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This subgroup is here to explain and give info on factions or groups in the military's of black wall or any other government of there should be one.

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Crusaders: The crusaders are an elite group in the Blackwall Military comprised currently of five people: Mark Morrison, James Valentine, Rita valentine, Arcos Rime and Meleena Kelly.  Each member is outfitted with an expensive but powerful custom made suit of armor called a PATS or Personalized All Terrain Suit made to keep the wearer alive as long as possible. even though they are powerful crusaders are kept back at a central base an emergency such as war.  Although the crusaders have not been used in a while due to there being no reason to they still are constantly kept alert and ready for when their needed.  Each suit is outfitted to house dual Myste canisters.  NOT FINISHED
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Sat 22 Jun 2019
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Stingers:  stingers are a highly trained group in the Blackwall Military that are both scientists and soldiers.  They are mainly used in battles with unknown mutants.  Their jobs are to analyze and run quick tests out on the field to determine a mutants weakness or a mutants abilities.
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Sat 22 Jun 2019
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Minute Men: The Minutemen is a group associated with the Rona and dedicated to responding to an S.O.S message in a minutes notice.  Unfortunately Blackwall is a large place so responding in a minutes notice is hard but through advancements in automobile technology has allowed us to create an agile and fast vehicle once called a motorcycle.  These motorcycles are capable of traveling up to 150 MPH and contain many joints and springs allowing it to be able to cross just about any terrain. there are two Minute Man buildings one in Oregon and one in Nevada each meant to respond to S.O.S signals in its respective regions.  each branch has five battalions consisting of seven members: six robots and one human commander.  This is to keep casualties to a minimum.  For record purposes here is a list of each commander in each battalion, their corresponding branch and a small description of who they are:

Southern Branch:
B1: Gabbie Smith
A young but promising leader
I have high hopes for her<b>

B2: Daniel Borne
<b>A middle aged, plump man who seems
more Like a soldier than a commander<b>

B3: Mason Young
<b>A young, athletic man who knows his
way around a machine. too brash, keep
on a short leash. maybe Phineas would
want him?

B4: Rachael Savorma
An almost robotic and impossibly
thin woman.  I have some suspicions
But shes good at what she does.

B5: Ducky Marre
A strange name to be sure but
she has got to be the kindest
commander I've ever met in my
all my years.

Northern Branch:

B1: Raven Argos
A very young girl who seem a tad too ruthless.
Keep and eye on her

B2: Clairrise Thorn
A Very violent, muscular but loyal woman who
Well by herself.

B3: Blake Ingram
An very good tactician but has a wavering
loyalty. find a replacement soon

B4: David Fiefe
A skilled musician and good ambassador but he
can't shoot a gun for the life of him. Keep him
on hold just in case

B5: Lance Kaard
The most noblest of all ten of the minute men
Commanders. I have very high hopes with him.
He may even replace me someday.

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Rona: The Rona are a Major group in Blackwall that are essentially the modern day Christians.  they heavily intertwined with the Blackwall government however they do not make make the major decisions.  The Rona have many temples all around Blackwall and these buildings provide a safe haven for travelers and the homeless. although the cliche is that church preachers and those who work in the temples can't fight it is quite the opposite in this case.  Each person who works in theses temples are forced to take a small soldiers training course, whether they choose to use that training is up to them.  each worker in the temples are also screened for their history and judged by multiple temple leaders to assure that they will not abuse their power or mistreat the people who come for refuge.
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Tue 21 Jan 2020
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Templars: A large group of Soldiers who have also spent a large portion of time studying the Bible. They run the temples many settlers and travelers have come to depend on for shelter and assistance. They are well versed in battle and tend to be old people.
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Tue 9 Mar 2021
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Minute Men pt2: Recently a new branch has been created in accordance of our recent expansion located in Utah. these are the current acting commanders in charge of the Overhill branch

Lannie Nora: A young woman who is very skilled with guns especially pistols.

Marina Booths: A Headstrong girl who specializes in mechanics and medicine.

Luke Boham: A silent man who could hit a fly from half a mile away with a sniper rifle.

Oliver West Considered to be the leader of the Overhill branch, He's a good soldier and an even better man.

Amelia Pierce: Young and Oblivious to an extent. She's a blank slate with a lot of potential. She's also a very gifted tactician.