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Storyboard: Chapter 2 They come together
The storyboard is for everyone to read and have fun within the adventures of "Lord Caladin's Court." You will find this thread to be dedicated for online gamers interested in playing or lurking in the court with Lord Caladin as DM.

Below is the current adventure " XXX ", and the introduction of the third online play group. The adventure will be posted in story format for reading pleasure.

This thread of the this site its adventures and the stories of player characters’ as they happened during game play. The words and text of the players were only changed from the original text to make it easy and enjoyable to read.

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Storyboard: Chapter 2 They come together
It's another fine day in BET URALA. The sun is shining and the city is quickly starting to come alive again. For some the day starts with a small rush to the head, with minor pain from over drinking the night before. For others its the humor of watching those that drank too much. Regardless the sweet smell of those sausages are welcomed.

Today at the One Eyed Ogre there is a young halfling bard with his lute by the fireplace. He is playing softly as he tunes the lute.

The dwarves seem to have stuck around and are working earlier on the ale. They are also working on eating out those sausages with double orders, and gear at their side as if they are leaving soon.

The tavern seems to have a steady stream of early risers for food and drink as well as some late comers for wine and chatter. For the most part its an uneventful place and well over priced for the wine (as rare as it may be).

The adventurer's awaken, clean up, and head to the table for food - as more new comers and some locals come in and out.

Tarrano stumbles towards a table in the corner, his head slightly groggy from the night before. Tarrano mumbling to himself "Maybe put back one to many didn't you."

Plopping down into the chair he waits for the serving girl to approach before he orders some water and breakfast with extra sausage and bread. Working through a list of things in his head that he should work on attaining today before they head out; an extra quiver of arrows, extra rope, map of the region, extra food. He still needs to learn more about the area and who he would be traveling with before the list would be finalized but he set about prepping his gear making sure his dagger and swords were as sharp as can be, checking the fetching on the arrows and his bow string. Then he proceeds to make sure his armor is well oiled and prepared for the trip.

Thelonius walks in, dressed and equipped as before. His head is a little groggy. Food will hopefully help. He takes the same exact table he was using the day before and sits at the exact same chair.

He takes a look around. He sees Tarrano and waves him over to his table. Lilly steps out from the kitchen and seeing Thelonius she smiles, looking happy to see him again. She walks over to him.

"Goodmorning noble citizen, how are you this morning? And you Tarrano how are you?" Lilly seemed to be in a better mood this morning    "Goodmorning Lilly I've had better days, nothing a little food can't fix though.", thelonius replies    "Sausages are ready and the pot pies should be finishing", Lilly says waiting for his choice.    "Chicken pot pies for the two of us, biscuits if you have them today and some water please. Thank you darling."

Lilly laughs a little at Thelonius and Tarrano as she goes into the kitchen. And bring out both orders there's enough food to feed a family of 6 on the table.

Tarrano offers Thelonius a weary smile as he clambers to his feet and gathers up his things and sits down at Thelonius table "Long day yesterday. Hopefully the food will help. We have much to do today. I want to see if I can gather a map for the area to understand what we are headed to. And then I have some items in mind that will aid us." He downs his cup of water and nods at the serving girl raising for her to hopefully refill it soon.

"Yes its imperative to understand the area so a map would be necessary ", Thelonius states

Lilly emerges from the kitchen with two fresh out of the oven pot pies. She serves Thelonius and Tarrano and leaves, returning seconds later with a full pitcher of water and fills their mugs. She heads in the direction of the dwarves with the pitcher in hand.

Thelonius: "Tell me, what other supplies do you think you need?"

Tarrano looks over to Thelonius as he guzzles another glass of water and takes a couple bites of the biscuits and pot pie, before he responds

"Start with the usual stuff, extra rations, water, ropes, maybe a mule or two to carry everything. I'd like an extra quiver of arrows. If we can manage one and depending on the terrain maybe consider a boat or two but that might not be worth the haul. It all depends on who we got and the terrain."

