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Alternate reality where the technology is a tad farther advanced in certain fields and the Bolivian government collapsed in 2009. In the part of the world where the game takes place, private corporations has tremendous amount of power, and routinely employ private military contractors to enforce their will.

The specific place where the game takes place is the Tarija region of Bolivia. The western part of the region is dominated by low, dry mountains, while the eastern region is flat with jungles and farmland. Large parts of the region are officially natural reserves, but even before the government's collapse this was patchily enforced. Now it simply means the region has plenty of untapped natural resources and places to hide. To the east and south the region borders Paraguay, while west you'll find more mountains and far north the heartland of the country.

The major local factions are:
  • Bolivian Army: Theoretically representatives of the government which no longer exists. In reality they've established themselves as a local military government, which cooperate with other fractions of the old government according to a web of personal alliances and realpolitik favours. They control the area around the city of Tarija, and various outposts around the region. Their areas are generally safe with a veneer of business as usual, but under military law, and subject to random taxes and predation by untouchable military personnel.
  • Oei Internacional (Oro Excavación Internacional): This mining company was already active in parts of the region, but has spread its activities into previously protected areas, looking for gold and other valuable minerals. Employing a small private army, they routinely eject local farmers and indigenous people from their land in the course of that expansion.
  • The Cartels: Three different cartels operate in the area, mostly dealing in coca production and distribution, but also human trafficking. Forced labor is often used in the coca production. They are decently armed, and possess among their ranks former members of the Bolivian Army, Bolívar's Irregulars and military groups from the region.
  • Bolívar's Irregulars: A local resistance movement that has sprung up to defend against the privation of the army, corporations and criminal cartels. The leadership seems earnest, and any bad apples among the regulars tend to get ejected.

Other actors of interest include:
  • Angels of Mercy: An NGO-affiliated organisation of locals that operates in the area despite the security situation, attempting to distribute food and medical aid to communities in need. They suffer deprivations from the army, cartels and other predatory forces, but continue their work regardless.
  • Carandaiti: A free town headed by the formidable mayor Agustín Quesada. Loosely affiliated with the Bolívar's Irregulars, the Carandaiti militia is keeping the region around Carandaiti mostly safe from the Cartels and other criminals, while Quesada keeps the Army and Oei International placated. As the population grows from people seeking a safe haven, the town is slowly expanding its power and area of influence.
  • The Mad Boys: An extended group of bandits, thugs and deserts that prey on the local populace. Generally living a drug-fueled life of ransom, murder and plunder, they are occasionally used by the more unscrupulous factions of the region as attack dogs.
  • Paraguay: The government of Paraguay has significant concern about the situation in Bolivia, but specifically concerning the crime and conflict spilling across the border. In addition to various agents which try to guide the local situation (mostly by providing material support to the Bolivian Army faction), they have also on occasion sent military troops across the border.
  • The US: The American government has a stated purpose of stabilising Bolivia and seeks a reintroduction of a democratic government. They also openly conduct special forces operations to take out drug production and rescue the occasional American aid worker that gets him or herself captured.

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