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Senate Hall Layout and NPCs

The Taldan Senate Building has existed in one form or another for thousands of years, though natural disasters, sabotage, and war have partially leveled it several times in the empire’s grand history, leading to many large-scale repairs and revisions. The current senate building is a grandiose, T-shaped edifice constructed from white marble. Ostentatious columns carved with glorious scenes of the nation’s history surround the building on all sides, while a pronounced flight of precisely 100 stairs ascends to the main entrance.

A1: Arcade of Triumphs
This entry gallery celebrates Taldor’s abundant military and political glories. Banners and trophies line the halls of the arcade, some displayed openly while others rest behind intricate glass cases, while armor stands and display cases present countless artifacts belonging to great heroes and soldiers. A score of Taldan Phalanx troops stand at attention, acting as both ceremonial honor guards for the senate and guides to some of the military assets on display.

Notable NPCs present: High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus, Landgrave Ogvai Sundstrom, and Earl Calhadion Vernissant.

Influence Skills: Appraise DC 11, Knowledge (history or nobility) DC 12, Perception DC 14, Spellcraft DC 14, or Use Magic Device DC 11.

Influence Gained: 11/20 (first influence level gained)

A2. Courtyard (Senate Exterior)

Breathtaking gardens surround the senate building. Catered patios segregated by short iron fences, coordinated military displays, and even a makeshift zoo of imported animals and magical beasts fill the few open spaces here, even including a small hive of bees busily pollinating the exotic flowers and making the honey used by the senate kitchens. Many of the senior nobles enjoy the breaks between ceremonies in this open space.

Notable NPCs present: Marquess Tanasha Starbourne, Lady Gloriana Morilla and Princess Eutropia.

Influence Skills: Handle Animal DC 11, Knowledge (engineering, local, or nature) DC 14, or Perform (keyboard, percussion, sing, string, or wind) DC 12.

Influence Gained: 5/15

A3. Emperor’s Hall
This gathering space before the senate chamber is set aside as the property of the emperor, and features countless statues and portraits of previous grand princes.  While formally these chambers are for the use of the emperor, no grand prince has ever maintained an office within the senate building, and the space is understood to be public meeting rooms by silent agreement.

A4. Gallery

The second floor of the senate building (not shown on the Senate of Taldor map) acts as an observation deck to the events of the main floor, with offices for various senators lining the outer walls. This area of winding passageways is typically open to noble observers and
senatorial aides. Much of the gallery is dedicated to entertaining the children of various nobles, with extravagant performances occurring throughout the upper balconies of the senate building.

Notable NPCs present: Martella Lotheed, Countess Abrielle Pace and Wyssilka the Fantabulous.

Influence Skills: Acrobatics DC 14, Disguise DC 14, Perform (act, comedy, or dance) DC 12, or Sleight of Hand DC 14

Influence Gained: 0/15

A5. Imperial Archives

The Imperial Archives could have been Golarion’s greatest collection of transcribed knowledge, had any care been invested into its upkeep. Centuries of redirected funding and senate-sanctioned pruning of “sensitive information” has ruined the once immaculate reputation of the archives. This vast library now acts as a repository of haphazardly curated books, senate minutes, and genealogy records left open to the scrutiny of uncaring nobles. During the Grand Day of Exaltation, a host of rising aristocrats and aspiring courtiers here tout their knowledge of Taldan history.

Notable NPCs present: Duke Leonard Centimus and Viscountess Octavia Nicodemius.

Influence Skills: Knowledge (arcana, geography, or history) DC 14, Linguistics DC 11, Profession (librarian or scribe) DC 11, or Stealth DC 14.

Influence Gained: 0/10

A6. Senate Floor

Normally closed to non-senators, the vast, circular senate floor is open to special guests during the Grand Day of Exaltation, and myriad would-be nobles take the opportunity to duck in and live out a few moments of power fantasy, issuing mock legislation or engaging in lively debates.

Notable NPCs present: Baron Nicolaus Okerra and Kalbio from Breezy Creek.

Influence Skills: Bluff DC 14, Knowledge (local, nobility, or religion) DC 12, Perform (oratory) DC 12, Profession (clerk or barrister) DC 11, or Sense Motive DC 14.