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Storyboard: Chapter 2 They come together
Esparam had spent the day to visit the city, relax, and rest after the previous weeks of navigation on the Elos Bay.

He had first went to the baths to clean his clothes and body from all the salt, oil his boots and other leather items. He then took the rest of the day to explore the city, and getting to know this new place. With sunset, he found a cheap inn to sleep in.

He woke up early in the morning as was his habit. He stretched a little to help him wake up, splashed some cold water on his face, and studied an ornate, leather-bound book.

After a time, he put the book away in a large pouch at his belt, hanging on his right, while a dagger hanged at his left, strapped his backpack on his back, slung the crossbow around his shoulder, took his staff, and walked out of the room and then of the inn, towards the One Eyed Ogre.

Esaparam arrives at the One-Eyed Ogre.

He glances at a murder of crows cawing and fighting over some food waste from the tavern's kitchen,  then enters the building.

He scans the room, curious to see if the soldier from the day before are still there, and what other patrons would be spending time here today.

Just as Tarrano finishes speaking, Thelonius sees the Scholarly fellow from yesterday enter into the tavern.

"Scholar, we're over here.", Thelonius invites the stranger over to his table.

Esparam walks over to Thelonius and Tarrano.
He smiles, "Well, Noble Citizen, it seems you are having trouble finding your adventurers... but I am glad the Master Hobgoblin remains interested."
Esparam sits with them, and leans forward in an attempt to break the ice. "I am Esparam Keli'yeli. Junior apprentice of the arcane arts and the occasional traveler and adventurer."

Entering the One-Eyed Ogre after his time at the baths, ... Titus quietly took a seat at the table with Thelonius, ordering a glass of wine. The man was incredibly massive to say the least, just over six feet tall and incredibly broadly built - more of a bear than a man.

Your offer is generous, but I remain of the opinion that, considering the kind of mission you're being expected to carry out, it should be even more generous." Esparam pauses for a second. "Nevertheless, I've decided I would join you. Consider it a wager on a very good haul of rare items, and on your capabilities to see this through without losing people. Or too many."
"So, tell me more. What should I know about this expedition?"

"I'm glad you changed your mind Esparam Keli'yeli. Junior apprentice in the arcane arts? Are you a wizard?", Thelonius asks, .....

"I... am not really fond of this designation. It carries a lot of preconceived ideas. And I am but a mere apprentice, as I said. But I suppose, in layman terms, that I am indeed a wizard."
His tone when saying "wizard" clearly indicates he dislikes the word for some reason; but he genuinely seems modest when he says he is just an apprentice.

He glances over at the massive man that just sat at their table, and glances back to Thelonus and Tarrano with an inquisitive look. "Oh, so you have found someone else! Good, good."

Tarrano nods at Esparam and then to the large man taking a seat with them. He eyed them both but Titus was quiet so his attention quickly shifted to Esparam as he spoke and informed us that he is a wizard. Great to have one on your side, not so great when they are against you. Also they tend to think themselves smarter then the rest of us.

"Well met, we were just discussing some of the supplies needed." as Tarrano tries to refocus to the task on hand, they only had a couple days to prepare for the voyage and then the cross land trip into a swamp

"Any experience with Swamps?"

I see. Considering you are expecting to find relics and enchanted items, yes, I might have a few items in mind that could help on that front. It might be useful to visit the library beforehand - I assume there is one here?" he replies.

He chuckles. "I've crossed one or two small swamps during my apprenticeship, for field research. I did not linger though, so I can't really say this counts as valuable experience."

Thelonius jumps in, "Relics come with us but belong to my King here in Baris. Enchanted items we split between us.", he explains to Esparam.

Thelonius turns to address the soldier that just sat down, "Greetings centurion. What brings you to our table?"

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Storyboard: Chapter 2 They come together
Catweazle sits idly by the fireplace listening to the halfling play through his regular repertoire, occasionally throwing a coin to him to keep the music playing. While listening, he alternates between tearing mouthfuls away from his half eaten damper in one hand, and half a pint of fine ale in the other. At one point, he feels through his hair and finds a small twig knotted within, removing it to pick his teeth with before turning his attentions back to the bard.

