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Racial Basic Description
Entruian Races Summery

All races depicted within this game are all subspecies of an extinct humanoid species called Entruians and all are collectively called thus.
Entruians have white translucent skin made blue with their blue blood and muscular tissue, most closely related to the Octopus and Shark species we have here on earth.

Like our octopus species their skin is covered in packets of colored cells.
The packets of cells over the skin, though naturally translucent, are able to be filled with natural oils excreted by the body like sweat. This is a process that can color the skin in an assortment of hues, the packets relaxed for tints and tensed for shades.
Their heads are covered in hollow tubules that continually grow into tapered ends, resembling thick strands of human hair, that can be individually colored as well as the coloring of the irises of their eyes.
This all is both a voluntary and involuntary process when conscious. Some use it for cosmetics to enrich individuality, others find that their ears turn green when embarrassed.
These packets of colored cells are absent in Protens.

Like the area of skin under a shark's nose, the skin of the palms of Entruian's hands and fingers is covered in electric sensitive cells, yet are much more compacted and sensitive, able to transmit and convey thoughts through contact creating temporary telepathy when two individuals make contact. It is considered a rather intimate gesture and reserved for close friends and family, especially found in lovers.

These abilities to transmit electrical impulses aren't limited to the palm but vary from individual to individual, creating abilities much like super powers in our fiction.
If the ability is centered on strength, agility, or anything limited within the individual's body system it is physical.
If the ability is centered on intellect, manipulation, or anything limited to outside the individual's body system it is mental.






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