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Part I: The Hidden Valley and the Gatehouse
It is mid afternoon when you reach the foothills of the Karsa Mountain chain that lays a half-day‘s travel from the village of Naerth (where you set out from this morning.

The road had split from the main thoroughfare a few miles outside of Naerth and showed signs of semi-regular traffic. It skirted a dank marsh from out of which the foothills rise. There are rumors that flooded tunnels beneath this fen connect with the dungeon called Stone Hell, but these tales have never been proven.

Past the marsh, the road rises gradually, threading its way through the rocky hills and cliffs that lies at the base of the mountains. After several miles, the road terminates at
the mouth of a narrow box canyon that bisects a high cliff wall. The steep cliffs and the tall mountains beyond the defile loom overhead. The shadows of twilight fall early here as the sun makes its way towards the west, cloaking the canyon in gloom.

Across the mouth of the canyon stands an old curtain wall and gatehouse. These fortifications once barred entrance to the canyon, but the curtain wall has crumbled in places, leaving large gaps that allow easy access into the canyon beyond.

The gatehouse‘s doors lay rotting on the ground before it and its rusty portcullises are as gaped as a codger‘s smile.

Those opting for a more direct route can enter the canyon through the gatehouse‘s central passage.

{OOC: Every player - not player character - should roll a d20 for rumors}
Keeper Eric
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Part I: The Hidden Valley and the Gatehouse

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