Influence Gained: 20/20

A7. Servant Area

While several hidden corridors crisscross the senate building, allowing servants to come and go without disturbing the assembled politicians, this area houses most of the storerooms, workshops, and kitchens where the building’s small army of servants bustle around to maintain the facade of opulence. Even this area, never meant for noble eyes, is of exceptional quality, though the gilt has worn thin on most corners, and here and there cheap repairs mar artistic furniture.

Notable NPCs present: None.

Influence Skills: Craft (alchemy, carpentry, jewelry, sculpture, or stonemasonry) DC 12, Heal DC 15, Intimidate DC 12, Profession (baker, butcher, cook, innkeeper, maid, or porter) DC 11, or Sense Motive DC 15.

Influence Gained: 8/10

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Notable  NPCs

High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus:

Location: Arcade of Triumphs.

Description:  Commander in chief of the Taldan military, Maxillar Pythareus is the king's right hand and most fanatical supporter.  He is a staunch opponent of the princess' plans, and argues that Taldor's path to greatness lies in reestablishing control of it's 'wayward colonies', starting with an invasion of Galt.

The High strategos is a muscular man in his early forties. Years under the elements have weathered his skin, and he keeps his silver hair closely cropped. He wears a simple green-and blue tabard emblazoned with Taldor’s official coat of arms, making a clear statement of his beliefs and priorities.

Weaknesses: Unknown, though the man obviously spends a lot of time outside. (DC 16 Handle Animal, Ride, or Climb to discover.)

Influence skills: Diplomacy DC 22, Intimidate DC 20
Unknown. (DC 15 Knowledge [nobility] or sense motive to discover)

Successes: 0/3

Landsgrave Ogvai Sundstrom

Location: The Arcade of Triumphs

Description: A former member of the Ulfen Guard, Grand Prince Stavian recently exalted Ogvai to the nobility, and even more recently appointed him to a position in the senate.  The hulking Ulfen is dressed for the occasion, but paces like a caged lion desperate for escape.

Weaknesses: Unknown. The Landsgrave bears unusual runes along his collar and wrists.  (DC 16 Knowledge [arcana] or Spellcraft to discover)

Influence Skills: Unknown.  (DC 15 Knowledge [nobility] or Sense Motive to discover)

Successes: 0/2

Earl Calhadion Vernissant

Location: Arcade of Triumphs

Description: Earl Verissant is a direct descendant of the legendary General Arnissant, a fact he makes sure to bring up as often as possible.  He stalks the gala with a clear sense of arrogance, treating lesser nobles with smug scorn and viewing servants as below contempt.

Weaknesses:  Unknown.  The man sure does talk about his bloodline a lot, though (DC 16 Bluff or Knowledge [Nobility] to discover)

Influence Skills: Intimidate DC 16
Unknown.  (DC 15 Knowledge [nobility] or Sense Motive to discover)

Successes: 0/2

Princess Eutropia

Location: Courtyard

Description:  Princess Eutropia moves through the crowd with practiced skill, moving from one group of people to the next as if following the complex steps of a dance. Slim and athletic, she bears the distinctive cheekbones and nose of her Stavian father and grandmother. Despite the ostentatious jewelry she wears, her gown and hair are more conservative than that of most of the gala’s attendees.

Weaknesses: Unknown, but the princess seems to be paying more attention to the animals in the courtyard's small menagerie than politically necessary.  (Sense motive 20 or handle animal 15 to discover)

Influence Skills: Unknown. (DC 15 Knowledge [nobility] or Sense Motive to discover)

Successes: 0/2

Special:  The Princess is busy and hard to pin down.  Each character can interact with her only once during the Gala.

Lady Glorianna Morilla

Location: Courtyard

Description:  Lady Morilla stands tall among her noble peers, sporting the finest of Absalom’s fashion. Her attire is far less ostentatious than that of other present nobles, but she makes up for it with a grace of movement that allows her to easily shift between crowds.

Weaknesses: Unknown.  Sometimes Morilla seems more interested in talking with the servants than with the realm' elite (DC 16 Profession [any] or Craft [any] to discover)

Influence skills: Unknown (DC 15 Knowledge [nobility] or Sense Motive to discover.)

Successes: 0/2

Marquess Tanasha Starbourne

Location: Courtyard

Description:  Nonhumans may be barred from political power, but there are always exceptions with the convoluted laws of the Taldan Empire.  The lordship and senatorial seat due to the forest city of Wispil is determined via popular vote among it's gnomish inhabitants.  The current representative, Marquess Starbourne, bears beautiful rainbow hair and a bright, if occasionally forced looking smile.

