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Sun 14 Oct 2018
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Ground Rules
Post rate:  Please be prepared to post 3 times a week.  I'm planning on checking in nightly with the exception of Fridays and once on the weekend.  If you can't post 3 times a week, please do not apply.

Absences: I understand the vagaries of Real Life.  If you are unable to post, please PM and let me know.  I will NPC a player character to the best of my ability with any guidelines you set forth.  Any player who doesn't post for two weeks with no communication will be removed from the game.

The 'Mature' nature of the game: Although I'd like the style of play to resemble an old black-and-white monster movie, I do realize that things like swearing and sex were not invented yesterday.  Please remember the game is set in the 1950s.  Foul language and discussions of a sexual nature were frowned upon by polite society.

Conflicts: Please settle any problems with another player via PM, not in game.  It has a tendency to take away from the story.  If you are having problems with a player that seem unsolvable, please let me know via PM and I'll make every effort to help out.

Post Style: I reserve orange for GM direction and OOC communications by the players.  Please designate a character's speech by a separate color from the rest of the postPlease italicize any character thoughts you want to play out.

Fun: This is supposed to be a game, meaning it's supposed to be fun.  If for any reason it is not, please let me know.