Catweazle is a diminutive human male standing about five and a half feet tall. He has recently clipped off most of his hair to leave a straw-like tuft of sandy brown hair. He has darting brown eyes and has also kept a small mustache after shaving off his ratty beard. He wears some brown, raggish clothing over an old leather tunic, and carries a gnarled wooden shield that has seen better days. His only visible weapon is a simple bulbous club.

Most times, Catweazle looks like he is completely crazy. His eyes rarely settle focused on one thing for long, though the local bardic music does tend to soothe his jitters, and he is constantly feeding his senses by looking this way and that. He has an almost raspy whispering voice that is quiet by most standards.

The halfling smiles at Catweazle and continues to play. The halfling is not only skilled with the lute he also has a strong and well tuned voice.

When done with a full set, he thanks Catweazle "You are a kind and generous man, this coin will go far in feeding a starving performer." Eldon does not like being underfed at all. "Your coin will support the art, .... Yes another day of fine music and tales for the young and old, ... My Lord you have made this man and his gods happy and may they do the same for you in return." he extends his hand "I am Eldon 'the Golden' Thrush."

The ratty looking man extends his hand gingerly and takes the halfing's in it. "Cat..." he says, shortly, flicking his nose with his thumb in a strange, superstitious sort of a way. "Catweazle. You play your instrument well. Soothe bears, 'twould," he adds, cracking the slightest of smiles as he lets go of Eldon's hand.

Eldon smiles at 'Cat' "Thank you good man" and in an awkward and careless manner moves close to the groups table (Tarrano, Thelonius, Esparam etc).

And in the poorest and most odd manner leans over to listen in on the conversation.

Now no one is sure if the halfing is being funny or serious. Maybe he could just be drunk in the early morning but regardless one can not help but laugh at his attempt.
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Storyboard: Chapter 2 They come together
Tarrano's eyes dart to the short man in the corner watching him for a moment as the wizard speaks to their mutual boss before it turns back to Esparam at his question and Thelonius' response

"I was looking at seeing if we can get a map of the swamp and the surrounding region so that we can have a better idea of the best way to approach the swamp. Also some basic supplies such as food, water, possibly transportation like canoes, additional arrows for myself. I could also use a superior set of tools then what I have available to myself for locks and their ilk if that is possible?"

Tarrano then takes another bite out his biscuit and shoves some sausage links in his mouth at the same time. Idling strumming the wooden mug on the table filled with water with his other hand.

Esparam nods in understanding at Thelonius. "That is what I understood. However, you still need to be able to recognize a relic from a rusty piece of scrap – or any enchanted item for that matter – to be able to return it, is what I meant. And in that, I believe I can help best – provided I have the books and tools I need." He ends his sentence in a subtle rising intonation, hinting at Thelonius that he wonders whether they would be supplied by the city.

Back to Tarrano: "I agree. If the area is as treacherous as it's said to be, we'd better be as prepared as we can. We ought to get dry wood as well if we hope to light a fire in a swamp. Or at the very least some oil to light a lantern during the night."

Esparam then realises he hasn't eaten breakfast yet, as his stomach growled at seeing Tarrano's and Thelonius's juicy sausages. He looks around, and gestures Lilly - who was cleaning mugs behind the counter - for some breakfast for himself as well.

Thelonius speaks up,"Gentlemen, please, one person at a time.", he turns his attention to the centurion, waiting for him to answer.

The man is huge, even as he sits he towers over the table - he listens during the exchange of conversation between the group. At first he does not realize Thelonius is speaking to him directly and when asked a second time he almost shakes his head as if interrupting a thought and replies "Thank you, I am Titus Aurelius, Centurion of the 1st Cohort, Defender of the Empire, and I am here to help you Thelonius Xander, Imperior Warrior, and Protector for the Emperor."

As Thelonius turns to the man who just sat with them, Esparam turns his attention to him as well, and proceeds to thoroughly stare at him, also expecting him to say something. Ideally something that would help Esparam get a better grasp of this.... huge man, for lack of a better word.