Weakness: Unknown. (DC 16 Knowledge [local or geography], or Perform [any] to discover.)

Influence Skills:  Unknown.  (DC 15 Knowledge [nobility] or Sense Motive to discover)

Successes: 1/2

Countess Arabella Pace:

Location: Gallery

Description:  Countess Pace would be almost nondescript aside from her gauche and flamboyant dress and jewellery. Her face is usually in a smile, though it quickly turns to a sneer when she loses control of the conversation. She has short but well-kept brown hair locked back in a stylized bun.

Weaknesses: The Countess shifts her political stance and opinion to match that of whomever she's talking to, or the most powerful person present when dealing with a group.

Influence Skills: Bluff DC 15
Unknown.  (DC 15 Knowledge [nobility] or Sense Motive to discover)

Successes: 2/3

The Fantabulous Wyssilka

Location: Gallery

Description: Along with a host of other halflings, Wyssilka performs minor magic tricks, face painting, juggling, tumbling, and simple comedy skits to keep the younger attendees occupied while their parents hobnob.  Noble children often overhear far more than their parents realize, and as a result so do children's entertainers.

Wyssilka is a halfling in standout black-red-and-white attire. She wears similar makeup, embellishing her childish face to resemble a raccoon. Despite her color choice, Wyssilka is abound with enthusiasm and smiles, showing off a set of immaculate white teeth.

Weaknesses: Unknown.  Her magic tricks seem a bit unusual, perhaps?  (DC 18 Knowledge [Religion or Arcana] or Spellcraft to discover)

Influence Skills: Perform (any) DC 16
Unknown (DC 16 Knowledge [Local] or Sense Motive to discover.)

Successes: 1/2

Duke Leonard Centimus

Location: Imperial Archives

Description:  Round-faced and portly, only the duke's pointed ears hint at the elven blood in his family line.  He navigates the archives in a gilded wheelchair, browsing the books and only occasionally moving to join the conversations around him.

Weakness:  Centimus interest in his wheelchair and in the other ways he's found to deal with his condition, providing a +4 to influence checks towards him.

Influence Skills:  Diplomacy DC 18, Knowledge (geography or Nature) DC 15.
Unknown.  (DC 15 Knowledge [nobility] or Sense Motive to discover.)

Successes: 1/3

Viscountess Octavia Nicodemius

Location: Imperial Archives

Description: Well into her 90s, Viscountess Nicodemia wears dark clothes, unkempt hair, and the bearing of one who long ago stopped caring what others feel is appropriate.  This extends to a lack of social decorum as well, as the viscountess freely from a warm smile to biting scorn towards anyone she sees as foolish or impertinent.

Weakness: Unknown.  The viscountess has little time for social niceties, but it's unclear what does attract her interest. (DC 18 Knowledge [any] to discover)

Influence Skills: Unknown.  (DC 15 Knowledge [nobility] or Sense Motive to discover)

Successes: 0/2

Baron Nicolaus Okerra

Location: Senate Floor

Description: A celebrity in the tournament circuit and a respected legal expert, Baron Okerra is a handsome bear of a man. Solidly built and a head taller than the crowd around him, he's just starting to show his age with streaks of grey in his black hair, and crow's feet around his otherwise youthful eyes.

Weakness: Unknown.  While clearly knowledgeable about Taldan politics, his opinions seem somewhat less confident around the matter of succession.  (DC 16 Knowledge [nobility], Linguistics, or Profession [barrister] to discover)

Influence Skills: Knowledge [Religion] (DC 15)
Unknown (DC 15 Knowedge [nobility] or Sense Motive to discover.)

Successes: 2/2

Kalbio from Breezy Creek

Location: Senate Floor

Description: Soon to be Lord Kalbio, this gifted tapestry weaver is officially the star of the gala.  In reality, however, he seems to be mostly ignored by the nobles around him.  Dressed in expensive finery, Kalbio fidgets uncomfortably with his cuffs and picks at his collar.  His weather-beaten face, calloused hands, and simple hairstyle clearly set him apart, as does his broad, genuine smile.

Weaknesses: Kalbio is clearly excited, and mostly ignored by the nobles around him.  Any sign of kindness or genuine interest is likely to make a big impression.

Influence Skills: Unknown (DC 15 Sense Motive or Knowledge [local] to discover)

Successes: 0/1

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