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The Other
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Sun 14 Oct 2018
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Nothing To Fear
The TARDIS had materialized near the docks against the wall of one of the warehouses. Several people had heard the sound but only a few had wondered what it was, as there were many strange sounds produced by the comings and goings of ships and machinery and people on the docks.

A drunk was just barely conscious laying in a pile of debris/junk against the wall of the adjacent warehouse.

Other than that, no one was in sight, but cars, horse-drawn wagons and pedestrians could be seen passing by out on the main street. Intent on going about their own business, none of them noticed the blue police call box.
Johnny Tornado
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Sun 14 Oct 2018
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Nothing To Fear
The biggest vehicle that Johnny had ever seen was a train, or, specifically, a locomotive. They came through Tombstone fairly regularly. Admittedly, the inside of the TARDIS was a bit wider than one of the train cars, so he'd just assumed it was the interior of a steamship, maybe even a riverboat. He hadn't made it as far east as the Mississippi River to see one for himself, though... just pictures.

He had no idea what to expect when he stepped out of the TARDIS. What little imagination he might have had been overwhelmed by the time tunnel and his recent... trips.

It was quite natural for him to look back at the vessel he'd just been in... in case he actually had a chance to return to it.

He looked at the blue police call box in puzzlement... then at the warehouse behind it.

"I don't understand," he said to the Doctor. "What happened to your ship?"

He reached out and felt around to the sides of the box, only semi-expecting to find something invisible there, though he wasn't sure if that would have been even stranger.

"Is this what they used in Denver or St. Louis?"