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 GM, 18 posts
Wed 26 Sep 2018
at 03:39
Character Connections
So we can easily find character connections all in one place, please post them here once you've hashed them out.
 Noble Seeker, 9 posts
Thu 27 Sep 2018
at 08:14
Character Connections
Eris (and Erin)’s link to Açai:

Pick one other PC. You’ve discovered
that this character is somewhat tuned to the datasphere, too. While you’re within short Range of them, the two of you can speak “mentally” by using the datasphere as a channel.
 Lonely Glint, 10 posts
Fri 28 Sep 2018
at 19:04
Character Connections
Eleisai and Acia's link:

EMPATHIC Initial Link: Eleisai has established a close bond with Acia and can’t bear to be parted from vem.
Jack Starkiller
 player, 6 posts
 A Serene Jack that
 Moves Like A Cat
Tue 2 Oct 2018
at 01:57
Character Connections
Fen Arada is a Serene Jack that Moves Like A Cat.  He is from The City of Bridges in Ghan on the coast.  Here are the connection options let me know if you are interested in any....

Connection to the starting adventure from Serene is:  No one else would take up the task, But I wasn't afraid to try!

Connection: Choose one of the following.
1. Pick one other PC. Their occasional
clumsiness and loud behavior irritate you.
2. Pick one other PC. This character comes
from the same place you do, and you knew
each other as children.
3. Pick one other PC. You aid them with
advice and a helping hand when they need it.
Anytime the two of you are next to each other,
balancing, climbing, and jumping tasks are
eased for them.
4. Pick one other PC. They owe you a
significant amount of money.

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 Resourceful Seeker, 3 posts
 Delved Too Deeply
Sun 25 Aug 2019
at 13:32
Character Connections
I was working with Wyddno, I've known him for a while. There's something about him that baffles me.