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Mature Ratings (RTJ)
This game is rated Mature to signal that the material may not be suitable for all site users.

 This is a Mature game which will have portions that are of a mature theme, strong & offensive language, drug use, extensive violence, with political and religious material. As a Mature game it is marked as so with the Mature Content flag to warn potential readers that some of the game material may be considered offensive.  Despite this flag, this Mature games will remain suitable to all ages and all player have agreed to follow the rule set by RPoL.

 For the players of this game you should read /help/?page=welcome.

 Please note the difference between a Mature game and an Adult game is the descriptive level and the amount of mature content in the game.  Games which focus exclusively on mature content for their plot or which describe such content in graphic details are required to display the Adult rating.

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Mature Ratings (RTJ)

I have been reading some of the chat on Adult and Mature material. From what I understand this game can be removed if a player, Co-GM or GM violates the guidelines that RPoL has in effect. To protect the game and the GREAT efforts of the players on this game I felt it was necessary to post this and ask that everyone please copy, paste and post the below agreement so to protect the rest.

My understanding is that this includes every post; Private Messages, rmail, etc.


I (RPoL user name), am/am not  an adult of 18 years or older. I have read the Mature Rating post above and understand that I will stay within the RPOL guidelines with regards to all posting - this includes all PM and rmail.


I agreed to read the RPoL link above if I should have any concerns about mature or adult material. If I should post any material that a moderator considers inappropriate I understand I may be removed from this game.

I understand that all the material including my character will stay with the game and the active DM may continue to use the character or pass it to a new player if I should be removed for posting inappropriate material on this game.


I agreed to be a moderator for this game and report any activities that may violate RPoL guidelines. I also agreed to the above ‘As A Player’ as it relates to Mature and Adult material.

Please also answer the questions listed below, ...........:
A few quick question to help us help you :)

 1. Do you have the rulebooks ? Which edition ?

 2. Have you read any novels or stories on D&D ?

 3. Have you seen any movies that inspires you for this game ?

 4. Have you ever played 3.5e? At the table ? Here on RPoL ?

 5. What drew your attention to this game ?

 6. Character Concept ? Other than stats, you know, give us some info who that character is etc.

One of the CO-GMs will be in touch to talk about character sheets and some creation stuff, you can also visit and get started in the Character Creation thread
 link to a message in another game if your ready. Keep in mind what's a good fit for the game and in which house - but at the end it's up to you

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Mature Ratings (RTJ)
Our Game is not currently marked "Adult" but the more the better. Just in case we should later chose to may it Adult its better to have it now then later ...

RPoL's rules require that you actively request age and legality to view adult material information from every applicant to your game before admitting them.

 This means that no person should ever be added to an Adult game without first giving the GM: Their real age. A statement that they are legally permitted to view adult materials in their place of residence. This can be done by PM to keep private

The GM must obtain this information within the game before admitting each person. There are no exceptions.

 Remember that this information is for RPoL's protection, not just the GM's, and as such we require every person joining an adult game to have stated this information first, before the GM adds them, even if the GM has known them since birth. The verification must take place on RPoL, and must be where RPoL Moderators can find it easily.

 Some GMs want to keep a separate Age Verification thread within their game which each person in the game then posts to. While this does not obviate the necessity of acquiring this information before admitting each user, it is a way for those GMs who've changed their game rating to meet the age and statement requirements for their game. If you, as a GM, are keeping an Age Verification thread do note that:

 Those replying must state their RPoL user name in their post. Since character's can change hands easily and often, we must know which RPoL User is making the statement, not which character is making it.

Their real age must be stated.

 The statement that they are legally permitted to view adult materials in their place of residence must also be present.

 Each person should reply to the thread only once, even if they have multiple characters. RPoL Moderators should not have to spend time sorting through multiple, vague statements from the same person just because that person doesn't want it known which characters are theirs.

 If you have questions about this policy, please use rMail to contact the Site Moderators. Note that we recognize no excuse for admitting any person to an Adult game without first obtaining this information, and GMs who do this are subject to losing their permission to GM Adult games on this site.

For Those Who GM Adult Games...

 The GMs of Adult games are required to do two things before admitting any user to their game:

 They must ask the applicant for their real age, or their birth date, and receive this information.

 They must have the applicant state that they are legally permitted to view adult materials in their current place of residence.

 Please note that while most GMs are "sort of" asking, many are being lazy about the details, are asking the wrong questions entirely, or are asking the questions but are not ensuring they receive replies before adding the player to their game. Having an applicant state that they are over 18 is not enough. GMs are required to ask each applicant for their actual age.

 Having the applicant state the yare "of legal age" is not enough. They must state that they are legally permitted to view adult content in their current place of residence. The wording is important; do not slack on it.

 Every person added to an adult game must give this information, even if the GM knows them from other games. We recognize no exception to this rule, so no person should ever get access to any adult game on RPoL without having this information in an RTJ in the game they're joining.

 GMs are required to keep this information handy where we Moderators can find it easily and clearly see which RPoL user (not game character) has made the statement. This distinction is important since characters are frequently moved between players as the game progresses.

  For Those Who Play Adult Games...

 Finally but perhapsmost importantly: if you are a player of adult games we are asking you take part of the responsibility with these requirements. If you play adult games you already know that you must make these two statements, so go ahead and include them in your RTJ regardless of whether the GM has specifically asked you for them.

 Always including this in your RTJ will save Site Moderators a lot of time, help your Adult Game GMs with their bureaucratic headache, and great lyassist in permitting RPoL to continue to host Adult games: I am <years> years old, born on <day>/<month>/<year>. It is legal for me to view adult content in my current place of residence.