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1956: America in the Atomic Age (Background)
America in 1956

  • World War II has firmly established the United States as a superpower.
  • President Eisenhower was just elected to his second term.
  • America is in the middle of the economic boom which buoys the Middle Class.  This is the height of ‘Eisenhower’s America’ that is often remembered as the idyllic 1950’s.
  • The Cold War is in full swing, but McCarthyism is starting to die out.
  • Telephones are on tables or phone booths, not in pockets.  Computers take up entire buildings.
  • Car are big and have fins and chrome.  Imported cars are nearly unheard of.
  • Men wear suits, and some still favor hats.  Women wear gloves and hats.
  • Smoking is allowed everywhere.  Approximately half of the American population smokes.
  • Rock n Roll is in its infancy.  In 1956, a young man out of Tupelo named Elvis Presley charts his first #1 hit with Heartbreak Hotel.
  • Television is just starting to broadcast in color, a color TV set is considered a status symbol.  Variety shows, game shows and westerns are the most popular programs.
  • Movies are filmed in widescreen Technicolor.  The highest grossing film in 1956 is The Ten Commandments.
  • The post WWII ‘Baby Boom’ sees the highest population of teenagers in the history of the country.  They have a lot of economic power and companies cater to them.
  • Countercultures include Greasers who embody hot rodders and early bikers and Beatniks who are stereotypically anti-materialistic, enjoy jazz, poetry and drugs and are the predecessors to the Hippies of the 1960s.
  • The martial arts are starting to be introduced into American culture through GIs returning from postings in Asia during WWII.

Majestic 12, the Secret Cabinet of the President of the United States

George Washington, being a high level Mason, knew of the Royal Cabal of Wizards kept by the Court of St. James.  When the War for Independence broke out, he recruited experts in the supernatural amongst the colonists to covertly combat the British mages.  Once the war was won, he incorporated the experts into the Concilium Invisium, the Secret Cabinet, as the New World was a sudden refuge for preternatural beings of every ilk from all over the world, much like the nascent population of America.

The Secret Cabinet continued its fight against the supernatural for a century and a half.  By the outbreak of World War II, the monsters and magic of America, much like the country itself, had been tamed.  Everything changed on the fateful August day when the first atomic bomb was dropped.  The resultant explosion seemed to roil magical energies, emboldening monsters and magecraft across the globe.  To make things worse, in the ensuing years, Science has run amok, and the atom created a whole new breed of monster, mutated from terrestrial creatures exposed to radiation, and a new breed of mad 'wizard', who uses science instead of sorcery.

The Secret Cabinet, now designated Majestic 12, continues to keep America safe from the threats believed to be fantasy and science fiction by the majority of the populace.  As of 1956, Majestic 12 consists of the following departments:

High Circle of Wizardry - The oldest of the cabinet’s divisions, The HCW employs, monitors and governs the magic using population of the United States.  It is headed by the Magus General.  The current title holder is Mr. Usher, believed to be the most powerful American mage.  He wields the Staff of Fifty Runes and resides in the House of Fifty Doors located in Baltimore.

The Legion Obscure - Originally the ‘anti-witchcraft’ bureau of the cabinet, it has grown into the militant arm of Majestic 12, handling not only rogue spellcasters, but all manner of threats, both mystic and scientific.  Its head is given the traditional title of Witchfinder General.  The current Witchfinder General is Mr. Hemlock, a veteran of both World Wars, who rumor has it has ‘gone to Hell and back’.

The Bureau of the Exterior  - This bureau handles extra-dimensional affairs and threats, including diplomatic relations with both Heaven and Hell and any mystical nations such as courts of vampires or packs of werewolves.  The current Secretary is Mr. Janus, who is reportedly the last survivor of a parallel dimension.

The Bureau of Lore and Esoteric Knowledge - This department is the repository for all mystical and weird scientific assets, anything from wizardly tomes to actual enchanted items or scientific devices.  The current Loremaster General is Mr. Ibis, who is supposedly both a scientist and a wizard.

Atomic Energy Commission, Special Projects Division- The newest posting to the cabinet, this secret branch of the Atomic Energy Commission deals with the mutational effects of radiation on both flora and fauna, including human beings.  It is overseen by a Deputy Chairman of the AEC.  The current head is Mr. Trinity, who supposedly was in Hiroshima and witnessed the first atomic bomb detonation in person.

The cabal is led by the Secretary Arcane, who answers directly to the President.  He is only known as ‘The Secretary’ or ‘Mr. Secretary’ and his true identity is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the country.