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Wed 19 Sep 2018
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Game Rules / House Rules
D20 Modern Pathfinder as base ruleset.

Heroes start at level 6.

Ability Scores:
Point buy: 20 points, no score above 16, no more than one score below 10.

Path Tweaks:
Path of Strength Skill Ranks per Level: 5 + Int modifier.
Path of Dexterity Skill Ranks per Level: 5 + Int modifier.
Path of Dexterity BAB: Fast (IE +6/+1 at level 6)
Also see wounds below.

Hero Points:
Hero Points attribute modifier must match path chosen (So Path of Strength adds Strength modifier).
Hero points are replenished after 8 hours of complete rest in a safe place. This is generally between missions, but might be possible in a lull in a longer mission.

You choose two archetypes. When you choose archetype training, you gain one from each archetype. This is the only effect of Gestalt.

The Kickass Hero is proficient in all Simple and Martial Weapons, and with Light and Medium Armor.

Won't be dependent on Profession. Probably has to do with fame in your sponsor faction. Might introduce requisitioning of gear using the old D20 Modern wealth rules.

Ability Score Increases:
At 4th, 8th, etc. level you get a +2 bonus rather than +1.

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Game Rules / House Rules
Hit points represent luck, dodginess, cuts and bruises, and close calls. Use the higher of Dexterity bonus or Constitution bonus.

In addition, each character has a number of wound points equal to: Constitution Score + 2 / hit dice size above d8 + 1 / level + 3 per Toughness feat (normal, improved, etc).

0 hp: When a character has no more hit points, they take the entire damage value to wound points. I.E. Marcus has 5 hit points left and 18 wound points. He takes 14 damage. Since this leaves him with no hit points, he takes 14 damage to wounds, leaving him with 0 hit points and 4 wound points.

Wounds: Any time a character loses wound points, they also take a wound. Bleeding, broken bones, etc, up to GM's imagination, but will generally suck and be cause to consider extraction.

0 wp: At 0 wound points, the character dies (though still subject to resurrection by Physician or the like).

Mooks: Mooks have 0 wound points, so die as soon as they lose all their hit points.
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Mon 8 Oct 2018
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Game Rules / House Rules
If agreed to by the players.

Will use an amalgamation of Pathfinder and D20 Modern to cover everything

Acrobatics(Dex): Covers Acrobatics/Escape Artist/Fly, and also Parachuting
Athletics(Str): Covers Climb/Swim
Bluff(Cha): Also includes Disguise
Computer Use(Int): As per D20 Modern
Craft(Int): With the fields Chemical / Electronics / Mechanical / Pharmaceutical / Structural
Demolitions(Int): As per D20 Modern
First Aid(Int): Heal skill renamed and with new stat
Handle Animal(Wis)
Knowledge(Int): With the fields Art / Behavioral Sciences / Business / Civics / Current Events / Earth and Life Sciences / History / Physical Sciences / Popular Culture / Streetwise / Tactics / Technology / Theology and Philosophy
Perception(Wis): Also includes Sense Motive
Pilot(Dex): Drive land vehicles by default and other vehicles/planes with a feat
Profession(Int/Wis/Cha): Stat depending on profession
Security(Dex): Picking locks, disabling security systems, etc
Sleight of Hand(Dex)
Survival(Dex): Remember that per the standard rules, this is also the skill for navigating through jungles and the like