He also intends to feel out the general population's opinion on the Pekal-Tokis war, in order to figure out how discreet he should be.

Tarrano shakes his head as he looks back over his shoulder at the other man walking away "Another stranger like you. An air of importance but no military experience that I could tell. When do we depart?"

Thelonius is amused by Tarrano's 'air of importance' comment. "We depart in 3 days time", he answers Tarrano's question...

He turns his head to Tarrano and says,"I will be here till the evening today. You are welcome to stick around if you prefer. I will provide you with room and board from here on out till the mission is over." "Hopefully we'll have more good prospects soon", Thelonius says with confident hope.
Wed 3 Oct 2018
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Storyboard: Chapter 1
Tarrano nods his bald head at Thelonius "I will keep you company and then seek out additional information tomorrow. Do you have any othet locals you want to seek out for fellow mercenaries?" Tarrano remarks as he moves around, unslinging his pack to set it on the floor before him, and takes a seat at the table.

"At this moment there is no one local that I can call on to join us. We will be recruiting from here but if we don't get 4 more adventurers before our ship sails we will leave regardless.", Thelonius tells Tarrano.

Lilly goes to the party's (so far) table with a short stack of plates and sets plates and flatware up for Thelonius and Tarrano. She goes back into the kitchen and reemerges with a wooden serving plate stacked with sausage links and roasted vegetables. She places it in the middle of the table. "Enjoy gentlemen", she says with a smile.

Tarrano nods his head slightly at Lilly as he reaches out and grabs some of the sausage links and vegetables and moves them to his plate. "Never been on a ship, not a real one. Couple small boats to go out for fishing when I was a lad. Mostly we hunted for food but on occasion we made our way to the coast and took a boat to gather some fish. If there were no fishermen already bringing the fish in for us."

Thelonius thanks Lilly with a smile.

While listening to Tarrano, he takes his fork and puts some links and veggies on his plate. He tops off his wine glass with the pitcher of house wine and pours one for Tarrano.

Tarrano then bites into one of the sausage links, the juice dribbling down his chin. He wipes it away with his other hand.

"Tell me Tarrano, what are you good at? What talents and skills do you bring to the mission?", Thelonius asks.

Tarrano smiles at Thelonius as he pours him a wine, his mouth full he waits until it's mostly empty before he begins to respond to Thelonius "I was a scout mostly. Staying ahead of our warband to alert them of any potential troubles ahead and to observe the target once it was found.  If you see me coming then fortune favors you that day or I'm not your enemy. What of you? Seem to be the military sort, actually get your hands dirty?"

Thelonius chuckles good humoredly at the 'get your hands dirty' question, Blue>"That's extremely useful for us. Very good.To answer your question, I am an Imperial Warrior stationed here in this city."</Blue>, Thelonius states just before eating.

Tarrano smiles and laughs with Thelonius "Can never be to sure with the way humans hand out rank. So what kind of work have you done for your city here as one of her Imperial Warriors?" Tarrano will barely finish the sentence before he stuffs more food in his mouth, particularly enjoying the sausage links, each bite washed away with a bit of wine.

"Well, we are the Emperor's personal legion. When we're not enforcing for the empire they usually have us doing personal guard duty for important people and if we are not doing that we are the elite palace guard, among other things.", Thelonius says before another fork full of food.

"These sausage links never disappoint", Thelonius says relishing it.

"They aren't as good as back home, but nothing ever is. But these are good." Tarrano remarks with a mouth full of food and then he washes it down with the rest of his wine. "You must be pretty good for them to trust you with such and important mission." Tarrano remarks as he leans back in his chair glancing about the room. Or just as expandable as the rest of us are to these human emperors'. He draws his dagger, it seems to have been well used during it's tenor at his side or at least someone else side, but he moves it deftly in his hand as he draws flips it around a sec and then moves it from one hand to the other checking it's balance before he begins to clean his nails. "What's the furthest north you've been? Ever been as far north as Shadesh Bay? And then Brindonwoods that surround it's southern and western borders?"

Thelonius observes Tarrano playing with his dagger, and then at the horrible manners of cleaning his fingernails at table. The rumors he's heard about hobgoblins are turning out to be true. "It is a great honor to be given this mission. I hope to prove worthy of it or return on my shield.", he says with conviction. After a brief pause, he continues.
"I have never left Basir." Thelonius says with bit of irony, he shrugs his shoulders, "Never had to. My duties and training have always kept me here, until now.", he finishes with a swig of wine.
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Storyboard: Chapter 1 (Captial City of Basir)
Most of the morning comes and goes, with Thelonius, and Tarrano sharing stories and ask questions about each other. Little is really said about Esparam.

The honey mead and wine have a steady flow and after a few more with a heavy discount from Lilly Thelonius and Tarrano are now at the point before becoming too drunk to really function. BUT They stay longer and burn a few more hours at the table.

With the seal given to Thelonius he has the abilities to give logging here and cover the cost of keeping Tarrano and any others of the group he assembles happy enough. At least until its time to board a ship south. With the shipping lanes so heavy these days its not a worry to find a ship with room at a fair price. And the trip will be about 2 weeks at sea.

Who would think that the earlier tug of war between Tarrano and Thelonius would come to the start of a band of adventure. Then again who really knows why the gods have left us all here to begin with. Hopefully Thelonius can find his 5 or 6 willing adventures before the ship sails.