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Wed 12 Sep 2018
at 00:51
Chit Chat
This Thread is to post whatever you want, Ö With a few guidelines

 1. Keep it clean, no vulgar posting and follow all the Rules for this site.

 2. This would be the thread to post if you plan to be away for a longer period than 24hrs post a time frame for us to expect you back.

 3. Itís O.K. to ask questions or make comments about other games, but not on an active game presently being played on this site.

 4. Don't post rolls, or questions related to the current adventure that should be posted in OOC or IC threads.

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 Live Free, Die Well
Thu 13 Sep 2018
at 15:36
Chit Chat

Just what to let you know we can start chat and work on character ideas and well as game ideas.

The game is D&D 3.5 any Core(players) and and Wizards of the Coast printed material is just about 99% approved.

Also you can use the Core Kingdoms or Kalamar books.