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Kalamar Empire


  • Kalamar
  • Pekal
  • Basir
  • Tokis
  • O'Par
  • Dodera
  • Tarisato

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Kingdom of Basir

Districts In Basir Capital
Bet Urala

  1. Merchant Guild Docks
    The Merchant Guilds control the largest and 6 main docks front and center of the shipping district. Non guilds-men pay heavy tax to use them but smaller ship can get away with the common dock to the far left and right of the main Merchant Docks. If a ship docs in the main docks the tariff on all goods is 2% of there street values which is set by the guild. And laborers may be guild members.

  2. Common Docks of Bet Urala

  3. Fishermen's Cove

  4. Imperial Docks of Basir

  5. Temple District

  6. South Gate District
    The Southerner's Gate as the commoners call the district is well know for it shops. Its the heart of the finished goods trade in Basir
    • One Eyed Ogre
      A small tavern/inn that is home to the "Finest Wine and Ale of all Basir", so says the commoners of the city. The proof is in the amount of elves and dwarfs that pass through and drink there. Between the cost of a drink and the strength of the brew few humans stay passed 2 drinks.

  7. The Ivory Pearl District
    Nobles Citizens of Basir have large homes within this area

  8. Circle Market Place

  9. Tent City

  10. Castle Ground of House Kadana
    • Imperial Barracks of Bet Urala
      Located within the castle ground on the south most area along the interior walls. The barracks are small but well suited for the task.

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Bet Urala: One Eye Ogre

One Eye Ogre

1. Front Entrance

 The entrance of the tavern has two doors. One to each side of a massive 20 ft fireplace

2. Fireplace

The fireplace is very large about 20ft wide with room to sit close by in the

A large metal pot (used for cooking) with a lid and handle, sits hanging over an open fire. Inside the cauldron is a pot of hot porridge which any can service themselves at a copper a bowl.

3. Bar with Stools

The bar area sports 7 stools and three large kegs behind the bar

4. Kitchen

5. Storage Room

6. to 11 Private Room

She is a well liked person. Her beauty is above average for human (some believe she is half elf) and she is nice when not distracted. When her mind wonders or when he becomes overwhelmed she tends to become short and sometimes rude. At least the rudeness is more moody they part of she day to day personality.
Serving Maid

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Bet Urala: Imperial Barracks of Bet Urala

Imperial Barracks of Basir

1. Front Main Entrance

2. East Main Entrance

3. South Rear Entrance

4. Main Courtyard

5. Rear Courtyard



8. War Chamber









  • 17 A.
  • 17 B.




  • 21 A.
  • 21 B.




Lord Katonis
Captain of the Guard

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Bet Urala:
* Place Holder for updates

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Bet Urala: Imperial Barracks of Bet Urala
Special Notes:

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Bet Urala: A Bards Tale
A story at a tavern, by a traveling halfling looking for coin to have a hot meal ............. A tale about hobgoblin honor

A group of adventures are traveling off the road, 'I forget the reason why, but it's not important too this story'. These adventures see a large group of 30 or so by a river bank and they looked like slavers. Now in some places slavery is welcomed but in these lands it's far from ok. But of course like in many far away, wild and uncivilized areas if there is no laws then the strong will prey on the weak.

Now for a hobgoblins if you can not defend yourself then you deserve slavery, or servitude of some kind.

This group of hobgoblins had 3 slaves in a cage they were going to bring them to Kalamar for slave trade, .... And one adventure was a holy knight, a Paladin of the most holy order. Now the Paladin was no match for 30 well arms and seasoned warriors. But the law of the land and his moral compass demanded he free these slaves.

Before a weapon could be drawn. The hobgoblins greet the adventure warmly and offer food, drink and to share their camp. These were no beasts or savages of the mountains these were honorable creatures and war veterans. The adventures quickly held the arm of their paladin and reminded him that taking a life without cause is just as bad as slavery. And so they held back and took the hobgoblins offers.

After hours of conversation, talk of battles and the wonderful accomplishment of their days. The hobgoblin leader finally calls out the paladin. As he sensed the paladin was unconformable and unhappy with many things he said.

Now this is the hard part, ... too really understand - the hobgoblin heard these stories and the wondrous creature the paladin claimed victory over. So in the eyes of the Hobgoblin, he felt defeating the paladin would give him that glory as well. The hobgoblin leader also knew that the questions and behavior of this party of adventures - well lets say that they were trying very hard to free the slaves, and they did not have enough gold to buy their freedom.

Now 30 against 5 was no contest, so there was no honor to gain by slaughtering these adventures. The only way the hobgoblin could truly win was to best the paladin one on one. But killing the paladin would taken away a great warrior and that too would not help the Hobgoblin gain the glory & honor he was looking for. So to prove to his follow hobgoblins that he was as great as the paladin the hobgoblin challenged the paladin. Now the paladin did not understand when challenged it's not a always a contest of combat.

When the paladin agreed and started to get ready for a fight, the hobgoblin began to undress. The adventures thought this Hobgoblin, was crazy, .... or going to fight in his undergarments? Just so happens the hobgoblins says 'I never said the challenge was for combat', this challenge is a race. A race to the river and the first to swim across keeps the slaves with no future talk about the matter. But the price for the paladins failure would be the paladin's service to him - the paladin would be the hobgoblins slave for life.

First never agree without fully understanding the terms.

So, ... to speed up the story, the paladin prepared to ran to the river and swim across.
The event was monumental the speed and will to win was so strong in both. And the hobgoblin was winning just until the end. When at the last moment the hobgoblin gave to the river current. Now the question left for the paladin was to finish and win or save the hobgoblins life.