"In fact I am here to for the same reason as you,.... I am to retrieve Artifacts for our empire and the commander of this post said you have been given orders to do the same... I wish to join you in service to the Empire and find out what happened to my brothers and get these artifacts to our emperor."

"You are most welcome to join us Centurion.", Thelonius says gladly. He turns his attention to Tarrano and Esparam.

"Gentlemen, make a list of what you think you will need. A map would be top on our list. Esparam, I'm not really sure what you're requesting as far as identifying enchanted items and relics. Please specify and I'll do my best to acquire it.", Thelonius states.

Titus looks at the halfling. He eyes roll. AS Thelonius is also paying attention to the wee halfling Tarrano warned.

Tarrano's gaze though seemingly intent on Titus and his response to Thelonius, his hand shifts to his dagger at his side as the halfling seems to be peering a little to close

"Can we help you small one? Ears have been removed for such obvious intents."

"Go easy no need to fight honorable warrior. I’m no match for you as you have already won this fight. Congratulations hobgoblin.” the Halfling’s voice is calm & almost soothing, the words were hard, direct and strong. He has spent time with the goblin kin before.

"As far as listening in well can you blame me, you are all so loud as you discuss the emperor and what all Kalamaran already knows. He needs the right weapons to win this war we are not already in” the words ring true but he knows more then he is saying.

He moves over. As he listens and watches the Halfling and Hobgoblin exchange words.
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Storyboard: Chapter 2 They come together
Esparam acquiesces.I suppose we have been carried away in our enthusiasm to help the Empire", he says cheekily.
I listened to your music. It was a good performance. Are you some kind of bard or troubadour perchance? A traveling one?
While his smile, words and tone are warm, his eyes betray as much wariness as Tarrano.

Thelonius looks at the bard, "Little man sit with us and please don't offend Tarrano", Thelonius says with a wink.
He looks around at everyone gathered and says, "You know the journey would be better if we have a bard with us yes?"
Before the group has a chance to answer, Thelonius asks the halfling, "Would you care to join us on a dangerous journey. Much reward and glory await!"

“I am in fact a traveling performer. Some say bard, I say artisan. But regardless I am interested in the conversation.” Reaching out his hand to properly greet Esparam  “ They call me Eldon the Golden, and I am here for you music pleasure” “perhaps I can keep a journal for your adventures for our children’s children not to forget the heroes of the Empire”

"One who has seen what I have seen will always be ready for a fight." his hand relaxes from his Dagger and he extends his other hand to meet the halfling's hand, grasping the forearm he shakes it vigorously.
"Well met, Tarrano"

After greeting Esparam. Eldons small hand meets Tarrano’s hand. And Eldon feels the grip and the intense motion of Tarrano's vigorously shanking hand. “Yes it is good to meet you as well.”

Looking now at Thelonius he extends his hand. "I must be honest. I’m not very interested in glory as death tends to follow. I can use a good reward for services given. But I suffer from the curse of my kind and just a good adventure tends to ‘Scratch the Ich’”

“Now I did not get all the details’ if you don’t mind going through it one more time. And please don’t skip a note as I write it down. “

He takes out a  quill and paper to start writing.

Thelonius shakes Eldons hand, being careful not to crush it, "We will be journeying to Sobeteta. Our empire has sent soldiers there and they have not returned. Rumor has it they have all perished. There is also rumor of a relic. We bring that back with us so our King can personally present it to the Emperor, it does not belong to any of us. We each keep 10% of the treasure and any enchanted items will be divided evenly amongst us. A bonus of 150gp as well for good work at the end. We will provide the supplies we need for this mission and if within reason you can keep it forever. I have the final word on what you can keep. Traveling expenses will also be taken care of."

”Since you so conveniently have quill and parchment, you might as well right down our list of needed supplies. Map of Sobeteta and surrounding area. Tarrano is next followed by Esparam and then Titus and of course yourself.”

