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Important NPCs
Martella Locheed:

The result of an affair between Count Mercator Lotheed and a Qadiran diplomat, Martella Lotheed is the black sheep of the influential Lotheed family.  In dress and demeanor, she combines the grace of a wealthy socialite with the practicality of an engineer.

Grand Prince Stavian III

Grand Prince Stavian III is often considered as disorganized and dysfunctional as the empire he rules. For all his faults, he has managed to hold the empire together through intelligent political maneuvering and a keen understanding of human nature.

Eutropia Stavian:

Grand Prince Stavian III's only child and constant irritation, Princess Eutropia is a mix of grace and energy, compassion and contempt, foresight and improvisation.  Though the frequent duels of her youth are behind her, she continues to wear her rapier at all times, and avoids any gown so elaborate as to limit her mobility.  She fully intends to be the next ruler of the Taldan Empire.