The paladin and in all his goodness picked to save the hobgoblin which allowed the hobgoblin to reach the shore first. So now what happens to the slaves?? Well believe or not the hobgoblin claims the victory, and says I reach the shore first and so "I Win", paladin you are a foul, .... and the paladin says but I saved your life, you now own me a life, and since one slave is not worth the life of a hobgoblin nor is 3 slaves worth the life of such a great warrior, what are we too do?

The paladin says, .... BUT perhaps 3 slaves and the life of a great holy knight is worth one hobgoblin.  The paladin smiles and they both return to the fire and keep camp until the next day, where the hobgoblins turn home and adventures leave with their freed slave.

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Bet Urala: Well known Healer
Balan Pateris
Balan is very tall for a Kalmaran and quite slender always clean shaven, with no real identifying marks other than his holy symbol. A human born in captial of Kalamar and now a citizen of Basir. He served in the military and earned his Kalamaran citizenship over 2 years ago, since then his healing practice has been on the rise.

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Bet Urala: Well known Healer

The Forsaken

She is a well-built ship out of the City of Zoa. Its current captain is Haager Pocaat. Captain Pocaat is a giant of a Reanaarian, he stands an uncommon 6'4". The ship is a cog mechant vessel and can sail about 2 mph or 48 miles a day. The Forsaken often brings goods for trade to and from Zoa. The crew is a total of 22, 18 sailors, 3 officers, and the captain.

Travel on board the ship is typically uncomfortable, much like most cargo ships of its type. At sea most go about the ship unarmed, although there are enough weapons in the armory to equip the crew. A few of the crew can be seen with knives and all of them are handy with a belaying pin. Which are plentiful on board.

Ship Details

A small rise in the deck leaves space for storage of the 400 pound anchor and chain. The ship has no capstan.

A small 10 foot-long dingy is lashed to the deck. Inside are 4 sets of oars.

Deck Cover
The large hatch cover takes up the main deck of the ship with a small hatch built into it. When the ship is being loaded or unloaded the entire wooden cover is removed. In bad weather, a tarpaulin is pulled taught over the whole thing to keep water out.

Main Mast
The mast rises over 60 feet above the main deck thought the vessel has no crow’s nest. A sailor can straddle the gaff to keep watch. There is no boom.

Forward Mast
The forward mast 20 ft. with a triangle sail it helps steer the ship.

Two ladders lead up to this area from the main deck. A door in the deck leads from the main deck to the companionway.

The Ship’s ballista stands aft. The weapon has the following statistics: 3d6 points of damage, crit. x2, and range increment 120ft., view 1. Next to the machine is a quiver of 20 ballista bolts.

A helmsman mans the tiller at all time. Usually one can find the captain here on his watch, advising the helmsman.

A small hatch leads down into the cargo deck.

Sail Locker
The sail locker holds enough sail and rigging to completely replace the sheet and rope already used. This area also doubles as the weapons locker.

A small stove and pantry are here. Food is stored in this place as well.

Mates’ Cabins
Home to the two mates of the ship, each of these small rooms holds a hammock, footlocker, desk, and stool. The port cabin is the first mate’s and the starboard is the second mate's.

Captain’s Cabin
By far the largest private space on the ship, this cabin has a small desk and chair, a wardrobe, a footlocker, and two small storage cabinets. Due to the curve of the ship's aft deck, the room contains a small loft, upon which sits a small bunk; the only real bed on board. Four portholes look out of the room.

Crew Quarters
The crew quarters are forward, complete with triple hammocks, the highest are at a height of almost 10 feet above the deck. A long table surrounded by stools in one corner and there are 30 small sea chests with clothing and personal belongings of the crew.

The cargo deck holds water barrels and pumps aft. The hold itself is normally full of bolts of silk and cotton and large boards of teak and mahogany. Everything is securely lashed down. Ladders lead up to deck hatches lead down to the bilge.

The bilge is only 2 ft. deep and filled with large rocks, and sand, with some water that has seeped into the ship.

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Bet Urala: Well known Healer
The Forsaken
Haager Pocaat
Captain Haager Pocaat is a giant of a Reanaarian, he stands an uncommon 6'4". Is he also a Pekal sympathizer but has not broken any of the Empires rules. He has been known to skirt the rules by shipping raw materials that could be used to make weapon and armor but never finished goods. He has only done this twice. He has recently left Pekal for safer waters.

Spoiler for Crew: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)

Standard Crew
Sailors, Human Expert lvl 1; CR ½; Size: Med. (average 5’6”); DH 1d6 (average 4 hps); Init +0; Spd 30ft.; AC:10; Melee(1d6/crit 19-20/x2, short sword) or +0 Melee (1d6/critx2, Belaying Pin); or range (1d8/crit 19-20/x2, light crossbow) AL: Lawful Neutral; SV Fort +0, Ref +0, Will +2; Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 11
Skills & Feats:
Balance 4, Climb +2, Intuit Direction +2, Profession Sailor +4, Spot +4, Swim +4, Use Rope +4, Endurance, Great fortitude.

Experienced Crew
Sailors, Human Expert lvl 3; CR 1; Size: Med. (average 5’6”); DH 1d6 (average 10 hps); Init +0; Spd 30ft.; AC:10; Melee(1d6/crit 19-20/x2, short sword) or +0 Melee (1d6/critx2, Belaying Pin); or range (1d8/crit 19-20/x2, light crossbow) AL: Lawful Neutral; SV Fort +0, Ref +0, Will +2; Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 11
Skills & Feats:
Balance +5, Climb +3, Intuit Direction +2, Profession Sailor +6, Spot +5, Swim +4, Use Rope +4, Endurance, Great fortitude.

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Place holder for magical items