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This game will use the following system as a base for tests to determine the results of whether skill check is mundane, routine, challenging or heroic. The majority of non-combat encounters will deal with tests of varying difficulties.

In some cases you will be allowed and expected to choose a relevant difficulty and roll a relevant skill test yourself. If you would succeed even if you rolled to minimum possible result on your test, you don't need to bother unless the degree of success is important to your role-playing post in IC thread. If in doubt, assume a Formidable difficulty or ask for one to be given to you.

DifficultyTarget (DC)Example  (Skill Used)
Automatic0Remember to breathe so you don't die of asphyxiation or Notice something large in plain sight (Spot)
Easy2Catch an object thrown to you or Climb a knotted rope (Climb)
Routine5Jump a 3ft wide stream as you skip to a picnic
Challenging or Average 10Juggle some apples or Hear an approaching guard (Listen)
Formidable or Tough   15Jump a 3ft wide stream while chased by enemies and wearing heavy armor or Rig a wagon wheel to fall off (Disable Device)
Hard or Challenging20Juggle daggers safely or Swim in stormy water (Swim)
Very Hard25Jump stream, chased by enemies, in heavy armor AND juggling daggers or Open an average lock (Open Lock)
Heroic30or Leap across a 30-foot chasm (Jump)
Impossible40+Do a triple backflip and shoot a dragon in the eye from 100 yards or Leap across a 30-foot chasm (Jump) or <b>After 24 hours of rainfall track a squad of orcs across hard ground (Survival)

You succeed on a test if you match or beat the difficulty. Depending on the event you may having varying degrees of success. This is for description and role-playing.

Beat byDegreesDescription

Failure: If you do not meet the Difficulty you fail. It simply doesn't work. You can try again but this usually means the difficulty is increased by one level and the skill most allow for try again.

Critical Failure: If you fail a test roll of 1 you may suffer additional consequences or some other drawback.

To roll for a test you will need to select the relevant ability or skill which will set your DC. You will then check to see if you have a relevant specialties which will add to your roll (bonuses).

All rules and house rules subject to change by GM or CO-GM for better play by post.

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