"Yes of course I can make a list. I guess the first thing should be more paper and ink." Eldon smiles at himself with a light chuckle, laughing at his know joke. Unless they read minds not one would understand what he is really laughing about.

"I have seen a little in my travels, There is no accurate map of that region or its coast. Sobeteta, is located on one island that's been non-waiving but the terrain around it often changes. Rivers have been known to alter their courses, paths shift and one can easily get lost, mud flats are pushed sometimes leagues in one direction or the other, while sandbars and banks are raised and a  good storm can drown a ship by the treacheries Kalamar Sea." He looks at the group to see if he has maybe change anyone's mind about going to this place. "And That's just the start of what could happen."

"All I have to say is be ready when we get there because between the Bullywugs, Grippli and Lizardfolk we will have our hands full." As he smirks, "And make sure there is plenty of wine I hate ships and I'll need the stuff to keep my mind off the Kalamar Sea."
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Storyboard: Chapter 2 They come together
Esparam listens to Eldon's knowledge of Sobeteta, occasionally nodding in understanding.

When the halfling is done, he says: "This is helpful. This gives me a good idea of the kind of books I should have a look at before leaving. Basir must have some books on the topics of marshes and other related subjects that will help."

"As for my own list,"
he says turning to Thelonius, but occasionally making sure Eldon has time to scribe, "I believe the necessary items to draw up a map and protect it from the marshes' environment would be a good idea - we don't want to lose our way back. So a water-proof scroll case is a minimum."
"Additionally, with regards to magic, I have a couple of books in mind that could help me identify magic we could encounter, although they are fairly uncommon.  The one you would be more likely to find here would be the Short Encyclopaedia of Spellcasting: components, foci, voice and body for the optimisation of spellcasting efficacy and magical identification facilitation by Roderick Gumpreli-Trallmar. He was gnomish wizard that was well-known for both his magical command and fondness of books with lengthy titles..."

"Overview of the Arcanum by the elven researcher Lyandel Jliyuanminlandoral would be an equally great asset to this mission."
He looks at Eldon's confused face and spells the name.
"I suppose a well-crafted magnifying glass would be quite useful as well."

"Spy Glasses don't come cheap, Thelonius do we have enough for this ?" As he writes down every word, and some personal notes for a good story later.
Eldon feels that Esparam is well educated, and an interesting fellow to boot.

"No, no, not a spy glass, a magnifying glass. It is expensive, usually between 80 and 120 gold pieces. But it would be critical to estimate the value of what we find during our trip, to know what to bring back," Esparam corrects Eldon.

Thelonius, "I can't make any promises regarding the magnifying glass but I promise to do my best."

"In addition to the quality tools that i hope can be attained, I might recommend some covered lanterns, some of those tindertwigs I think they are called, & a couple tents. "
Tarrano remarks softly after Thelonius had offered to the halfling
"I can write a list out if you prefer. Also will this be everyone?" As Tarrano looks to the five folks sitting around the table.

Thelonius "Thank you Tarrano, it seems Eldon has the list covered. You did mention an extra quiver of arrows as well? There are five of us but I was told to get our group up to six. We still have an opening. Do any of you perchance know of anyone?"

Esparam scans the room. After all, so far, everyone in the group has come from here... He notices a few patrons, the usual pair of dwarves - how can they still be drinking he wonders -, and the lone, diminutive man by the fireplace.

He asks Eldon, "Say, Eldon. You were just over here before coming to the table. What do you think of the patrons, would any here be a good candidate for Thelonius' mission? What about the man you were talking with before?"

Although the man by the fireplace did not look like he could handle that kind of mission, Esparam had met enough scrawny yet powerful people at the College of Magic to refrain from ruling him out so quickly, despite the weirdness that surrounds the man.
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Storyboard: Chapter 2 They come together
"By the gods how da'm rude of me!" as Eldon looks over to the fireplace and realizes he left the kind man that paid for this wine with tips sitting alone. Quickly abandoning the group at the table in the middle of the conversation as if life and death itself hangs in the balance. he hurries back to Catweazle "Good Man, please excuse my rudeness I got so lost in meet this group over there that I forgot I was also introducing myself to you first." He starts to laugh at himself,.... thinking that his total failure at snooping in on their conversation lead to meeting them in the first place. "Please allow me to apologize and repay your kindness with a drink and some food. There is room for one more will you join us?"

