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Sun 28 Jul 2019
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This is NOT Danger Patrol, but a PbtA variant.

So, like Silver Age Superheroes, to do something, you roll 2d6 and add modifier or modifiers if any.


--You can use one of your [+] symbols from your character sheet for an extra +1. Remove the + from the brackets afterward, so you know you've used it. Between combats, you can renew some plusses.


--Make a failed roll? You can increase it by INTRODUCING A NEW THREAT.


The Scarlet Apes are attacking Rocket City... Flash-Bang dives for an out-of-control hovercar...

...and totally rolls a 4. Failure.

But he can increase the roll to a 7-9... by introducing a new threat (or two smallish threats)!

"Flash-Bang manages to grab onto the hovercar with zero inches to spare! He pulls it out of its power dive... but suddenly, a Scarlet Ape lands on the hood of the car-- and another one lands on the trunk!"


--Made an okay roll... but want experience? LOWER your roll and introduce a new threat!


A Scarlet Ape is slashing at the magna-zeppelin's gas bag... CID 3000 tries to use his utility belt's Anti-Ape spray to knock one out...

CID rolls an 8... but decides he wants some free experience...

CID's player gives CID an experience point, and narrates:

"CID sprays the Scarlet Ape... but it doesn't work! CID looks down at the ape's chest-- it's partially-transparent! Someone has given these apes cyborg lungs! And the ape just tore a two-foot rip in the magna-zeppelin's gas bag! Oh no!"

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