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Leagues of Adventure
This game is a Steampunk game, set in London in the summer of 1893.  The first adventure will be set in London, later adventures may span the world. The game will be played with Ubiquity rules (Same rules set as Hollow Earth Expeditions.)

London’s Leagues
Gentlemen’s clubs began forming in the 18th century, initially for the upper classes, as places for gentlemen to escape from the world, or, in the case of rural aristocrats, to have a place to stay in London.

By the late 1880s, however, the rising middle class began to open similar clubs themselves, some similar to the aristocratic clubs, but many formed around shared interests, business, personal or avocational.

It is not unusual for someone to be a member of more than one club, but rare for someone to have full membership in multiple clubs, in particular in clubs that more resemble “Secret Societies.”

Chelsea Explorers Club
The characters are members of the Chelsea Explorers Club, a recently formed club, aimed at middle class Londoners with an interest in adventure and exploration.  It was formed by Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby IV, Earl of Wolfminster, the son of a British eccentric who disappeared, along with his yacht, after placing a ten thousand pound wager, at the Royal Geographical Society that he would “sail to hell and back alive.”

The Club is a large, architecturally uninteresting building with its own small grounds.  It has a workshop in the basement, a small observatory on the roof, half a dozen small sleeping rooms and 4 small suites, one reserved for Sir Rugglesby.  A library, a kitchen with an excellent cook, a bar, two smoking rooms, and other standard amenities of a club make it a comfortable place to spend an evening.

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