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Introduction to Social Combat
During the Gala, and at other social events, time spent attempting to influence others or gather information will be broken down into social rounds.  Each round is roughly 15 minutes long, and players may take only one major action each round, though you can freely move around the senate building without spending any actions.

The most common actions taken during a social round are:

-Influence an area:  When attempting to make a good impression on a large group or sway a crowd, the player makes a skill check against a set DC (determined by the area.)  Every point the player exceeds the DC adds one point to the party's influence pool for that area.  Once the party has reached a certain threshold of influence points, they gain some sway over the crowd, gaining information or some other benefit.  In the Gala, every location has two thresholds to meet.

-Influence an important NPC: Influencing an NPC has two parts:  A discovery check to gather information, and an influence check to sway their opinion and/or make a good impression.

  -Discovery check:  Players can make a check to discover one of the appropriate skills to influence a particular NPC, or to discover a weakness they might use to gain an advantage.  Discovering and exploiting a weakness adds +4 to all future influence checks.

  -Influence check: Players can sway an NPC using an appropriate skill check.  While you don't HAVE to learn which checks are appropriate with a discovery check, using the wrong skill can automatically fail or have even worse effects. Diplomacy can be used to influence nearly every NPC, but has a higher DC than using a more personalized approach.

GM Note:  I'm not sure the best way to run this in PbP, so we'll learn as we go.  The party is set to go for quite some time, so for now I'd prefer if we proceeded at a pace of one post per round, as if we were in regular combat.

Since 1 round is 15 minutes, that means largely skimming over what happens.  I'd like each post to show some conversation, which can be as long or short as you like (where applicable), along with a general description of what they're trying to do, and an OOC description of their specific actions and rolls.

"...and than Emperor Beldam said 'knife to meet you!' and he threw the dagger right back at him!"  Alice's booming voice drew a crowd, as she showed off her knowledge of history by recounting Beldam's legendary reaction to a fumbled assassination attempt.

OOC: Using Knowledge [history] to influence the room at the Arcade of Truimphs.  Rolled 17 against a DC of 12.

Anyone can freely pause the social rounds at any time if you want to hold an in depth conversation, or challenge Pythraus to a duel, or whatever.  Throughout the evening, there will also be a number of situations that call for more conventional roleplaying.

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