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Wed 3 Oct 2018
at 19:11
The Doctor
Question #1: Who is the Doctor?

Technically, of course, there doesn't have to be a Doctor. There could just be a group of Companions looking for the Doctor.

So, here are some ideas for the Doctor in this game:

Jenny (the Doctor's Daughter)
The 15th Doctor

I'm open to ideas for other options.

Question #2: Does anyone want to play the Doctor?

Or would it be better if the GM played the Doctor? It probably depends on which Doctor we go with.

If we go with Jenny or the 15th Doctor, there's no continuity to worry about, so characterization would be whatever you want it to be. And Romana (I, II, III, IV, V?) would be almost the same.

Doctor-Donna would be the hardest to do, imho.
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Fri 5 Oct 2018
at 00:25
The Doctor
My vote would be for the 15th, and a player. For me, a lot about Doctor Who is the teamwork, sometimes the Doctor does the rescues and sometimes the companions. That balance works best with a player. And, for a player I think the open book that would be the 15th would work best.

I would put my name in for playing The Doctor, if we go that way, but I'd be just as happy playing a companion. :-)
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Fri 5 Oct 2018
at 20:39
The Doctor
In reply to Fobok (msg # 2):

I second this idea. New Doctor + Companions.

I'm fine with taking a companion role.