Thelonius looks at the man Eldon is speaking to. He leans over to Tarrano's ear and whispers loud enough that Esparam and Tutus can also hear, "He looks a little scrawny to me. Wait, is that a leaf in his hair?"

Tarrano eyes follow Eldon as he rushes back towards the small human fella as he apologizes for his action, shrugging his shoulders he turns back to the others at the table, a smirk at Thelonius comment but he returned his attention to the task at hand. "Right so I can see if I can find a map today of the region we are headed to, unless you know of a good place to find at least somewhat accurate maps. As I was saying earlier, I could use some extra arrows, some high quality tools for any traps or other similar ilk that we may come across, additional food & water, some way to light fires even when damp, hooded lanterns, oil for the lanterns, at least a good canvas sheet so that we can cover ourselves from the rain if we do not acquire tents, & maybe some mules to carry this extra equipment for us." Tarrano reaches for the pitcher at the table filling his mug as he finished recited what he needed and then grabbed a couple more sausages. His head had finally started to fill normal and he felt it was time to get moving.

Titus Aurelius, with a burst "Let us be off, and off quickly!"

Catweazle did not noticed until invited to the table that a Hobgoblin was in the tavern. This is a long and hateful relationship Catweazle has for the Hobgoblin kind. "Halfling you are very good with your song and you seem very kind. I thank you for the invitation but I must decline. I have not the will or stomach to keep the company you have chosen." The look of dislike is so clear too Eldon. "In fact good halfling I think I should go."

Catweazle leave the tavern without looking back or giving the group a second thought.

Esparam watches the patron leave. Better that he leaves now that join the group and later prove to be a liability. Not that he had shown signs of being useful to the mission anyway.

"Thelonius, perhaps the party of five will suffice. And it is still possible we meet people before we leave. I suggest we take the day to obtain what equipment we need, and leave in the morning tomorrow. What do you say?"

“Agreed. I’m getting tired of sitting all day.”, Thelonius stands up and calls Lilly over and pays for the meals.

“Let’s be off.”, Thelonius says, glad to be moving again.

As Thelonius begins to settle this at the tavern Eldon walks back over. "I see we are leaving. And you were discussing a list of things we can have before we leave,  Eldon reaches in his pocket, "I keep a want list of things in case i ever have the gold to buy them. Since my mind is always racing about I hind of forget things unless asked.But the way are you all staying here, if so before there is no room left I should let them I, I will be staying as well. And I would like to discuss my service to be part of the requirements for citizenship. I mean this trip is going to be weeks maybe months I figure I should be awarded some credit for that ?? " The halfling just smiles after speaking his piece and hands Thelonius a piece of poor quality paper with some notes randomly all about. It can be read in no orderly fashion.

It is clear now the company consist of Eldon the Golden, a halfling bard from Bet Kalamar, and Esparam a human, schooled in magic and a nobleman, Tarrano a hobgoblin and kalamaran too boot. There is Thelonius also human, a citizen of the empire, a noble and currently taking the leadership roll for the group, ... and last but far the least noticeable Titus, a hulk (we think human or maybe half giant) of a young man who has little words.

Thelonius should be happy he has completed the first task of getting a group of adventures together to travel south - to the swamps of the Alubelok Coast. They must travel to the City of Sobeteta, there gather the information needed to track down the missing members of the 1st cohort and bring home the still unknown artifact. Hopefully the Imperial Guards in Sobeteta will have the information they so invaluably need.

The rest of the day is spent in the markets and shops of Bet Urala the captial of Basir, searching for the items they  need for the journey. Eventually they find all the items and head back to the One Eye Ogre for one last night of rest before having to go to the docks. There at the dock they hope to find a ship that can take them to Sobeteta.