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Requesting To Join & Site Index (RTJ)


Thank you for your interest in our game. Below is list of threads by Title and Post # that you should read before requesting to join. Also for those just interested in 'Lurking' the game.

The threads marked in Group '0' should be read in full. The team here has put together a lot of effort for both player and character development. To get a handle on the game and our setting, reading the threads is the best way.

'Lurking' with membership: We have several that are Lurking, but still can posts in chit chat and have limited access to read threads that they are interested in. They're tag as Lurking. Many were once players that have had to take time away from the game but still want to read and maybe come back in the future.

Index to the Threads

Mature Ratings (RTJ):

   msg #1: our Mature rating, but we require an Adult material statement to be accepted to join the game.

   msg #2: a working sample for your Adult statement, you should paste and copy this. Remember to fill in YOUR information.

   msg #3: an explanation for the requirements.


Adventuring in KoK.Caladin  (RTJ):

   msg #1: rule on posting for this game

   msg #2: how to post in our game

   msg #3: not really a 'Play By Post' but not a 'Free Forum' game

   msg #4: Rules and Expectations * important to Read Before Your RTJ

   msg #5: quick note on how we set up some info in this game.

   msg #6: how we group and tag, understanding 'The Cast' List

   msg #7: more about general posting in our game

   msg #8: general info on generic rmails & PMs

   msg #9: more about how we like to post in our game

   msg #10: Character Ownership, * very important

   msg #11: just a quick note on Current GMs, and past players

   msg #12: notes on getting banned or removed from game

   msg #13: some general notes on combat

   msg #14: On-Line (List of when players and what time they maybe online)

   msg #15: The Role of Dice (When & How to role dice in our game)

   msg #16: Useful Links (Wiki's and forum links)

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