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Mutations are essentially abilities that some humans gain from birth through radiation.  although they are called Mutations they are not to be confused with actual mutations which are still common.  Each mutation is caused by radiation breaking down certain walls in the brain and body that has been there ever since the flood.  For reasons unknown to us we have been locked out of these abilities we once had but through the breaking down of these walls some of us are now able to harness these abilities.

OoC: These mutations work a lot like D&D's class system in that there a multitude of them but each class have multiple minor classes, or in D&D's case schools, in which you or other characters gain a certain set of skills.  and example of this for BlackWall would be a Telekinetic would have their normal Telekinesis abilities but if they chose to focus on say using telepathy for moving bodies of water, fire or air then they would subclass as an elemental Telepathic.  this would mean that they still have their telekinetic abilities to move things around but because they specialized in one thing they have s=certain abilities that others may not have.

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Among the many consequences of mutation in the world, new species have split off from their natural ancestors and evolved in bizarre ways to survive in the various new biomes.  Gills, wings, extra limbs, armored scales, venomous spines, in rare cases even psionic abilities have been spotted and identified in new species.  One of the more common and successful new species is actually a family of subspecies that arose from a singular parent animal - the common rat.  Ever the survivor, the rat manages to make itself at home in almost any extreme environment.

Depending on the radioactivity and demands of their living area, these irradiated rats (or "Rad Rats") have taken on a number of adaptations, each more grotesque than the last, and subdivided into identifiable colonies which sometimes even come into conflict with each other over territory or other unknown factors.  There are normally little more than a nuisance to human civilization, as is historically true, but are a costly threat to order and sanitation and have been known to act aggressively toward small children with some encounters causing bodily harm.

The following are case studies of well-known Rad Rat variants found commonly in northern Blackwall:




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